Sonoma Nail Art Designs are a beautiful type of nail art which is most commonly applied after putting a plain base color and then putting glittered coat over the color to make it look shiny and make it glow as well. The glittered coat consists of random shapes like circles, hexes, trapezium, diamond, etc. The other types of Sonoma nail arts are different shapes painted the nails with a variety of colors making it look funky. Ladies use this type of nail art to give their nails a pretty makeover and make them happy and content.

Amazing Sonoma Nail Art Designs:

Violet Sonoma Nail Art:

The picture below shows a plain violet color nail paint which has been applied on the fingers as the base and then added with a glittered coat of different shades of blue. They are all in different shapes of circles, diamonds and hexes. It has small dots of copper and blue as well, to make the nail art look a little more unique, the ring finger has been painted in a violet base and then a little lighter shade of violet has been used to make three strips across the nail to give a different tint.

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Black Sonoma Nail Art Paint:

The picture shows us that there isn’t any need to put a base and then glitter coat; as the nail paint is black and it has glitters incorporated in it. This makes us save time, as we don’t need to put the nail paints twice and gives us a similar effect and look. The black colour makes the glitters shine more and look brighter. The glitters are in grey hexagons and circles and small circled glitters can be observed as well.

The Criminal Effect:

A base of plain grey colored nail paint has been added with a shiny sparkly polish. Then to make the nail art design look bloody, red nail paint has been splashed and unevenly distributed as spots. The thin lines are giving it a criminal effect.

Galaxy Effect:

There are three different nail paints used on the nails. First light violet and then the middle seems to have a color which a little of violet and a little of indigo, which has shown the merge between the two colors. And finally it has the indigo color which completes the base. Then a glittered paint is used as a coat which makes this Sonoma nail art like the stars in the galaxy.

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Cute Balloon Nail Art:

To make a cute Sonoma nail art we could use different colors with white nail paint. Each finger in this picture shows different colors of vermilion, light green, blue and purple, which have been used to make a semi balloon on half of the nail. Black has been used to make the strings of the balloons and the other half painted white.

Traditional Nail Art:

This nail art has been done on a base of black with different designs in chrome yellow. There are two nails which are designed as sun and the two other nails have circles with designs inside, and the finger in the middle looks completely different from the rest. These have an Indian effect as the designs are commonly used in India in different forms like mehendi’s drawn on skin or handicrafts made. Different ancient jewelries’ were shaped in similar designs, especially of the tribal people.

Girly Nail Art:

The nail art looks completely girly. Three nails are painted with plain pink and one nail has the base in pink with white polka dots giving it a little retro look. One nail has glitters coated on the finger of different shapes of hexes and circles and also in different colors of maroon, grey and dark pink.

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