Sprouting is the method of letting grains, legumes, and beans germinate a bit. The tender sprouts that emerge from the seeds are very healthy and full of nutrients. You can sprout many different seeds like radish, alfalfa, mung beans, etc. Having bean sprout pregnancy-related nutrition is a good choice. You get all the necessary nutrients which are great for your baby as well. Alfalfa sprouts pregnancy nutrition value is also really high. Brussel sprouts pregnancy nutrition is one of the highest but not many mothers love the taste of these. So choose from a variety of nutritious and tasty sprouts during pregnancy.

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Nutritional Value of Sprouts:

Sprouts are a powerhouse of great nutrients. They contain vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, protein, and enzymes. Sprouts are full of oxygen and help fight against bacteria. They have Vitamins like A, B, C and E and also fatty acids which are highly nutritious. Sprouts are also known to be low calorie and so they keep your weight in check too.

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Is it Safe to Eat Sprouts While Pregnancy?

The only problem with raw sprouts is that it may contain harmful bacteria. As the bacteria can get inside the seeds and then be present in the newly generated sprout, it can easily enter your bloodstream. Some of the bacteria that can be present are E-Coli, Salmonella and also Listeria. You can easily get an outbreak of some disease by consuming the raw sprouts laden with bacteria. So it is not advisable to eat raw sprouts during pregnancy. Cook them well and then eat them.

Benefits of Eating Sprouts During Pregnancy:

The benefits of eating sprouts during pregnancy are many and can be absorbed by the mother and the baby. It is very easy to sprout and cheap too so this helps mothers maintain a healthy lifestyle while pregnant. The vitamins in sprouts that include A, B, C, and even E are a must for the mother and the baby. Any kind of abnormal growth in the cells of the baby can be reduced by taking in the increased amount of oxygen that sprouts have. Sprouts are a great source of nutrition for the mother as they have a higher number of healthy enzymes to fight the free radicals.

Effects of Eating Sprouts During Pregnancy:

Just as it is mentioned above, sprouts can have a wonderful healthy advantage to a mother’s life. Eating sprouts are normally done in two ways – raw or cooked. A healthy person can eat sprouts in any way. Raw sprouts need to be clean and grown in hygienic conditions though. For expecting mothers this is not a good idea. Here we tell you – are sprouting well during pregnancy.

Sprouts for pregnant women must be consumed boiled, steamed or well cooked. In this form, the sprouts are a great choice to add to your diet chart. The nutrition that the sprouts give you is immense. These factors help in the growth and the development of the baby as well. Each of the benefits that the sprouts give the mother will indirectly reach the baby. Cell generation is better when oxygen levels are high and they reach the baby. This leads to a healthy baby being born without any complications. All the vitamins in sprouts are great for the overall wellbeing of the mother and the baby. When sprouts are well cooked and eaten, they are easily absorbed by the system and chances of any infection are negated.

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Raw Sprouts:

Sprouts for expecting mothers should never be raw. This is the only way in which sprouts should not be given to pregnant ladies. As raw sprouts can contain bacteria, this can be harmful to both the mother and the baby. The bacteria actually are present in the seeds itself and if these are not cleaned thoroughly they then grow into the sprout. This way it is consumed by a person and the harmful bacteria enter your system. These can cause miscarriages or stillbirth which is a major problem for mothers. The problem with raw sprouts can also be seen in mothers and their health.

Precaution to Take While Eating Sprouts During Pregnancy:

Just as mentioned above, sprouts for pregnant women should be in the form of cooked or steamed sprouts. Boiled sprouts in pregnancy are the best bet for mothers and their babies. Cooked bean sprouts pregnancy nutrition levels are very high and perfect for the expecting mother and her growing baby. The precautions you need to take are simple. Do not buy ready sprouts from markets as they may be grown in unhygienic conditions and dirty water. Always sprout your beans at home with clean boiled water. Once sprouting is done, cook the sprouts by steaming, boiling or cooking in a dish.

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How to Include Sprouts to Pregnancy Diet?

There are several types of sprouts that you can have in your pregnancy diet. Always change the type of beans used so that you get a variety of flavors. Mung beans, green gram, alfalfa, radish are all types of beans that you can sprout easily at home. This gives you a nice flavor that can be added to dishes. Sprout a small quantity daily and consume them once ready.

Tips for Buying Sprouts:

Sprouts are made by placing seeds or beans in a container and then spraying them with water. This dampens the seeds and they start to germinate when closed. For pregnant women, it is always advisable to not buy ready sprouts as the water used for sprouting can be contaminated. So it is better to buy the raw seeds or beans and do the sprouting at home with clean water. Even when ordering food from outside, it is advisable to not order raw sprouts in any form.

Sprouts during pregnancy are a great way to keep healthy and active. These are wonder food sources that have several vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes. Sprouts can be boiled and steamed and turned into interesting dishes to keep the mothers happy. All the properties and the nutritional value of sprouts are sent indirectly to the baby and this helps in the healthy growth of the baby. So adding sprouts to your pregnancy diet is a great idea. Just be sure to grow the sprouts in hygienic conditions at home and always cook them well before eating.

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1. Homegrown or Ready Sprouts. Which is The Better Choice?

Ans: While normal healthy people can consume ready sprouts easily and not face problems, pregnant women are not advised to have them. The better choice for pregnant women is to grow the sprouts at home and have them immediately. Do not preserve the sprouts for too long either.

2. Which Sprout is a Better Choice for Pregnant Women?

Ans: There are several types of sprouts that you can grow easily at home. Each of them has the necessary nutrients and benefits. So no specific bean sprout is better than the other in terms of nutrition. The benefits of moong sprouts during pregnancy are the same as the benefits of alfalfa or radish.

3. Can a Pregnant Woman Eat Raw Sprouts?

Ans: No. A pregnant woman must not consume raw sprouts due to the dangers of bacterial contamination. There can be E-coli, salmonella as well as listeria poisoning in the sprouts that are not cooked. Once cooked, these bacteria are killed and so they become safe to eat. It is therefore highly advisable to cook the sprouts through steaming or boiling methods and then consume. You can add them in various dishes. If raw sprouts are topped on dishes, it is advisable to not eat the entire dish.


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