Travel down south to the states of Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala, and you are likely to find women with glorious long braids. Like a snake, they sway with the woman’s movements and exude great charm! However, there’s more to South Indian hairstyles than the regular three-strand braids.

Young girls and pretty ladies are reviving these long-lost plaits that their grandmothers once flaunted! The traditional hairdos are reinvented with modern elements to suit the tastes of the contemporary generation. In this article, we shall look into some of the best hairstyles of South India for every occasion and outfit.

15 Best South Indian Hairstyles for Women:

Let us take a look at these top 15 South Indian hairdos which have become very popular in recent times.

1. Half Double Side Bun Hairstyle for Women:

The picture above shows Shruti Hasan in a gorgeous yet bold half-double bun hairstyle. The new and trending look is all over the internet these days for its easy and quick yet contemporary and hot style statement. You can quickly try this look for your everyday outings or parties, and look ravishing. It is a perfect easy south Indian hairstyle for ladies.

2. Simple Open Hairstyle:

This is a very well-known yet classic and timeless chic hairstyle. The simple south Indian hairstyle is all about having open hair. You can add on fringes or bangs if you would like! Women with wavy or straight hair textures can try this haircut for a seamless, beautiful, stunning appearance.

3. South Indian Hairstyles for Lehenga:

We also love this half hair bun for the feminine, unique and graceful style statement. These south Indian hairstyles for girls are perfect for ladies to wear at events such as weddings and festivities. It can be an ideal match to wear with lehengas, and sarees to give out a distinct, mesmerizing and plush appearance. Those with straight and wavy hair texture with long or medium hair length can best try it out.

4. Classic Fishtail Braid:

A fishtail braid is one of the most popular South Indian wedding hairstyles. The exquisite hairdo gets its name from the fish-like appearance, which involves a tight weaving of smaller strands. You can either choose to start the braid from the forehead line or the crown section. To do the latter, just comb your hair back, puff it up and secure it with a hairclip. Start braiding from that point and use shiny accessories to enhance its beauty.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight, Medium-length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round, Square and Oblong
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summers and Spring or hotter seasons of the year
  • Ideal Age Groups: 20-45 Years
  • Best for Occasions: Weddings, Engagements and Mehendi Parties

5. Modern French Braided Bun:

If you are getting ready for a date with your partner, then you must dress up to impress! Along with wearing a stunning outfit, try a unique South Indian hairstyle like this French braided bun. Just divide your hair into three sections and weave a French plait on the center portion. Now twist the other two sections and roll them up into a bun, along with this braid. Tuck a pretty flower on the side and get ready to sweep your man off your feet!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Thick, Short to Medium Length Hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Oblong and Boxy Shapes
  • Best Seasons to Try: Suitable for all seasons
  • Ideal Age Groups: From the 20’s to 50’s, any woman can try this hairstyle
  • Best for Occasions: Date Nights, Cocktail Parties and Reception

6. Twisted Half Up With Loose Curls:

RashmikaMandana, the latest South Indian sensation reveals her quirky side in this cute hairstyle. The simple, yet stylish updo can be easily replicated by separating sections of hair on the upper part. Now just twist and roll these bunches of hair and secure them together with a bobby pin. Now use a curler to create beach waves on the lower side and you are done!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Medium Length, Wavy Hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round, Oval and Rectangular
  • Best Seasons to Try: Rock this trend in autumn and winters
  • Ideal Age Groups: Teenagers and women between 20-40 can try this
  • Best for Occasions: Casual Gatherings, Weekend Brunches

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7. Side Swept Twisted Bun:

Boss babe, Samantha takes the humble South Indian bun to a whole new level. She is recently spotted sporting this trendy hairstyle with her elegant silver and pink saree. This seemingly complex style is quite easy to replicate. Just take a side partition of your hair and twist smaller stands into a messy bun. Puff up the front hair to create a voluminous appearance.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Short to Medium Length, Straight Hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oblong and Round Faces
  • Best Seasons to Try: Wear it in summer to feel airy
  • Ideal Age Groups: Women aged 20-45 can try this out
  • Best for Occasions: Brunches, Social Gatherings

8. Kerala Style Loose Braid:

Take a cue from Anupama Parameshwaran on how to rock the Desi diva look! She looks gorgeous in this traditional Kerala long hairstyle with a saree. The naturally curly locked Anupama chose to go with a loose braid to make her thick mane look even more voluminous. You can try this by weaving your hair from the bottom of your neck and pulling out the braid to add fullness.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Thick, Medium length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round and Square Faces
  • Best Seasons to Try: Best done in dreamy monsoon weather
  • Ideal Age Groups: Any woman or girl can try this
  • Best for Occasions: Traditional Events, Festivals

9. The Side Bushy Braid:

It looks like Anupama is on a roll today! The South Indian star sure gives us major hair goals through her Instagram pictures. Spotted in this picture is a ravishing Anupama, who looks as fresh as a dewdrop in this side braid. Notice the variation from the ones mentioned above. The hair is partitioned sideways and reverse combed to create a heavy layer on the front. You can try a fishtail or a conventional braid to woo the crowd!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Wavy, Medium length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round, Square Faces
  • Best Seasons to Try: Best for autumn and winters
  • Ideal Age Groups: Suits girls between 20-35 years
  • Best for Occasions: College and Office Events

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10. The Timeless Floral Bun:

The fragrance of Mogra flowers brings us fond memories of our childhood. No South Indian elderly woman can imagine her “Koppu” or the bun without a Gajra around it. Here is one such version which you can try in the upcoming wedding season. The neatly done updo is surrounded by fully bloomed white flowers that resemble the pearls in an ocean. You can add a modern touch by twisting the side hair and securing the strands with pins.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight, Medium to Long length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Try it if you have a round or square face
  • Best Seasons to Try: Can be sported throughout the year
  • Ideal Age Groups: Looks amazing on ladies aged above 30 years
  • Best for Occasions: Festivals, Traditional Gatherings and Weddings

11. Trendy Knotted Ponytail:

Wow! Is she really our own Keerthi Suresh? Yes, without a doubt! The Award-winning South Indian actress is ruling social media with her latest fashion updates. Seen here is the hottie rocking the knotted ponytail trend, which is very unlike her usual choice. You can try this ponytail hairstyle too by gathering all your hair into a low ponytail, except the two side strands. Use them to tie a knot above the pony to conceal the rubber band and Voila! You are ready!

