India is blended with diverse culture and traditions. The southern part of India has itself have diverse and varied customs and traditions within. The wedding and bridal look of South India are incomplete without the right makeup and hairstyle! Hair plays a prominent role, given that it can make or break the look! Today, let us see the best of traditional south Indian bridal hairstyles look this year.

The south Indian marriages almost have a similar look with traditional saree and ornaments with slightest changes. But the hairstyles have a cultural look embedded within them and has the rich variance of beauty and style within. These south Indian wedding hairstyles are among most followed for all weddings in the region and are also popular worldwide for the gorgeous look. They can always be altered as per hair accessories and suit almost all the groups, colours and face shapes.

15 Traditional and Latest South Indian Bridal Hairstyles with Images:

Be it braids, half braids, bun or hairdos, you can look gorgeous in any of these looks if you add your form of personality and elegance. Now let us continue to witness the best and top ten marriage hairstyles for south Indian women here.

1. South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Round Face:

When we talk about the south Indian bridal hairstyle in general, it is quite normal to get confused and assume that most of them can remain uniform in their appearance and styling. But this lovely hairstyle will smash your hypothesis with its elegance and charming unique look. This south Indian hairstyle is a perfect choice for women with round faces. The beauty adds to the glow and glamorous peppy vibe and instantly brings elegance.

2. South Indian Bridal Hairstyle for Big Forehead:

Do you have a large or big forehead? You can cover up and tone down the features into a beautiful look with this South Indian bridal hairstyle. The lovely look is perfect flaunting the curly tresses and the vintage classic feminine vibes. Adding on flowers enhances the beauty and the mesmerizing vibes. What do you think?

3. Simple South Indian Bridal Hairstyle:

If you do not want to go too bold and would like to keep it simple yet smart, this is a perfect south Indian bridal hairstyle to check out. Women with oval and long face can try this look. We love how this hairstyle looks in the front, exuding a gorgeous and chic look. Women in older age groups can try this lovely look too.

4. South Indian Bridal Braided Bun Hairstyle with Flowers:

Further, why miss out on the classic hair bun hairstyle for women? The look is truly alluring and mesmerizing. Women with thick and voluminous dense hair texture can check out this timeless and gorgeous hairstyle. The hairdo is decorated with flowers around to enhance and accentuate the style statement and glam quotient. Women with any facial shape can try it out.

5. Traditional Long Braided South Indian Bridal Hairstyle:

The classic South Indian braid bridal hairstyle can never go wrong. It is always perfect for women across any facial features and hair textures; and always a great fit for the big celebration. We have a slight twist in the classic bridal hairstyle, which yet looks elegant and equally mesmerizing. How do you like to try it out?

6. Modern Half Braided Style:

Here comes most-awaited and popular South Indian hairstyle for brides. One can see the best of this look here as it is not very traditional yet has a blend of modern touch and style to it. The hair here was braided from the sides and left overall behind, to give the fluffy and stylish look. This is a quite popular style and is evergreen given the look and radiance added to the face.

  • Best Season: Winters and monsoons can be the perfect fit here.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Wear this for wavy hair texture to look good.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their early to mid-20s can be best looking in this one.
  • Accessories to Match: Wear a sleek stone necklace and earrings to match this look.
  • Perfect Outfit: Nice Saree or long gown dress can be good to go in this bridal hairstyle.
  • Preferable Occasion: This look is good during pre-wedding marriage ceremonies and pujas.
  • Matching Face Shape: This is the most popular South Indian bridal hairstyle for round face and square face shape.

7. Simple Christian Bridal Style:

We all know about the popular celebrity wedding of actress Samantha and Naga Chaitanya. This South Indian Christian bridal hairstyle and makeup are followed by her diligently, and she looks no less than a princess. It is among the amazing style which many other women later followed in the Christian wedding and reception ceremony. The hair is well brushed in here towards the side and left out. If you wish so, you can always add up your favourite hair accessories as well!

