Sandals are basically open footwear, consisting of a sole held to the foot by straps passing over the instep, the arched part between toes and ankle or around the ankle. Sports Sandals are used in hot and tropical climates, usually having a robust rubber outsole and a softer foam insole. Sports sandals are usually shaped to support the arch shape of the foot.

Latest Branded Sports Sandals for Boys and Girls:

The straps are made of polyester or nylon in a webbed manner for quick drying after an activity or excess perspiration. Here we will have a look into the top 9 Sports Sandal designs.

1. Black Sports Sandals:

The classic black sports sandals are one of the best to sport by men of all age groups. They are comfortable with wide straps for better grip and comfort and also are really easy to carry off. They can be paired with nice cargo, three-fourths or just plain track pants for any sport or outdoor activity.

2. Adidas Red and Black Floaters:

Also known as floaters, these sports sandals from the well-known brand, Adidas are for men. They are colour demarcated with red sole and black insides. They look really sturdy and the straps are also quite firm and give a nice grip to the wearer apart from the proper cushioning.

3. Slide Sports Sandals:

Not the regular sports sandals, but these are different in style and pattern. There are no separate straps holding the foot arch, toes and ankle, but only a slider strap in the foot arch for easy use of the sandal. These can be for children, youngsters and also for the elderly. As the sandals have a slider, it is easy and comfortable for even everyday wear as well as for other activities.

4. Puma Green Sports Sandals:

Coming from a well-known international brand like Puma, these light green coloured triple-strapped sports sandals are a must-have for men for all outdoor activities or any other sports activity. These are really sturdy in appearance, and the straps are securely stitched to the sole, giving extra grip to the wearer.

5. Nike White Beach Sandals:

Image Source: Nike

For beach and any seaside activities, these pristine white-coloured branded beach sports sandals from Nike are just perfect.  They have a bath shower mat-like sole for better grip in water and sand, and also, as these are slip-on in the pattern, they are super comfortable to use.

6. Teva Pink Sports Sandals:

Image Source: Teva

Can women be left behind when it comes to sports sandals? These super awesome-looking pink Teva sports sandals are exclusively for women. They are uniquely designed keeping in mind the shape of women’s feet and are made comfortable inside out. These pink sports sandals can be used for almost any outdoor activity.

7. Thong Sports Sandals:

Thong sandals are very popular among women for the comfortable straps and the feel-good factor in the feet wearing the same. So thongs incorporated into a sports sandal have straps that are not very thick and heavy but really thin yet sturdy for a great grip and light feel to the feet.

8. Puma Sports Sandals for Women:

Perfect for any outdoor activity, these internationally branded Puma sports sandals in bright red are a must-have for any woman who loves the outdoors and sports. They don’t exactly look like sandals, but they are in the form of a sports shoe sandal with a cover for the heel, which gives the wearer a better grip while playing any sport.

9. Sports Sandals for Girls:

These unique sports sandals are for multipurpose use on the beach, outdoors, walking, hiking, biking, etc. These sports sandals have the look of a shoe but are not fully covered. There are multiple straps in the sandals for extra grip for girls so they don’t trip around or have a nasty fall. They come in various colours and look stylish too for young girls. They are very comfortable as summer wear too as the sandals are breathable.

Sports sandals are very much in fashion these days for the comfort associated with them and the ease of wearing them. They come in various designs and patterns and can be chosen according to one’s requirements and purpose. Men, boys, elders, women as well as girls and teenagers are flaunting the Sports Sandals look these days and are creating a fashion trend in them.

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