South India is deeply rooted in cultural beliefs and traditions. One of the important elements in the ladies’ life is their mangalsutra. Nowadays, due to the culture of wearing thick, Gold Chain has been changed into a thin and simple designed chain with a simple Gold pendant. Mangalsutra for the women is not merely a fashion statement but a sacred thread that symbolises love, unison and respect for each other. It is an inevitable part of the South Indian culture and indicates wedlock. While the mangalsutra is common to all religions (Hindu, Christian and Muslim), their name differs, keeping the significance of the thread intact. The South Indian mangalsutra designs are designed differently depending on the people’s faith. The groom ties the mangalsutra to the bride amidst a crowd of relatives and deity images, in the backdrop of hymns and poojas.

Each bead in this South Indian mangalsutra gold chain design is considered auspicious and said to have divine powers. These beads signify protection from evil and the unison in terms of adversity. The idea of mangalsutra is deeply rooted in beliefs and is never compromised at any cost. With time, this South mangalsutra design has undergone rapid changes to suit daily wear and is also influenced by the latest fashion in town. Take a look.

To know more about the various design of Chain made from Gold and the black bead is discussed here in this Top 15 South Indian Mangalsutra designs. A brief knowledge about the various Mangalsutra design in South Indian states is pointed out, which will help ladies to decide which type of design and style will fit in.

Beautiful South Indian Style Mangalsutra Patterns with Images:

Let’s look at the top 15 South Indian Mangalsutra designs.

1. Lakshmi Coin Thali Design:

Gold Coins is famous as a pendant joined into the Gold chain and Gold kulaai (cylindrical design), or Lakshmi coin can be attached to the simple thin gold chain. One famous design is the Thick Kulaai design with the Lakshmi coin attached to it.

2. Plain Black Bead Gold Chain with Coral Mangalsutra:

This type of design is worn by Karnataka and Andhra, part of south Indian ladies. The coral loop with a single circular hollow gold piece is attached to the black bead long gold chain centre. South Indian mangalsutra designs are heavily inspired to be lightweight to promote wearing daily. It consists of a single, thin strand. It also has an infuse of gold and black beads that look attractive.

3. Black Bead With Gold Border Pendant Mangalsutra:

This design has gained popularity in all states of south India due to its excellent design and modest outlook. The black bead chain is designed into two strands with a Strip of gold attached to the side of the chain, giving the chain good stability and prevents against breakage due to daily usage. It is slightly heavy and is inspired to look simple.

4. Stone Studded Vaalai Poo Thali:

Vaalaipoo is a traditional South Indian design seen followed in Tamil Nadu. This is a small floral designed Gold piece with colourful Stone studded around the design. This design is attached to a thick golden rope or twisted design chain along with a Lakshmi coin.

5. Mugappu Mangalsutra Designed Chain:

The fashion of wearing thick rope or saradu chain has gone out of fashion. The ladies in south India are attracted towards Mugappu attached chains. This Mugappu is seen on the side of the chain, and it comes in various designs. The most famous design is the peacock and floral pattern. The Mugappu is highlighted by ruby, and American diamond stones or a simple circle design studded Kemp stones.

6. Ela or Leaf Designed Pendant Thali Design:

Ela or the leaf design symbolizes the banana leaf, which supports the whole tree; this meaning is brought out in the Mangalsutra design. The thali guides the couple to have a healthy and strong life. The leaf design by Christians in Kerala is called Minnu. It is plain, simple, and extremely lightweight and can wear daily.

7. Filigree Designed Pendant with Bead Gold Chain:

Filigree design has gained popularity due to its simple and delicate design. The designs are very artistic and carved by using high-end machines, and the technique used behind them is extraordinary. The pendant size can vary from small to big according to the chain’s thickness.

8. Hanging Stone Studded Pendant Mangalsutra Design:

Stone studded designs vary famous when compared to plain gold designs nowadays. The fact that Mangalsutra has now become a fashion guided by religious belief. Due to enhancing the developing trend stone designed Mangalsutra are abundant. The stones can be colourful, crystals and American diamonds.

9. Diamond Studded Mangalsutra:

Be it a single stone pendant or two diamond-studded pendants, the result is marvellous compared to other stones. The diamonds can be either cut or uncut diamonds. But since Mangalsutra is a religious effect, elder’s choose diamonds with the help of a gemologist. In case of the budget is not your constraint, go for this attractive diamond studded South Indian mangalsutra gold chain design.

10. Karthamani Pathak Mangalsutra:

Karthamani Pathak is an authentic Coorg design made from a black bead chain made from thread, silver, or gold. The chain is highlighted by a Gold Pathak designed pendant with coral attached on the sides. The length of the chain is usually not long; it falls just below the neckline.

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11. Yellow Thread with Goddess Symbol Pendant Thirumangalyam:

Yellow thread is considered sacred worn by the south Indian part, mostly in Tamil Nadu and Andhra. The yellow thread is considered as a Goddess Lakshmi, and turmeric powder is applied onto the thread. The Mangalsutra is represented by various God and Goddess forms like Meenakshi Amman, Lord Shiva or The symbol which denotes Lord Tirupati Balaji.

12. Plain Bottu Thirumangalyam Design:

Plain Bottu is a circular gold design that resembles the Bindi design placed on the forehead. This type of design is followed by ladies in Andhra Pradesh. It is tagged along with the chain along with coral and black beads. Try out this simple South Indian style mangalsutra that is lightweight.

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13. Double Strand Black Bead Designed Chain with Two Vati:

Two strand chains have gained their attention due to their durability. Since Mangalsutra is worn as a daily jewel piece, it is best to wear a thick, designed chain. To this chain, a semicircular Gold designed vati is attached. The vati is designed with an enamel coating, giving a colourful outlook. This is the popular south Indian mangalsutra design.

14. Modernized Mangalsutra Short Chain Mangalsutra Design:

This simple and beautiful mangalsutra design can be worn with any outfit, your churidar or the western outfit. It is beautiful and truly elegant. With that in mind, ladies can wear this short, simple Gold chain with blackhat is found in the middle or as the centrepiece. Its lightweight property makes it ideal for wearing.

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15. Three Strand Black Bead Gold Chain Mangalsutra Design:

Three-strand Mangalsutra appears more like a necklace worn as a party wear jewel piece. This design is made from the Gold chain with an intermediate black bead design. The black beads are worn to prevent any evil eye effect. The infuse of black and gold will make it look attractive and is the latest South Indian mangalsutra design in gold. The three stands make it look beautiful and will hardly look like a mangalsutra when you wear it.

The tradition of wearing Mangalsutra has streamlined line due to the new modernized that attracts the ladies. The three-strand Mangalsutra design is worn as an alternative Mangalsutra chain since it comes in a lightweight pattern that is recommended for daily wear. Mangalsutra has made its identity like how Europeans wear Ring after their wedding.


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