Top 9 Spikey Hairstyles For Men

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spikey hairstyles for men

Spiked hairstyles can vary from person to person. They are quite customizable and can be done so based on the occasion. To suit you every occasion and need, here’s a list of the top 9 spiked hairstyles for men.

Most Popular Spikey Hairstyles For Men:

1. Medium Spikes:

Medium spikes

Spikes like this look great on medium length hair. All you need to do is part you hair on both sides leaving a significant volume of hair in the middle. Now, blow dry the hair in the middle and apply some hair cream to it. After you have done that, brush them upwards and style them into spikes and to set the styled spikes in place apply a medium hold styling gel. To finish off with styling, you can apply some hairspray in the end.

2. Side Trimmed Spikes:

Side trimmed spikes

The hair in the middle is spiked up just as it is done in the hairstyle mentioned above. The only difference is that the hair on either side, instead of just being brushed down, is trimmed. The trimmed hair does a great job of accentuating the spikes even more thus giving an illusion of even a greater elevation and volume.

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3. Tousled Spikes:

Tousled spikes

Apply a minimum amount of hair gel to your hair and bare handedly style your hair in this fashion for that messy feel. This hairstyle not only is cool nut also reflects funkiness and is highly charismatic. With this hairstyle, you are sure to turn a few heads among the crowd.

4. CR7 Spikes:

CR7 spikes

We have seen CR7 donning on many different hairstyles on and off field. This particular hairstyle is famous from the times when he used to play for Manchester United. This spikey up-do is entirely constructed from short hair. The hair on the sides are further trimmed while the hear on the posterior side is kept long till the neck. This is an ideal example of sporty, cool, funky and sexy all combined and served in one plate!

5. Side Swept Spikes:

Side swept spikes

The spikes in this hairstyle portray volume and hair thickness. The spikes are different though; unlike other spike hairstyles, the hair in this hairstyle is spiked with brush strokes that are angular rather than straight up. This also gives a kind of a wavy feel to the hair and adds classiness to the look.

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6. Extreme Funk Spikes:

Extreme funk spikes

For men who relate funk with nothing other than spikes, this hairstyle is in total agreement with you. Though spiky hair can prove to be utterly professional, this spikey up-do is the one that is pure funk and shouts PARTY! The extreme spikes in this case can be pretty difficult to manage since they are longer than usual and hence need a significant amount of styling gel in order for them to remain set up in their place and behave properly.

7.  The David Beckham Spikes:

The David Beckham spikes

In contradiction to the hairstyle above, this hairstyle portrays the professionalism that can be achieved by spiky hairstyles. Completely styles with short hair and a bit of hair cream and standard hold gel, this hairstyle is perfect for that upcoming professional meeting.

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8. One-Side Trimmed Parted Medium Spikes:

One-side trimmed parted medium spikes

Hair is trimmed on one side only rather than on both the sides in this uber cool hairstyle. The parting of the hair is made very prominent and the spikes are waved using angular brush strokes and a barrel curler. It is recommended that you approach a hairstylist for this look.

9. Mohawk Spikes:

Mohawk spikes

Though this haircut is not a Mohawk, the pattern of the spikes resembles a Mohawk. The hair on either side is kept short (not trimmed very short)while the hair in the middle is kept medium in height and is spiked all along to give that Mohawk-y feel to this unique piece of hairstyle.

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