The living room is where a person’s style and taste are reflected. Nowadays, furniture and accessories in your living room tend to decide your status. Sofa set takes the number one place and plays a big part in how you can decorate your living space. There are many latest sofa designs available in the market you can easily choose from. You can colour-coordinate your living room with the help of the colour of your walls and pick a sofa set best suited for your living space. Here is a list of the latest living room sofa designs with images.

Why Sofa Set Designs Are the Most Important Furniture In the Living Room?

The living room is a place where you spend a lot of quality time with your family and entertain them. Sofa sets play a vital role in setting a tone in your living room. They help you display your taste for the colour, style, and aesthetics of your room. If you are moving into a new space or want to redesign your old space picking the right sofa set will make all the difference. So go through the trendy list and pick one that suits your living space.

How To Select The Best Sofa Set For Living Room?

The selection of the sofa depends upon a lot of factors such as the space available, the colour palette of your living room, and the amount you want to invest in buying one. Sofas can be found in a combination of one 3+1 or 3+2 sets. The centrepiece has three-seater, and single-seater placed on either side of the 3-seater. Many materials are used to manufacture these sofa sets, such as linen, wood, fabric, and leather, and the cost depends upon the content used.

Best Living Room Sofa Designs In India:

Here is a list of 12 simple and modern sofa designs for the living room. Have a look as they may help your choice be much more accessible and hassle-free.

1. Sofa Set For Small Living Room:

Many of us have compact living spaces but want it to look as elegant as possible. The sofa sets that occupy less space leaving a lot of room in your living room are well suited for small living rooms. The pure grey two-seater, along with a single-seater with the checkers’ design, adds to the simple look. Since the couch doesn’t take up much space, you have a place in your living room for other things.

2. Designer Sofas For Living Room:

As the name suggests, the living room has a sofa set that is a designer piece, either made on order or not readily available in the market. Unlike the traditional leather couches, this sofa set has a unique design that covers the corners of the living room. The sofa has a simple beige outer cover with white and grey striped cushions. It also has throw pillows that are self-coloured elevating the couch design.

3. Ikea Living Room Sofa:

Image Source: Ikea

Who says pink is a girly colour? In an all-white living space, a pink sofa set is all you need to make your living room look bubbly. Three seater sofa in pink colour and a star spotted addition to the couch in contrast to the plain pink making it look beautiful. A grey place rug, foldable coffee table, and white lamp in a corner make your living room the only place you want to be.

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4. Living Room Corner Sofa:

The corners of many living rooms get wasted, but here is a sofa set that solves this problem. This L-shaped sofa covers the edge of your living space effectively. The outer area of the couch is made with cushioning and covered with back leather, the seaters, and throw pillows in sea green giving your living room a youthful and vibrant look. The tea stand has a floral design.

5. Grey Sofa Cum Bed For Living Room:

Image Source: Pepperfry

One of the most popular and multi-purpose sofa types available in the market is a sofa cum bed set. As the name suggests, it is a sofa during the day, and with a few modifications, you can change it into a bed. This sofa type is best suitable for bachelors or people who love having multiple uses for their single gadget. The grey two-seater has horizontal black throw pillows adding to the look that takes you into the memory lane of your youth.

6. Blue Two Seater Sofa For Living Room:

Image Source: Pepperfry

The light blue two-seater sofa with a wood base is light and fits perfectly in any living space. Though it is a two-seater, you can match it up with a single-seater or leave it alone without adding anything to the décor. It looks good in your living room either way. The sofa set is small and compact and fits into any living space. It also looks good with pale wall colours such as white, and beige, which elevate the simplicity and the beauty of your couch.

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7. Three Seater White Sofa For Living Room:

If you have a house where you don’t have to worry about anyone spoiling your sofa set or living space, then this sofa set design is a perfect option for you. The room has an all-white theme matching the pure white sofa set matching the white decors all around. The grey place rug is an excellent addition to the whole room. The throw pillows are a mixture of white and checkered, making your white sofa set design look classy.

8. Tan Sofa For Your Living Room:

This L-shaped sofa is a comfortable version that gives you multipurpose use. You can use this sofa set in tan colour as a five-seater or two-seater with a place for another person to sleep. Made out of resin-like material with steel rods supporting the sofa on all sides. This can fit into a corner of any living space, making it a perfect option for any living room.

9. Three Seater Mustard Colour Sofa:

Image Source: Pepperfry

The three-seater sofa in hot mustard colour will match any colour palette living space. This couch gives you a jumpy feel making it a kid’s favourite, so get ready for some jumps! Small cushions on either side of the sofa are not similar to the traditional sofa types making it unique and adding to your living room design.

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10. Single Seater Gold Sofa:

Image Source: Pepperfry

This is a single-seater sofa, and you can get it either single or in pairs according to your needs. With a white wooden outer frame, the cushioning is a mix of gold and white, giving it a luxurious and elegant look. It is easily movable, and since it is single, placement is never an issue. The design of the sofa is simple but makes its presence profound. Pick this type of sofa design if you want a vibrant look with minimal furniture.

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11. Three Seater Orange Sofa:

This is a three-seater sofa with little to no design on it. The back area of this couch is equal, giving your back and arm similar support. The dark colour gold is an excellent option for living rooms with light-coloured walls. You can place this sofa in the living space of a student, a small family, or a big space with other decorations adding to the beauty of the room.

12. Leather Sofa Sets For Living Room:

Image Source: Pepperfry

The leather sofas are mostly box type best suited for large living rooms seating at least eight people at once. The market is flooded with the best quality leather couches available in various colours, out of which many prefer black and a combination of white & black. The black leather couch with matching throw pillows with a matching glass tea table is in contrast to the black background and flooring. The simple decor elevates the dark-coloured leather sofa set.

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Tips To Buy Living Room Sofa Designs:

With the following tips purchase a beautiful sofa set suitable for your living room, further beautifying it.

  • There are many types of sofas available in the market, like two-seaters, and three-seaters. Pick the couch according to the space available in your living area.
  • Pick the cushion material that suits the needs of you and your family members.
  • The frame of the sofa is also significant, and the material used plays a vital role in the pricing of the sofa set.
  • The wooden frame and cushion material determine the final cost of the product you want to purchase.
  • There are many websites available that are specifically dedicated to giving you details about the furniture you want to buy.
  • The size of the sofa also should be decided to keep in mind the space available in your living room.

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Whatever style of sofa design you choose, choose it according to all the requirements you have. We provided you with a list of 12 best living room sofa designs that will give you an insight into the couch seats available, and it makes it easy for you to choose. So pick one that suits your living room design and let us know how it elevated the look of your living room.


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