Are you living in hot climate areas and looking to wear something suitable for such weather! Do short sleeve tops attract you the most! Here we are with a new revolutionary tops design getting keenly popular among the women, especially the teens of the colleges and working women. The spaghetti top has gained the attraction of the women section in just a short time span. Wondering what is spaghetti tops design is!

Latest Styles in Spaghetti Tops for Women:

Here is a quick look at the amazing spaghetti tops designs one should have for a wonderful wardrobe.

1. Simple Spaghetti Top for Women:

A quite common design in this category is the simple spaghetti tank top which is plain and made from cotton. The top is available in various colours, making it a perfect match for any coloured jeans or pants. They have a proper grip on the waists giving a length till the thighs.

2. Chiffon Spaghetti Tops for Girls:

Want a clumsy style to wear, especially on the beaches! A chiffon style spaghetti top for girls is a popular design. The top is also given border work on the neckline, which is quite cute to wear jeans or shorts. Made from chiffon, the top has loose-fitting, which gives a medium-sized figure benefits.

3. Tank Top Design Spaghetti:

Looking for something unique in the tank tops design! A new spaghetti tank top design is what you are looking for. The top is made from cotton or wool, giving amazing tribal prints for a drowsy effect. Such tops have a proper fitting with the neck and the waist, suitable for high waist jeans and shorts.

4. Crochet Black Spaghetti Top:

Want to look a bit sexy for your date! Or want to grab the attention of someone special to you! Try a black spaghetti top design made from cotton and is coated with a crochet design. The tops give floral lines as a cover, and the waist section is given a net look with a similar effect.

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5. Back Design Spaghetti String Top:

Love wearing strips design! Or want to wear a spaghetti design with a catchy back! Try a black spaghetti top design made from cotton full of strips. The top is ideal for a perfect figure with two simple strips on the shoulder.

6. Trendy Spaghetti Tops for Girls:

Are you fashion conscious! Then here is a new design for you. The neon colour is quite trendy these days with loose spaghetti tops designs. The top is made with loose stretchable material, attached with two simple strings on the shoulders. It is given flaws at the end for a cute look. The top is also carried for swimming on beaches.

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7. Women’s Printed Spaghetti Top:

Printed tops are much more seen on the summer days and for regular wear. The printed neck fit spaghetti tops are also widely seen on jeans and pants. The top is made from cotton and several prints with a string belt on the waist. The shoulder is left bare as the top carries neck fitting.

8. Loose Spaghetti Top Design:

A new trendy design in the spaghetti style is the loose top design. The top is made similar to a bag with string on the shoulders and deep back. Made from cotton, the top has a length till the thighs. It is broad from the sides and hence is suitable over a tank top also matching jeans, shorts or pants.

9. Cotton Spaghetti Strap Top Short:

An amazing and funky spaghetti tops design for women is the cotton strap design. The top is made from hard cotton material or thick cotton. The top is given a proper chest fitting till the waist with tiny charms hanging below to give your belly a funky look.

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Spaghetti tops are getting much popularity due to their design which gives a bare shoulder to attract the attention of others. They are designed so that they give a suitable look for women with heavy bodies. The girls, much like the design of the strip during travelling. They give much comfort to the wearer due to their flexibility.

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