Hey, have everyone likes’ to play with snow and the snowflakes, which are small ones you can make snowballs and play with them, kids usually do this by making snowballs and throwing at each other.

Best And Easy Snowflake Crafts For Kids And Adults:

Here are some great snowflakes crafts which you can make to keep as show piece at your house, or decorate your room with it, some top 9 snowflake craft are as follows.

1. Glitter Snowflake Craft:

Well so snowflakes are a little shiny because its ice so it shines a bit, all you need to do is take some ice cream stick and then stick some cotton to it, in round shape. You will get an easy snowflake craft to make a snowflake you have to stick the Popsicle stick in a star shape.

2. 3d Paper Snowflake Craft:

To make paper 3d snowflake craft, you have to take a white sheet of paper a light sheet that is foldable, then you have to fold it into a square shape cut it’s some part into a triangle shape then open the square and you have a beautiful carving of paper snowflake craft.

3. Earbud Snowflake:

See, snowflake are like stars means there presentation, to make a snowflake from ear bud you have to take a cotton ball then stick some ear buds to it to make it a 3dsnowflakecraft, you can hang in your room as a decor.

4. Cotton Snowflake:

One great thing you can make for Christmas is the cotton snowflake all you got to do is take a cardboard sheet cut it into snowflake shape, then stick cotton to it and some glitter and you will get the snowflakes crafts for Christmas, you can decorate your Christmas tree with.

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5. Bead Snowflake:

One great thing that you can do is make key chain in shape of snowflakes, all you need to do is take some beads then something wire mould it shape of snowflake then put the beads in that wire and you have a beautiful snowflake beads craft.

6. Button Snowflake:

Another great snowflake crafts for kids are simply by buttons, take a sheet of cardboard carve it out in shape of snowflake stick white sheet to it, then just stick some beautiful button to it, or the glittered buttons, this can be taught to kids which they can keep In their room.

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7. Snowflake Cake:

Baking is one of the very good pastime, and what an adult can do is bake a cake and DIY a snowflake on top of it, just have make a snowflake icing and cover it with different color of snow flake, these are the very good snowflake crafts for adults.

8. Coffee Filter Snowflake:

Well, every house has a coffee filter with it, so all you need to do is paint the coffee filter blue, as a background then just paste some small beads and sticks in a shape of snowflakes, and you get the beautiful snowflake arts and crafts that you can keep in your room.

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9. Cardboard Snowflake Craft:

There are many times’ when you have some cardboard left in your house, what you can do is mould the cardboard in shape of snowflake this is a great snow flake craft idea, you can paste that mould in a sheet of paper or cardboard and even paint it.

There are lot of snowflake craft ideas, which you can apply in your life to get a beautiful snowflake that you can keep as a show piece or you can hang it in your room, with some lights in it.

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