Since Anil Kapoor passed on the baton to his progeny the very beautiful and charming Sonam Kapoor has worked her way up to be one of the best fashion icons, worldwide. From Lakme Fashion Week to Burberry Fashion Show, to embracing the cover of Elle magazine, Sonam has done it all. She is a photographer’s favourite.

Sonam Kapoor Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets :

1. Sonam Kapoor Beauty Tips Regular Look:

Sonam’s likes to keep a low profile makeup for her daily step-outs. She keeps her skin moisturized with cream or sunscreens, which are at times followed by powder foundations. She also uses mascara for prettying up her eyelashes and a light-coloured lipstick, probably pink or light brown.

2. Sonam Kapoor Beauty Tips Regular Look Makeup:

What makes Sonam a perfect model is that she can adapt to different sorts of brand, colors, and styles when it comes to makeup. She is very versatile and she can blend in any sort of look and add her own spice to it. Her makeup bag must always contain Concealer, Foundation Fond de Teint Bronzer, Baby-pink powder, L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Collagen Mascara, L’Oréal Kajal pencil, and L’Oréal Lip Gloss.

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3. Sonam Kapoor Beauty Tips Hair Care:

Sonam thanks her mother for keeping good care of her hair since her childhood. Her hair was regularly oiled by her mother and advises everyone to oil their hair, especially during winters. Sonam used Kerastase hair products and brushes her hair with a hairbrush from Conair. She also likes to have variations with her hairstyles which depend upon the attire she is wearing. It could be braids, curls, straight hair, ponytail, etc.

4. Sonam Kapoor Beauty Tips Eye Makeup:

Sonam had gone gaga over the black kohl liners since she was 18. Once she had started applying it, she never got over them. You will mostly find her to have put on mascara and make her eyes smokey with eye pencils.

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5. Sonam Kapoor Beauty Tips Lip Makeup:

Sonam’s lips give her a million-dollar smile, which she likes to highlight with brown and pink colors on a regular basis, lip glosses are usually kept for events but nothing beats the fact that she is one lady who can carry the dark red lipstick really well and that turns out to be her favourite too.

6. Sonam Kapoor Beauty Tips Skin Care:

The first and foremost thing she advises everybody for skincare is moisturizing. She always wears sunscreen which are above SPF 30 and she avoids products which contain too much of ingredients. From childhood, she had been more relied on natural remedies like milk, gram flour, and yogurt, over chemical products. Sunscreen by Neutrogena, MAC lip balms, face creams by La mere, products of Chanel, are what she usually prefers.

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7. Sonam Kapoor Diet Secrets:

Sonam had awed everyone with her quick weight loss just before her debut film Saawariya. Her diet was reduced to 6 protein meals a day, which started with oatmeal and fruits. She was given brown bread with egg whites after workouts and her lunch would comprise of cereals, veggies, a fish or meat, salad, and ragi rogi. She preferred high fibres for the evening like crackers with chicken or cold cuts and egg whites.   Dinners were limited to soup, salad, and a piece of chicken or fish again.

8. Sonam Kapoor Fitness Secret:

The self-confessed foodie had to lose a lot of weight and since then she had started different varieties in exercising. She had started working out under Zarine Watson and figured out that cardiovascular exercises work well for her in combination with weight training. Every day she concentrates on one part of her body and works on it. She also tries to find out time to practice dance exercises she had learnt from Ashley Lobo, Bharat Thakur Power Yoga and does Pilates at least thrice a week.

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