We all know that humans have been inking tattoos of different designs on their bodies for thousands of years. Now people are inking tattoos of different types of designs compared to tattoos of spiritual designs that were inked in the past. But the trend is still inking spiritual tattoos on their body. There are many spiritual tattoo designs available compared to other tattoo designs. In the old times, spiritual tattoos were used as a safeguard that protected people against the evil power.

Simple Spiritual Tattoo Designs:

Here are some spiritual symbol tattoos available,

1. Lotus Spiritual Tattoo:

The lotus flower is known for its purity; that’s why it is in the hands of most of our Hindu gods. In earlier times, people used to get the lotus tattoo design inked on their bodies as a symbol of spirituality. They can be considered small spiritual tattoos.

2. Om Spiritual Tattoo:

These are considered the most popular and simple spiritual tattoos. It is a very auspicious word in Hindu mythology. It is the symbol of peace and unity. This tattoo is the one that comes in the traditional tattoo.

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3. Cross Spiritual Tattoo:

It can be called the Christian tattoo. The cross tattoo is also a reminder of God’s eternal love, redemptive power and saving grace.

4. Water Symbol Tattoo Design in Spiritual:

Water is a vital, life-giving force in nearly all of the world’s religious traditions. It can be considered a cool spiritual tattoo that gives a person peace and happiness. You will get all in one in this design. It indicates earth, air as well as a fire symbol too.

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5. Lord Ganesh Spiritual Tattoo:

We all know that God Ganesh is known for their elephant head and the human body. God Ganesh is also called the Lord of Beginnings. So the spiritual meaning tattoos of Ganesh inked on a body are considered the symbol of removing all obstacles and happenings of all good things.

6. Triquetra Spiritual Tattoo:

The triquetra is one of the most popular designs for tattoos. It is also called a Trinity Knot and has a very spiritual meaning. It also represents eternity. Christians see this tattoo as the symbol of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

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7. Dove Spiritual Tattoo:

The dove is a cute little bird that is loved by all. People also ink dove tattoos, and it is considered the symbol of love, peace, and harmony. Many men and women wear dove tattoos.

8. Tree Spiritual Tattoo:

The tree is considered a sacred reminder of the relationships in life. As the tree has branches and all, in the same way, is the relationship between parent and child.

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9. Spiritual Tribal Tattoo:

Spiritual tribal tattoos are captivating designs that can be small or big. Different tribal spiritual tattoo symbols represent love, peace, happiness, family, or anything. You will get this design either on your one hand, or you can try it on your legs too. This indicates positivity towards your attitude.


Spiritual tattoos are tattoos that have a profound meaning. So these were some spiritual tattoos and their meanings. So we conclude that tattoos have been a trend since old times, and all spiritual tattoos symbolize something or the other. Spiritual tattoos can also be considered a superstition that old days people used to follow the captivating design, remove some harmful effects, and bring positive energy to the people.

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