Sore throat is one of the very common issues that can happen among the population. Each year millions of people suffer from this ailment and it is no doubt one of the most discomforting problems to be faced. Usually sore throat brings with itself cold cough and swollen glands. Sore throat is caused by viral infections accumulated in the area. A lot of times this is because of something as simple as weather change. However, the good news is that sore throat is not a serious problem and can be treated both through simple medications as well as home remedies and treatments. For effective and fast treatment, one needs to know the symptoms of sore throat which helps in early detection.

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Sore Throat Symptoms And Causes:

This article explains something important about what are the causes and symptoms of sore throat which would help to take care treatment action before you suffer.

Symptoms of Sore Throat

The guide below gives all the signs and symptoms of sore throat in hand. Check them out and broaden your horizons about this particular health crisis.

1. Swelling In The Tonsils:

As one of the most significant and 100 percent sure-shot symptoms, swollen glands can easily connect with a sore throat. The name itself suggests swelling in the two tonsil glands which are behind the tongue and at the back of the throat. Along with swelling, there is a certain level of inflammation and redness in the tonsils as well that can be seen with the naked eye.

2. Swallowing Issues:

Another known sign of sore throat is that you will find it really difficult to swallow anything. In fact, in a lot of situations swallowing food becomes quite a pain literally! This is one of the main symptoms of sore throat.

3. Dryness In Throat:

A lot of times dehydration of the body is one of the major causes associated with sore throat. Dryness in the throat therefore is one of the obvious symptoms that comes along with the ailment. It is one of the discomforting signs for sure.

4. Hoarseness In Voice:

The voice of the person changes to quite a visible extent when it comes to a sore throat. There is muffed or hoarse voice that you will experience during the entire tenure of soreness in the throat.

5. Rise In Body Temperature:

There is a slight rise in the normal body temperature of the person during sore throat. Mild fever is a symptom that quite a number of people show as a consequence of sore throat.

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6. Runny/Stuffed Nose:

Either a person has problems with a running nose, or there is nasal congestion and a stuffed nose. This is again one of the guaranteed signs of soreness in the throat.

7. Sneezes And Coughs:

Coughing along with sneezing is experienced in any form of sore throat starting from mild to extreme. Sneezing and coughing intensity will however differ from person to person as per the extremity of the ailment.

8. Throat Pain:

Pain is experienced all the time at the back of the throat which usually increases while you talk or try to eat or swallow anything. This pain usually stays for the entire time till the ore throat is completely cured.

9. Pus In Tonsils:

Along with pus formation in the tonsils, there are also some white patches that one can see when there is a crisis of sore throat. However, this is one symptom that a professional will be able to detect better and not the sufferer.

10. Scratchiness In The Throat:

There is a scratchy feeling all the time in the throat that brings discomfort and uneasiness. This happens most of the time and is often accompanied by pain that worsens from time to time and hampers the daily routine lifestyle.

Sore Throat Causes:

There may be many causes behind the soreness in the throat. The best ones are discussed below. The Top 10 causes of Sore Throat are as follows:-

11. Pre-Existent Infection:

Soreness in the throat might be caused due to a pre-existent infection in the throat. This is one of the most possible causes of sore throat and can also be the reason behind the inflammation in the throat One should get rid of any throat infection or the sore throat is on its way.

12. Cold Or Flu:

Cold flu is another cause of sore throat. If you catch a cold, then it may also be accompanied by severe throat issues including soreness in the throat. The sore throat is one of the rising issues these days and a lot of people are experiencing it.

If you get wet in the rain and catch a cold due to that reason, the sore throat can be said to be one of the most common symptoms as the body is weak from the inside during such fever and it cannot fight against the symptoms of sore throat.

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13. Bacteria:

This is the most probable cause among all the sore throat causes. Bacteria is the culprit when it comes to sore throat. One can get easily affected by the pain in the throat due to excessive dryness in the throat caused by the harmful bacteria which has been removed inside the person. Bacteria are generally blamed when anyone faces throat problems.

14. Throat Pain:

If someone has throat pain which has taken place a lot earlier then it is very common that he or she will be affected with the symptoms of sore throat as the harmful bacteria are still residing in the throat and can cause damage to the throat. Such damage may also cause the throat some serious harm which might be much bigger than a mere sore throat.

15. Swollen Tonsils:

If someone has tonsil issues, then having sore throat problems will not be surprising for him or her. Sore throat generally happens to those who have a bad throat condition or who are infected with the bacteria which is the reason behind the occurrence of the soreness in the throat. Swollen tonsils can easily trigger soreness in the throat.

16. Runny Nose:

Have a runny nose? Well, then, sore throat is next. A runny nose is one of the most possible sore throat causes. If one has a runny nose which is causing irritation and he or she hasn’t fixed it till now, then sore throat is the next irritation factor. One will have to bear all the symptoms of a sore throat due to a runny nose problem.

17. Cough And Cold:

Cold is one of the reasons behind a sore throat – this has been discussed earlier. If someone is having coughing problems then it is very obvious that he or she will be affected with the signs of a sore throat. If an individual is coughing throughout the day, then a sore throat won’t shock him at all.

18. Diet:

Maintaining a diet of which you don’t know anything at all is one the most probable sore throat causes. If there is a food in your diet to which you’re allergic and you don’t know the same, then you can be affected by the different symptoms of a sore throat.

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19. Weak Body:

If one has a weekly functioning immune system, no one can help him. There is a high chance, that he will be affected by the symptoms of a sore throat. A weak body is one of the most possible causes of sore throat.

20. Sneezing:

Sneezing continuously is definitely not good for you. If one sneezes randomly throughout the day then there is a high chance that he or she will be affected with the outcome of a sore throat.


Sore throat symptoms typically include throat pain, irritation, and difficulty swallowing. If accompanied by fever, cough, or persistent discomfort, consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment.


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