9 Latest & Fashionable Designs of Sport Blazers for Men

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Sport blazers are not like the usual blazers. They are more casual and are worn with casual outfits. What make these blazers more appealing are their designs and styles. There are various types of styles in which you can wear a sports blazer. They are made mostly casual but yet formal. They have always been in fashion and have emerged over the time. These blazers give a cool yet royal look.

Stylish and Attractive Sport Blazers Designs for Gents in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 sport blazers.

1. Checked Pattern Sports Blazer:

sport blazers

This is the most wanted sports blazer. The design on the blazer is evergreen. Checks fashion gives a smart look when worn. It can be worn with casuals. Jeans will look good with it, although it also gives a semi formal look.

2. Sport Blazers with Elbow Patches:

Sports Blazer with Elbow Patches

These types of blazers are always in fashion. The elbow patch gives the blazer a royal look, which is different from the rest of the blazers. It can be worn with jeans or formal pants. Its design is unique and adds more elegance to its look.

3. Winter Wear Sports Blazer:

Winter wear Sports Blazer-3

This is the blazer which is mostly worn in winters. They also give casual look and are mostly worn with jeans and casual outfits. These blazers give a modern and simple look. Boys would like to dress up like this in winters which keep them in fashion as well as sever the purpose of being warm.

4. Party Time Sports Blazer:

Party Time Sports Blazer

Who said sport blazers can’t be worn at parties? The designs may be casual but they can be worn at parties as well. They also have party looks and can be great outfit to wear. Not to casual not too formal. There are various designs in this category which depends upon your choice.

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5. Slim Fit Sports Blazer:

Slim Fit Sports Blazer

These blazers are very trending, with the body fitting garment it looks very smart when worn. The slim fit of these blazers gives it a cool look and can be worn easily with any outfit. The coat like look makes it more stylish to wear. Men wearing this slim fit sports blazer look very dashing and cool.

6. Semi-Formal Sports Blazer:

Semi-formal sports blazer

These are the blazers which have the best of two. It not gives you a formal look but also a casual one. It can be worn with jeans and a formal shirt inside. It is perfect combination of semi-formal look. It can be worn at sports events or meetings, etc.

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7. Casual Sports Blazer:

Casual Sports Blazer

This is the most casual blazer in the sports category. It is a bit long and has a baggy look. It gives a casual look when worn. It is best suited for mid age men who do not want to look too young trying to indulge in fashion yet keeping up with the trend.

8. Polo Style Sport Blazer:

Polo Style Sport Blazer

These blazers are strictly made for playing sports. The well known sport polo is played wearing this sport blazer. The design and cuts of the blazer are just amazing. It may look like a uniform but it is actually a sports blazer. It looks very elegant and sharp. It is mostly worn at polo sports events or other sports events. It gives a complete formal look.

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9. Velvet Style Sport Blazer:

Velvet Style Sport Blazer

This blazer is also worn at the sports ground. It gives a formal yet casual look and goes best with light shades of formal pants. The velvet pattern used in this blazer gives the person a complete different look. It can also be worn at parties and events.

There are so many ways in which a sports blazer can be worn. There are different styles, patterns, designs, etc to carry sports blazers. One of the best thing about these blazers are they are not completely formal. They can be worn with casual outfits as well. Try a new look. Without being completely formal try a different style. These all styles look good on men and give you so many new look.

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