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight or Wavy, Medium length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Round, Oblong Faces
  • Best Seasons to Try: You can try it any time of the year
  • Ideal Age Groups: anyone between 20-40 years can try this style
  • Best for Occasions: Evening parties, Social gatherings

12. The Glamorous Sock Bun:

If you are stuck with braids or loose hair in your formal attire, it’s time to break the trend! Check out this high sock bun sported by Nivetha Thomas during one of her events. She kept it clean and elegant by brushing her hair backwards and tying it up into a neat bun. You can style it further with statement earrings or a bold neckpiece. You can even ditch the accessories and tuck in a rose to complete the look.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight, Medium to Long length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Any face that doesn’t have a big forehead can try this
  • Best Seasons to Try: Hot weather like Summers
  • Ideal Age Groups: Women between 30-50 years look good in this style
  • Best for Occasions: Cocktail parties, Formal events

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13. Easy Side Braid Style:

This time, Anupama plays the typical south Indian girl-next-door by sporting a side done braided hairstyle. It is effortless to do, as it involves only the basic braiding technique. Instead of weaving it from the centre, you need to comb your hair sideways and start braiding from the neck. Use the same three-knot style and secure the ends with a rubber band or a claw clip.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Wavy or Straight, Medium length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round and Square Faces
  • Best Seasons to Try: Suits all weathers
  • Ideal Age Groups: Best for college going girls
  • Best for Occasions: Everyday, Casual events

14. Celebrity Messy Bun:

Messy hair, don’t care! Yes! That’s Rashmika Mandanna for you! This latest Tollywood sensation is setting Instagram on fire with her stylish pictures. The curly locks on the front with a messy bun on the back are a perfect match to her flowy saree. To do this, just reverse comb your hair to create the “mess”, twist those stands and tie them up into a bun. Leave the front flicks wavy and let them flow like your free-spirited nature.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Curly and Wavy, Medium to Long length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Apple Shaped and Round face
  • Best Seasons to Try: Winter and autumn are the best seasons
  • Ideal Age Groups: Suits women between 20-50 years of age
  • Best for Occasions: Cocktail parties, High Profile Gatherings

15. The Iconic Pelli Poola Jada:

How can we end this article without the mention of the eternal Poola Jada? Seen here is a contemporary version of the traditional bridal braid, which combines crisscross weaving with a four-knot braid. The intricately done hairstyle is accessories with the Jasmine Gajra and the Jada Billalu or the braid jewels. You can go for a puff on the front to complement the Maang tikka.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight to Wavy, Medium to Long length hair
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval, Round and Square faces
  • Best Seasons to Try: Can be sported all through the year
  • Ideal Age Groups: Suits young brides
  • Best for Occasions: Weddings, Bridal Ceremony

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Additional Tips For Maintaining South Indian Hairstyles:

Here are a few tips that can help you ace the perfect South Indian look,

  1. South Indians usually prefer to keep their hair long. So, grow at least shoulder-length hair to try these styles.
  2. You can use hair extensions to create length and volume. Try using the clip versions which seamlessly blend with your natural hair.
  3. Keep plenty of hair clips, pins and rubber bands handy. You will need them to secure your hair in place and avoid any mishaps.
  4. Using hairspray is a trick to keep the strands in place. Start with a serum to moisturize your hair and finish it with a spray to make it last longer.
  5. If you are not an expert with buns, use the readymade bun tools available in the market. You can simply tie up your hair and cover it with these.

So, how did you find these latest celebrity South Indian hairstyles? Like or love, do let us know what you feel! Also, if you have tried out any of these different styles or created your own versions, please share them with us. We’d happy to feature you on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What are the best South Indian hairstyles for Sangeeth and Mehndi ceremonies?

Ans: Sangeeth and Mehndi events demand the bride to look traditional, but stylish at the same time. So, instead of sticking to the boring three-section braid or a high bun, experiment with half braids, curls, fishtail braids or even side swept hairstyles. You can add trendy accessories like floral clips, blingy stone pins or even fresh flowers to accentuate the hairdo.

Q2. Are there suitable South Indian hairstyles for short hair?

Ans: Although South Indian hairstyles usually demand medium or long length hair, there are tons of styles for short haired girls also. You can go for half braid and tuck the rest of your hair into a bun. Other easy styles include messy buns, twisted braids, chignon buns etc. which are sure to make you look ravishing.

Q3. How to wear the gajra in different ways for South Indian hairstyles?

Ans: A jasmine gajra clearly differentiates a South Indian hairstyle from other styles. This is a versatile accessory which can be worn in different ways to create a variety of looks. You can either tuck in your braid or roll it around your bun using bobby pins. For a full braid, twist the gajra all along the length and in the case of a half braid, use two pins and decorate the upper part of your hair.


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