9 Latest Sofa Designs for Living Room In 2019

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The furniture in the living room makes the most important factor in deciding the owner’s status now-a-days. The Sofa set in the living room makes the big part of this living room furniture. These sofa sets can be of 3+2 or 3+1 sets. The center part has seats for 3 people and the two single-seater will be put on the sides of this 3-seater. The material with which these sets are made differs accordingly to the cost. They may be of leather, wood, fabric or even linen. The wood and leather are the most trending designs now-a-days. The color of this set is chose with the living room wall color as the reference. Sometimes these sets come with center table and sometimes only the sofa. In this article, we enlisted some modern sofa designs for living room in different models.

Best Sofa Designs For Living Room With Images:

Let we have to look at the 9 latest sofa designs for living room.

1. Cottage Style Sofa Set:

sofa set designs for living room

The cottage style set is the traditional style in existence. These are the sofa set designs for small living rooms. These are mostly fabric and wooden type sets. These have a 3-seater and a 1-seater. The fabric used is chosen in accordance to the wall color and style.

2. Modern Living Room Sofa Sets:

Modern sofa sets

These are one of the trending sofa set designs for living room. These are mostly box type and made with wood and fabric. These are usually made with dual color and are meant for bigger living rooms. These are compatible for 5-8 people.

3. Contemporary Style Sofa Set For Living Room:

Contemporary style sofa set

The contemporary style is similar to modern but these are presented in most artistic way. These are the latest sofa set designs for the living rooms. These are made with printed fabric and a rug matching the design on the sofa makes it look more artistic and luxurious.

4. Vintage Style Sofa Set:

Vintage style sofa set

These sofa set designs for living room are more collectibles. These are the vintage old and traditional style and are still used in some places for its significance. These are the rarely used sets and these are the most expensive as they are made with complete wood and traditional value.

5. Rustic Style Sofa Set For Living Room:

Rustic style sofa set

Rustic style sets are the sofa sets for small living rooms. The rustic sofa sets have the natural finish and they are of historic contemporary style. These are mostly brown in color and the material can be either wood or leather. Sometimes these are also made with dual colors.

6. Wooden Sofa Set For Living Room:

Wooden sofa set

The wooden sets always have their place in people’s choice. These can be chosen for both smaller living rooms and bigger living rooms. Wooden sofa set designs for small living rooms are made with simple designs and sometimes the wood is also carved. These are also expensive according to the wood chosen for the work.

7. Leather Sofa Sets For Living Room:

Leather sofa sets

The leather sets are mostly used for larger living rooms and these are mostly box type. The leather sofa sets for living rooms are available in many colors among which the most preferred are the black, white and black and white combination. The leather collections are the fast selling style now. These give the luxury look.

8. Fabric Sofa Set:

Fabric sofa set

These fabric sofa designs for the living room are cozier and they resemble the toy house style. These are made with fabric and these suit smaller and bigger living rooms. Unlike leather, these are softer and these give both classy and luxurious look. These are mostly multi color.

9. Linen Sofa In The Living Room :

Linen sofa set

The linen sofa gives the classy and gorgeous look. The sofa sets designs are made with linen fabric to give heavenly look. These are the most lovely sofa sets in the market and these are mostly white and beige in color.


Whatever the style you choose, choose it wisely with the size and color of the room. The styles and designs are always important when it comes to the living room.

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