Engagement rings have to be special and have to be the star of the evening. The ring stands as a symbol of commitment between two people so what can be more dazzling in its striking beauty than a solitaire ring. Solitaire is defined as one piece single sizzling looking diamond. The solitaire engagement rings appear spectacular and even look royal and classy. Still solitaire rings are the most popular engagement ring around the world and especially for them who understands style but still wants to make a bold statement.

Solitaire Engagement Rings:

Let’s have a look at top 9 solitaire engagement rings in platinum and gold:

1. Platinum Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring:

There are certain cuts in a solitaire ring out of that cushion cut are very popular. The diamond studded on this ring is of H1 colour meaning nearly colour less but has a shade of yellow in them and a clear one piece diamond. On the ring the solitaire is studded in the centre where as more four   brilliant cushion cut diamonds are placed in a striking way. The entire ring is crafted on platinum thus making it an awesome engagement ring.

2. Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring in Dome Shape:

If the engagement ring is a solitaire rings that it’s a breathtaking and also oozes class. This ring is a classic piece on which solitaire is engraved and on the corners on it a dome shape is crafted thus giving it more spectacular look than before.

3. Solitaire Flower Shape Engagement Rings:

Flower and women’s have close correlation so many young girls prefer to have their engagement rings also in the flower shape. The ring looks stunning and the solitaire is studded in the middle of the ring where as small petals are designed thus giving a brilliant look and making it a perfect engagement ring.

4. 14K Rose Gold Round Solitaire Engagement Ring:

This engagement ring is made of 14k rose gold with round shape solitaire embedded in the centre. On the sides it has a symbol of infinity which makes this ring a perfect ring for this purpose. As infinity symbolizes that no matter whatsoever appears the love and affection will never break that’s what the engagement means.

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5. Pure Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring:

This is a luxuriant solitaire gold engagement ring. With the breath taking and eye catchy sizzling one piece solitaire studded in the centre of the ring while on the sides beautiful artistic leaves are designed making it appear memorable engagement ring.

6. Maple Leaf Solitaire Engagement Rings:

The maple a leaf is considered to be a symbol of love, thus many engagement or wedding rings is designed which resembles the look of maple leaf. The ring has  a  mind blowing solitaire studded like a crown and on it sides small diamonds are embossed in like a leaf shape thus making it a wonderful and awesome engagement ring.

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7. White Gold Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring:

Mesmerizing is an ideal and the correct word for this white gold engagement ring. In the centre of the ring big solitaire is studded in prong settings and these types of rings are called princess cut. While on the sides it has shiny beaded lines thus giving a brilliant appearance and a perfect solitaire engagement ring.

8. Designer Solitaire Engagement Ring:

A solitaire engagement ring looks extremely beautiful and heavenly, and to add on if it has a designer touch then it would leave people speechless. This ring has a big rectangle shape solitaire engraved and on its sides small lustrous diamonds are embedded giving it a flower appearance. The brilliant polish on the ring with different colour gives a mind blowing look.

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9. Royal Crown Shaped Solitaire Engagement Ring:

Engagement is the occasion when all the eyes are on the man and woman. That particular moment this type of crown shaped solitaire engagement ring stands to be an exquisite one. One single big solitaire can over look all other rings and looks classy, gorgeous and beautiful on that particular day.

Solitaire rings look amazing and can leave people speechless and spell bound by having a glance only. These rings can be designed in wide variety and different type of metals such as gold, platinum and has different cuts like cushion and princess cut. So, n choose the ring according to your style and needs and easily get those amazing looks


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