Want to get a beautiful tattoo but afraid of the pain it gives while getting it inked! Yes, most people wish to have a tattoo; however, the pain eliminates the idea from their minds. For such people, here is the best opportunity to get themselves their favourite design through spine tattoos. The tattoos are dedicated towards the spine with less pain. These types of spine tattoos are the most up-to-date pattern thoughts for both men and women too.

Cute Spine Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women:

Here is some attractive back spine tattoo design for you to select from,

1. Lotus Spinal Tattoo:

Lotus gives the best spinal tattoo for the back to the girls. The tattoo also carries a few Sanskrit letters giving out a slogan in the form of the stem of the lotus. The design is made in black and grey colours with amazing shades.

2. Tribal Spinal Tattoo:

The tribal spine tattoos made with the help of thin lines give a completely different look to the viewer and the inker. The design is given a realistic touch as it carries the design of a spinal cord in the perfect place where it actually lies.

3. Chakra Spinal Cord Tattoo:

The flowers highly inspire female spine tattoos. The flowers are given the shape and texture of the chakras, which come in different shapes with parallel line. Designed in black, they give a charming look to the inker.

4. Arrow Compass Cord Tattoo:

Girl spine tattoos give a beautified look to their youth. The tattoo is made with a compass that is centralized with an arrow in a designer way. The tattoo carries the features of both a compass and an arrow.

5. Black Dots Spinal Tattoo:

Want to have a simple tattoo on the spine! Here is a simplified design that would surely be adored by you. The tattoo is made with several small dots in black in a single straight line that represents the actual spinal cord. It catches the attention of viewers; try this to get good comments.

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6. 3D Spinal Tattoo:

Spine tattoos men’s designs can be given an artistic touch with a 3D pattern. The back is given a scenario in which the spinal cord is shown on the back as if it is tired off with hands coming out and eyes shining in between for a dangerous look.

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7. Polynesian Spine Tattoo:

The tattoo designs for the spinal cord in this design are made with a Polynesian touch that involves small henna designs and Celtic tribal designs as well. The designs when combined from a diamond shape sword design on the back in black.

8. Music Life Spine Tattoo:

Cute spine tattoos are given an inspirational touch that shows the attachment of the inker to music. The tattoo is made with a combination of lifeline, words and headset. The line expresses that music is the lifeline of the inker.

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9. Butterfly Spine Tattoo:

Small spine tattoos always give a charismatic look to the spinal cord area. And a butterfly would enhance the look of such tattoos. The tattoo is made with black ink with grey shades in the centre.

Spine tattoos are mostly carried with fascinating designs like butterflies, stars, dots, swords, compass, heena designs, and much more that complete the look of the back effectively. The tattoo is carried on the centre of the back of the spine which makes it less painful.

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