  • Best Season: Any season is good to go to try this style out.
  • Perfect outfit: One should only wear a long gown to this look.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Smooth and silky hair is the best fit in this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this look for women in the late 20s and early 30s only.
  • Matching Face Shape: Round and square face shape can be good to go in here.
  • Accessories to Match: Simple, sleek ornaments are only good to style in this look.
  • Preferable Occasion: This is perfect to match the wedding ceremony. You can also use this as south Indian bridal hairstyle for the reception.

8. Traditional Braided Look:

This Saree hairdo, as we see here, is a tweaked version for casual braid look. Here the braid is done from side of the crown to the tail side, and lovely accessories are added traditionally. They are gold plated colour and are adding elegance and style to the entire structure of braid. This south Indian bridal hairstyles front and back both looks came out to be trendy here!

  • Best Season: This bridal look is good to go in summer.
  • Perfect Outfit: Wear this only with Saree in the traditional sense.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their early 20s can be best suited for this look.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Long hair with any texture can suit you well here.
  • Matching Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shapes can work wonders in here.
  • Preferable Occasion: Women should wear this during wedding times or the morning of the wedding puja.
  • Accessories to Match: Gold accessories only should be matched with this traditional look like a necklace, bangles and waistband.

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9. Traditional Style with Modern Look:

Here comes another look at the modern variant. We may not have observed this look outside, but it is as royal and elegant as it can get. The hair is well brushed in here, and a fluffy braid is done in this shown manner where the hair is tied with elastic in regular intervals. It is unique and trendy, as well. This is among popular and new looks as South Indian bridal hairstyles for engagement in the traditional ceremony.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their mid-20s are a perfect match.
  • Best Season: Winter and spring seasons are good times to try this out.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Any hair texture can be good to go in here.
  • Perfect Outfit: Sarees and long gowns can be good to go in this hairstyle.
  • Matching Face Shape: Oval and heart face shape women can try this look.
  • Preferable Occasion: Receptions or engagements are a good time to try this bridal style.
  • Accessories to Match: Stone ornaments or silver accessories go well here, such as long neckpieces and long earrings.

10. Traditional Elegant Flower Braid:

Another stylish and traditional day look as South Indian Jada hairstyle for marriage is here. If you are looking for something with complete cultural form and do not want any modern twist to enter, this may be the best braiding style. It is popular for generations and still is evergreen, given the look’s sleek and sweet nature.

  • Best Season: Summers is a perfect and apt time for this look.
  • Perfect Outfit: The long gown is a perfect fit and suits this look.
  • Preferable Occasion: Wear this during reception or ceremony time.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Smooth and wavy hair texture can be good to go.
  • Matching Face Shape: It is a good hairstyle for elongated, oblong and oval faces.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in the early 30s age group are the best fit in this South Indian bridal Poola Jada.
  • Accessories to Match: Only sleek pearl ear hangings and a ring can do to the look along with a good hair accessory to match!

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11. South Indian Look for Long Hair:

If you have long hair, no compromise, let us enhance the beautiful look through this South Indian bridal hairstyle for long hair. Here the style is well done through a fishtail kind of braid. Hair accessories are added in between to style this look better. This is among the modern days and popular South Indian styles to look good in a simple yet beautiful manner.

  • Best Season: Winters and monsoons are good to go in here.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Any hair texture can try out this braid.
  • Perfect Outfit: Nice Saree or lehenga is best Suitable for this look.
  • Matching Face Shape: A round and heart face shape can be good here.
  • Preferable Occasion: Wear this during pre-wedding ceremonies or parties.
  • Accessories to Match: Good and simple gold ornaments can be added to this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in less than 28 years can be the best fit in this South Indian bridal jadai.

12. Flower Bridal Bun:

Also known as the South Indian Kondai hairstyle bun, this is a simple yet powerful and stylish look. If you want a vintage and elegant look that is graceful, you should not miss out on this stylish manner of appearance. This is quite a traditional style and yet has its name and fame attached to it.

  • Best Season: Summer is the best to go in this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in their late 20s.
  • Preferable Occasion: Wear this during puja and ritual times.
  • Perfect Outfit: Nice Saree only is the best fit to look traditional and yet elegant.
  • Matching Face Shape: Round and oval face shapes can be a perfect fit here.
  • Accessories to Match: Gold accessories and chain is the only perfect and apt match here.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Curly and wavy hair is good to go in this South Indian bridal Juda hairstyle with flowers.

