Spa treatments are the most relaxing getaways for you in the world today, because of the constant strain on the mind and the physical body people are constantly looking for a way to get some rest or better yet get the peace they have been searching for. Even in the confines of your homes nowadays you will not get the peace you desire what with the constant upkeep and family issues you need to resolve. There is no better way than a spa treatment that will help you get back on your feet refreshed and ready to take on the world with whatever it has to offer.

Best Spa Treatments In India:

In India itself there are several thousand spa treatments available now your only problem is how to deem the good from the best because at the end of the day 6 you want your money’s worth, so to understand clearly which spa treatments are the best, the top 12 spa treatments in India for both men and women are listed below-

1. Wildflower Hall Spa, Shimla:

This spa in shimla is one of the most well known spas in India. For centuries, the mighty Himalayas have inspired awe and awakened in the souls of everyone who encountered their greatness. This fairy tale resort offers a tranquil sanctuary in these mighty mountains. The Oberoi Spa at the resort offers holistic treatments based on Ayurveda, enjoy the Jacuzzi or leisurely walks in the vast variety of parks available in this great resort. There is no end to the peace and tranquility that you will receive from this amazing place. It is truly the best spa in India.

2. Ananda In The Himalayas, Hrishikesh:

The Hrishikesh Mountains are home to many diverse and wonderful varieties of nature and beauty, one of these great areas of hrishikesh are home to the well known ananda spa. It is truly a great wonder of India and many people not only in India but from around the world visit the Himalayas to bathe in the services provided by ananda. Like the wildflower spa even the ananda mainly deals in ayurvedic treatments that bring you in touch with your soul. So if you are in search of enlightenment and perhaps want to become at one with your soul then the ananda is a great place to visit.

3. Kaya Kalp, The Royal Spa. Agra:

Agra is well known for its taj mahal and because of the taj mahal the city has adopted a more royal outlook and to match this outlook the kaya kalp royal spa has been created. This spa not only gives you an insight into the heritage of India but provides exemplary spas treatments that completely heal any stress and discrepancies that you might have. This royal spa is proudly a part of itc hotels and is part of the itc branch in Agra.

4. Maya Spa Kumarakom, Kerala:

The Maya spa is the most well renowned spa in Kerala and has a array of extremely helpful services that keep you healthy and help you to remove all worldly stress. The variety of services that maya spa includes are Ayurveda, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and other such treatments that will make you feel like a new and improved human being when you leave the spa. the maya spa is truly one of the best spas in India where treatments are concerned and give you the best possible treatment that you desire. The staff is experienced and the environment is suitable for stress relief. Along with all these services maya spa has an extravagant collection of gardens and cottages where you can stay and avail the luxurious services the place has to offer.

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5. Jiva Spa, Udaipur:

This particular spa is part of the taj group of hotels and that just shows the quality of services that this spa has to offer. Jiva spa has a group of professional employees that are there to cater to your needs and provide you with the best spa treatments in India which include hydro and aroma therapy. Meditation sessions are held every day to help the people align with their souls.

6. Sereno Spa, Goa:

Many people visit goa to get away from the rigidness of life. To let lose to let go and just enjoy a good break. But for some people who require a quieter aesthetic environment where they can just unravel and let go then sereno spa in goa is the best. With a wide variety of treatments the sereno spa specialists in treatments such as aroma therapy and have a very relaxed routine for all their customers. You can stay over and enjoy the meditation sessions at the crack of dawn or just book a good ayurvedic session. There is nothing the staff of sereno is not trained for.

7. Jiva Spa, Cochin:

Another of the taj hotel group this is another branch of the many jiva spas and provides the same high quality service as all the other jiva spas in India.

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8. Amattra Spa, New Delhi:

The amattra spa mainly specializes in traditional methods of therapy. This includes ayurvedic sessions, meditation and other treatments. The amattra spa gives you a feeling like you are cut away from the world and connecting to nature.

9. Quan Spa, Mumbai:

The quan spa is a perfect deluge to the busy city of Mumbai. It is quite a famous spa in India and has a large variety of extremely well defined treatments that will help you treat your mind body and soul. The quan spa boasts of its ability to bring about peace in your life. It takes you away from your busy life and introduces you to a calmer world, a world that earlier you did not feel.

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10. Amarvilas spa, Agra:

Agra is home to yet another spa that is country renowned. Amarvilas has a large area of land filled with parks, gardens quiet cottages and most importantly the spa. the spa is the most sanctified part of amarvilas and has no equal to the great ayurvedic services they provide.

11. The Oberoi, Gurgaon: Golden Glow Facial:

This spa deals in the cosmetic side of treatment as well. Facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and many more. The list keeps going when it comes to the services that this spa has to offer.

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12. Myrah Spa, Mumbai: Jasmine And Caviar Body Spa:

The jasmine and caviar body spa is not only country renowned they are world-renowned. they deal in two specialty treatments specifically and this includes the jasmine body treatment and caviar body treatment. Other than this you can also avail their other services which include hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, facials, foot massage and so on. None of these treatments differs in quality and you are rest assured you will receive more than what you have paid for.

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