Purchasing a ductless air conditioner affordably brings in air conditioning to a home, plus a split system permit buyers to cool the whole house, not presently a room. The split air conditioners install simply devoid of an HVAC system plus often cool upwards of 600 square feet by one cooling zone install. Whereas the primary cost is high, nearly all are Eco-friendly, energy proficient, plus result in lower energy bills than window models, that only chill one room. Here we given list of best split air conditioners which are available in India with their features and prices for you.

Best Split Air Conditioner Brands In India:

1. GREE Terra Series Split Air Conditioners:

It is rated up to 27 SEER energy efficiency, and up to 60 percent savings in energy usage, plus equipped by a low power inverter, the GREE Terra is perfect for saving on heating plus cooling. The Terra features cooling, heating, four-way airflow, plus a photocatalytic air filter to decrease the quantity of bacteria plus air contaminates coming into the home.

2. Videocon Split Air Conditioners:

Videocon there to you its mainly desired range of Split Air Conditioners. Cutting edge technology is utilized to offer you a perfect cooling knowledge. Its Vita Air feature fills the air by Vitamin C that alleviates the skin plus has therapeutic profit. A devoted active carbon filter helps you uphold a germ free environment. Moreover, its newest WI-FI, Air conditioners are an ideal blend of innovation plus technology.

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3. Haier Split Air Conditioner:

Single of the leading split air conditioner brands in India is the Chinese brand, Haier that brings a extensive range of consumer goods as well as washing machines plus refrigerators, besides air conditioners, together window and split. Dependability, affordability plus low electricity expenditure are the key profit of buying this brand.

4. Godrej Split Air Conditioner:

It is single of the oldest brands in consumer electronic in the Indian market is Godrej, which is acclaimed for its brilliant features, power saving, great later than sale service plus affordable price range, that starts at 26990 for 1.5 ton. Godrej has made split Acs reasonable for still common people.

5. Blue Star Air Conditioner:

The Indian brand Blue Star comes next, offering tough competition to global giants on the list. The supposed brand was recognized in 1943 plus has its branches all above the country, besides delivery plus service centers in some international locations like UK, Malaysia plus Singapore. The price range falls between Rs 22000 and Rs 105000.

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6. Electrolux Split Air Conditioner:

Electrolux is a worldwide leader in household appliances plus appliances for proficient use. The company sells extra than 50 million products above 150 markets each year. As far as air conditioners are concerned it makes both split plus window air conditioners. It arrive by an oxyguard -that is a exclusive three stage filter in window ac providing big cooling at reasonable prices plus its split air conditioners are prepared by air cleaning technology.

7. Volta’s 183 CY 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Air Conditioner:

Volta’s AC’s is also one of the best brands in Split AC. Even though you obtain a big LCD display at the front, however looks like it was forced to obtain fitted there. The rated cooling ability of a 4900 Watts guarantee sufficient power to create you feel chilling on the hottest day of the summer.

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8. Daikin LV Series Split Air Conditioners:

It involves two designs for moreover wall otherwise duct mounting; the Daikin LV series caters to anybody who wants to fit mini split air conditioner units wherever they are most suitable. The Daikin features 24.5 SEER energy economies, quiet action by economy mode, plus heating or else cooling by night style for supple air comfort.

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9. Hitachi Air Conditioner:

This is one a new split AC brand that has earn itself the status of leading player in the Indian market in 2015 is the Japanese Giant named Hitachi that uses cutting edge technology for offering exceptional cooling plus is priced in a reasonable range. Price of 1.5 ton split AC starts at Rs.33990.

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