13. Netted Flower Bridal Bun:

If you are looking out for a style more unique and stylish, then you may want to try this South Indian bridal hairdo in a unique fashion and manner. The hair here is made into a bun, and a fancy flower knit hair accessory bun is attached to make it look good and elegant. Women who love to have it stylish and trendy and yet form their own impression, should not miss this out

  • Perfect Outfit: Sarees are the only decent fit in this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in their late 20s are a good and apt fit here.
  • Matching Face Shape: All face shapes can be good to go in here.
  • Preferable Occasion: Wear this look during the marriage ceremony.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Wear this for smooth and silky hair texture only.
  • Best Season: Summer and springtime is good season and time to try out.
  • Accessories to Match: Wear gold and diamond accessories as you wish with this style.

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14. Bridal Christian Hairdo:

Another variant of Indian hairdos for Christian weddings is this one. This is quite stylish and stunning, with the gorgeous hairdo. The hair accessories attached to it are adding to the elegance. Women who want a bold look than a simple style should prefer this one rather than other looks. It is quite easy to do and yet makes the bride appear confident and bold. This is also a good South Indian bridal hairstyle for medium hair too!

  • Perfect Outfit: Long Christian gown only will look good here.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women below 35 years can be the best fit in this style.
  • Best Season: Summers and monsoons can be good to go in this look.
  • Matching Face Shape: It is good for longer and elongated face shapes.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: This is good to go only with a wavy hairstyle texture.
  • Preferable Occasion: Wear this style during the wedding ceremony time only.
  • Accessories to Match: Simple accessories will do here like a neckpiece and choker with tiny studs as the gown and hairdo are quite bold.

15. Simple Hairdo Bridal:

Most of us often encounter such styles in celebrity looks and movies. And let us accept that we also think if they really suit us or not. But let us tell you, this simple yet graceful style is among the most simple yet enhancing looks for the bride. This look is quite trendy, and gorgeous and adds to the overall beautiful attire in a great manner.

  • Best Season: Winters is the best time to try this style.
  • Perfect outfit: Sarees are a good option to try this out.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Wear this only for wavy hair texture.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20s only can be good and suited here.
  • Matching Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shapes can best suit this style.
  • Preferable Occasion: Engagement ceremonies or parties are apt occasions here.
  • Accessories to Match: Wear only temple jewellery kind of accessories for this look.

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Additional Tips:

If your big day is nearby and you want to try out these South Indian bridal styles, well you may want not to miss out on a few additional suggestions.

  • Wear these accessories to enhance the look with hairstyles. You can always alter hair accessories as per your choice – simple or grand or bold!
  • Do not wash your hair on the day of styling. Wash it the previous day to let it set out well
  • Always condition hair very well in order to let it appear stylish and trendy.
  • A hair spa before bridal time is good to go to enhance the overall beauty of hair.
  • Make sure to wash hair once in three days at maximum to make it appear good and healthy.

Be it a soon-to-be bride or a married woman. These South Indian bridal hairstyles are quite mesmerising and alluring that we cannot stop trying them out. Given our top and favourite ten looks, let us know which your favourite bridal style look is. We love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Does Bridal Poolajadai Look Good for Women Over 30 Years?

Ans: Yes surely! The bridal style and poola Jada are quite versatile and suitable for several women without a doubt. It looks good on different age groups. You do not need to doubt it!

Q2. Will Knitting Flowers with Bridal Bun or Hair Be Painful?

Ans:If one follows the right technique of knitting the flowers into a bun and braid, we can tell that it isn’t painful. Make sure to make the right choice of flowers for your style.

Q3. How to Take Care That The Bridal Hairdo and Styling Does Not Move Out of Place for a Long Time?

Ans: We often understand that we get tensed about maintaining our makeup and hairstyle for a longer time period during bigger events. But one can always manage and take care of such situations. Always clip on the hair very well with hair accessories. Further, add hair spray at the end to make the hair stick on to the place for a long.


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