Top 9 Small Tattoos On Wrist With Pictures

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Teenagers and young people like to sport small tattoo designs which can be easily done. Many people also do not like the excessive amount of colors or the needling that a large scale needs. Therefore many like to get smaller patterns done. A very common place and easy place of doing these which can be prominent so these can be showed off is the wrist. For those who do not want the permanent colors staining the skin, they can try out something temporary like water transfer stickers, these are easily available in variety of styles like tribal, Masonic or even floral. These are also quite easy to remove with laser or other techniques. If a person s not sure of the design, they can also buy temporary stickers and wear these for a party.

Best Small Tattoos For Wrist:

Below are the top 9 small tattoos on wrist that a person should definitely try out.

1. Small Triangles Tattoos On Wrist:

small tattoos on wrist

This is a very artistic and easy to sport tattoo. These are done in pencil and also in dark color like triangles. These geometric patterns can be quite easy and funky for teenagers to sport. These takes lesser space and these can be done by young boys and girls on the inner side of the wrist if they do not want to show these off when they are in schools or colleges. It is one of the cutest small wrist tattoos for girls.

2. Owl Shape Small Tattoos On Wrist

tattoos on wrist 2

This is a very easy to wear tattoo pattern. This is an owl shape with an artistic half moon that can be easily done. However, the intricacy is a very important matter in this case. This should be done in a proper procedure by a good artist who knows how to do the right shading and shadowing. Since the owl is not large in size, the colors should also be accordingly chosen to make this embossed and stylish.

3. Small Bird Tattoos On Wrist:

tattoos on wrist 3

This is a stylish font pattern with words and also a bird. This is a dove pattern which can be very artistic for those to sport who want a bird like design. These are easy to sport by both girls and also teenager boys. This does not require excessive usage of colors. Therefore these should be accordingly done by a good artist.

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4. Small Triangle Geometric Tattoos On Wrist:

tattoos on wrist 4

This is another very artistic geometric style that can be sport by those who want very small sized designs for the wrist area. These should be done in a choice of color that a person s comfortable wearing. This is one of the best small wrist tattoos for women.

5. Post Mail Type Small Tattoos On Wrist:

tattoos on wrist 5

This is a post mail type of tattoo. This is quite artistic. This can be sport by those people who want to sport something different and not the usual colorful or other tribal designs. This is quite contemporary and easy to carry as well as this can be removed easily and the problem of skin staining may not be there. This is the popular small tattoo designs for men on wrist.

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6. Funky Geometric Pattern Small Tattoos On Wrist:

tattoos on wrist 6

This is a funky geometric pattern that can be done on both the wrists. These are funky and also quite tribal style. These can be easily done by teenagers.

7. Small Floral Design Tattoos On Wrist:

tattoos on wrist 7

This is an old school floral design that can be done on the wrist. This is a designer pattern and therefore can be a good style for girls to sport. This can be done in colors. This is the best floral design small tattoos for wrist.

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8. Small Flowers Tattoos On Wrist:

tattoos on wrist 8

This is a rose tattoo pattern work that can be done using any choice of color or some shading and shadowing.

9. Arrow Geometric Small Tattoos On Wrist:

tattoos on wrist 9

These can be good tattoos for teenagers. They can wear temporary or permanent patterns with some bangles or bracelets and make these look funky. This is one of the best small wrist tattoos for men.

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