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Top 9 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

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There are various forms of South Indian bridal hair looks that can be tried out. These should be worn with banarasi saree and also a kamarbandh can look very glamorous. The frontal portion can be adorned with a heavy and chunky Maangtika which is teamed with the metal plates at the back.

Popular South Indian Bridal Hairstyles:

Below are the top 9 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles that a person should definitely try out.

1. The Accessorized Braided Look:

south indian bridal hairstyles1

This is a very traditional and also a popular styling that can be done if a person has long sections of long length. These can also be worn for various types of functions and other family occasions. A person can sport these with fresh flowers like the image shown above. These can be adorned with some artificial metal pieces which can be of various types. This depends on the availability of the products and also from which store a person buys these. These can also be worn with banarasi sarees and a heavy Maangtika at the centralized portion.

2. Thigh Length Braids:

south indian bridal hairstyles

This is another popular look where a person can sport a very long length of celeb type adorned sections. These can be worn with some accessories like shown in the image above. These also have metallic clips to it which makes it glitterier. Heavy neck pieces and kamarbandh can be teamed up with these.

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3. The Centralized Glamorous Look:

south indian bridal hairstyles3

This is for those people who like the centralized sectioning. These are also easy to try if a person does not want to have a long length. If a person wants to attend a function or wants to sport something that is less sweaty for summers, then these can be easily tried. These can be adorned with centralized kundan Maangtika.

4. The Floral Long Braid:

south indian bridal hairstyles4

This is for those who like very long lengths which can be till the thighs. These are also adorned with floral accessories and also plate metal accessories. These can be done with false extensions to increase the length of the sections.

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5. Accessorized Inverted Floral Hair:

south indian bridal hairstyles5

For this type of a casual look which is also quite fashionable, a person can use fresh flowers to clip those from the lower side.

6. The Low Hung Floral Look:

south indian bridal hairstyles6

In those cases where a person keeps sections short, it can be done in this type as shown in the image above. These are quite glamorous and can be worn with sarees and other kamar bandh. The frontal can have a kundan hanging with stone studding.

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7. The Modern Attire:

south indian bridal hairstyles7

This is a proper outfit and also the half puffed look can be done with other accessories and fresh flowers or false flowers which are used for these. The saree can be modern instead of banarasi. These can be teamed with long neck pieces which can be of semi metal or other stone studded.

8. Glamorous Celebrity Look:

south indian bridal hairstyles8

This is a very glamorous and also quite popular look which many South Actresses sport for their movies. These are often done for other famous cosmetics or other brands. These can be done with kundan or other accessories which are required to be used for these.

9. Glamorous up do:

south indian bridal hairstyles9

This is a traditional and glamorous hair look. These can be done on sectional length which is quite long. These should be sport with traditional sarees or heavy zaree work sarees. These can also be done for attending any family gathering or functions. Fresh flowers can be used like shown in the image above.

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