As you start getting used to meditation, you go afar from the worldly materials and emotions and draw closer to yourself. You start discover your inner soul and you want to connect to God, and experience of within you. You will realize that your joy, well being, peace, etc. all lies within you and they get an opportunity to come into existence when you give them that importance through meditation.

Best Techniques for Spiritual Meditation:


As we bring attention to breathing, we start removing attention from the worldly things. The mind starts feeling calm and we have no ego left. We start thinking deep and then the spiritual mind arises within us. This is when we connect to God.

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1. Sit comfortably and choose a place of solitude. If you are a mere beginner, try and cut down all sorts of distraction as you need to concentrate.

2. Close your eyes and feel yourself to be comfortable enough to start.

3. Breathe and follow your breath. You might find it to fluctuate as sometimes it could be fast, sometimes slow and sometimes deeps. Don’t worry, it is pretty natural.

4. If thoughts start flowing in just draw your attention to breathing. Don’t try to pull or push the air coming in and out. Let your body breathe in its own speed.

5. Air and breath are a reflection of Spirit. As we breathe in and out we feel very good and relaxed. We have a feeling of gratitude for it and gratitude open the path to healing, light and love.

6. More and more practice would make you get deeper into the spiritual side of meditation. You will feel stillness in your mind and you will more calm and composed.


In spiritual meditation it is very important to realize that there is no past that you hold back or future which you worry about. Your focus is in the present moment and you need to let go of time and stress on the stillness of the moment only. This is when your spirit starts feeling pure. You are drawn to light, love, peace and happiness.

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1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Start breathing and concentrate.
2. Lay all your fears and worries aside. Forget all that you need to think and tax your brain with.
3. Picture a table in front of your and lay all your troubles and burdens on the one above.
4. Forget who you are, forget what people think about you.
5. You would now feel that you have been newly born, you have to past memories and there isn’t any future to think about.
6. If there is any concerns arising just focus on the table and let them not get on your mind.
7. Let it be a quiet time where you just want to feel safe with God. There might be a sense of strain, but you need to let it go.

Chanting Phrases:

This spiritual meditation is powerful to attain the peacefulness of God at any time of the day and in any situation. You just need to sit quietly and chant a few mantras. All of us come across experiences when we are out of balance, upset, depressed, frustrated, etc. due to various reasons. You can simple speak these out, and calm your mind:

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  • ‘My mind is a part of God’s. I am holy.’
  • ‘There is nothing my holiness cannot do.’
  • ‘God goes with me wherever I go.’
  • ‘God is the Mind with which I think.’
  • ‘I am sustained by the God of Love.’
  • ‘I rest in God.

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