Sarees are a perfect outfit for Indian women to accentuate their looks and bring on beautiful feminine vibes. However, pairing it with the right fit and design blouse is crucial for an even and natural style statement. In the modern fashion world, these women’s wear blouses come in different varieties and looks; within them, a few sets of designs are considered versatile and timeless. The square neck blouse is one of them.

Square neck blouses are exquisite. They have a very catchy feminine statement look and a range of designs. So, if you are bored of the regular round-neck blouses yet want a similarly elegant and beautiful look, these blouses come in handy. And not just that, the square neckline, unlike others, also allows you to mix and match them with other outfits like lehengas. Are you interested to hear more? Read along for the square neck saree blouse models and trends this season.

Traditional Square Neck Blouse Designs in India:

Let’s look at the best and trendy blouse designs with square shape necks.

1. Square Neck Blouse with Beads:


This exquisite piece seamlessly combines timeless design with intricate embellishments, making it a must-have in any fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe. The square neckline adds a touch of modernity, framing the collarbone and accentuating the shoulders gracefully. Adorned with meticulously crafted beads, this blouse captures the light in a mesmerizing display, creating an enchanting shimmer with every movement.

2. Square Neck Mirror Work Blouse:

Step into a world of exquisite beauty and radiance with the square neck mirror work blouse. This enchanting creation seamlessly weaves tradition and modernity, captivating all with its timeless allure. Delicately adorned with intricate mirror work, this blouse becomes a masterpiece of artistry, reflecting the light in a mesmerizing dance of shimmer and shine. Each mirror is carefully placed, creating captivating patterns that exude elegance and grace.

3. White Square Neck Blouse:


The white square-neck blouse is the epitome of timeless elegance and versatility. Its clean and sophisticated design makes it a staple piece for any wardrobe. The square neckline adds a modern touch, beautifully framing the collarbone and shoulders. This classic blouse, dressed in a pristine white hue, is a versatile canvas for endless styling possibilities. Its simplicity and purity make it suitable for formal and casual occasions, ensuring you radiate confidence and style wherever you go.

4. Square Neck Silk Blouse:


Introducing the Square Neck Silk Blouse – a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. Crafted from luxurious silk, this blouse offers a delightful combination of sophistication and versatility. The square neckline adds a modern touch, creating a flattering frame for your upper body. With its smooth and lustrous texture, the silk fabric ensures a soft and indulgent feel against your skin.

5. Square Neck Cotton Blouse:


Discover the perfect blend of elegance and comfort with square-neck cotton blouse designs. These blouses feature a sophisticated square neckline, exuding timeless charm. Crafted from soft cotton fabric, they provide a light and breathable feel against the skin. Embrace the versatility of this design, whether for special occasions or everyday wear and elevate your style effortlessly. Experience the allure of square-neck cotton blouses and indulge in their simple yet captivating appeal.

6. Square Neck Lehenga Blouse:

Source: Instagram

We love this signature style if you want a designer wear inspiration square design blouse for a lehenga. The Anushree Reddy Design signature designer deep-square neck blouse features intricate and luxurious detailed embellishments that add colours and a plush look to the entire outfit. The blouse is versatile and can be worn with the lehenga or with designer wear sarees.

  • Design: Designer Pink Half-Sleeve Blouse
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Weddings, Reception
  • Body Shape Preferred: Thin, Pear
  • Suitable Outfit: Lehenga, Silk Or Georgette Sarees In Off-White/Green/Beige/Cream

7. Front Square Neck Blouse with Short Sleeves:

Source: Instagram

This front square neck blouse in golden colour is another mesmerizing choice. It accentuates your inner beauty and gives you a radiant glam quotient with beautiful looks. The blouse features deep embroidery and embellishments, giving it a luxurious, high-end feel. Further, the golden shade goes very well with multiple sarees.

  • Design: Golden Square Front Neck Blouse Design
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Weddings/Bridal
  • Body Shape Preferred: Thin, Hourglass
  • Suitable Outfit: Golden Lehenga/Gold Colour Saree; Designer Light Colour Sarees

8. Square Neck Floral Blouse:

Source: Instagram

How about a floral blouse design that comes with a square-cut neckline? We can never overcome floral designs, as they embed feminine beauty and romantic style statements. So now you can flaunt this perfect signature design with a lovely look in this blouse. The blouse gives a very elegant and glam feel with dreamy looks. It is a stunning piece, and if you have an eye for fashion, you must not miss it!

  • Design: Pink Floral Square Neck Blouse
  • Fabric: Polyester And Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Festive
  • Body Shape Preferred: Thin And Pear
  • Suitable Outfit: Floral Lehenga Or Organza Sarees

9. Square Back Neck Blouse:

Source: Instagram

Looking for fashionista feels? The deep-back blouses can never go wrong! We have this square deep back neck blouse in the line, and we love how exquisite and alluring the feel is. The designer-inspired blouse is a perfect match for your high-end luxury wear designs. It comes with intricate embellishments, gota Patti work, zardozi, and sequins, Which adds to the sophisticated feel. Pair it with a lehenga for a fantastic, radiant, and glamorous look.

  • Design: Pink Embellished Deep Square Neck Blouse
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Weddings, High-End Events
  • Body Shape Preferred: Thin And Hourglass, Pear
  • Suitable Outfit: Lehengas

10. Square Neck Puff Sleeve Blouse:


Are you looking for a lighter and more contemporary option? Well, we have that sorted too! The yellow puff-sleeve women’s blouse with a square neck is an attractive choice. The embroidered piece looks mesmerizing and lovely, with an elegant feel and glorious appearance. It is lightweight, easy to carry and versatile. The blouse is best worn with an organza lehenga or silk sarees.

  • Design: Yellow Puff Sleeve Square Neck Embroidered Blouse
  • Fabric: Chanderi
  • Occasion To Wear: Parties
  • Body Shape Preferred: Hourglass, Apple
  • Suitable Outfit: Organza Silk Lehenga Or Silk Sarees

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11. Square Neck Ruffle Blouse:


The ruffles and frills are here to stay in the fashion world. They are timeless and always let you stay on top of the fashion game. Like the all-time favourite ruffle dresses, we even have ruffle blouses. This gold crushed ruffle blouse is a perfect pick in this segment. The multipurpose blouse fits in with various outfits and gives you a mesmerizing and eye-catching feel with minimum effort.

  • Design: Gold Crushed Square Neck Ruffle Blouse
  • Fabric: Tissue
  • Occasion To Wear: Festive, Parties
  • Body Shape Preferred: Hourglass And Pear
  • Suitable Outfit: Lehenga Or Maxi Flared Skirt

12. Red Square Neck Sleeveless Blouse:


The red sleeveless blouse for women is another lovely choice in contemporary designs. The sleeveless blouse can be worn as a crop top for skirts and sarees. It is a lovely choice blended with modern elements, design, looks and elegance. The blouse lets you seamlessly flaunt your beautiful natural looks and bears a festive look.

  • Design: Red Embellished Sleeveless Square Neckline Blouse
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasion To Wear: Festive, Outings
  • Body Shape Preferred: Apple
  • Suitable Outfit: Skirts And Silk Sarees

13. Long Sleeve Square Neck Blouse:


We have a gorgeous piece even for matching your regular festive occasions that can accentuate your beauty. The gold full-sleeve blouse features a square neckline and a beautiful back open with a tie-up. The blouse is all-about versatility, elegance, and a classic look with its golden tone. Further, the back tie-up enhances your natural beauty and looks very striking. It suits both the traditional sarees and the modern silk choices beautifully. So, what do you think of it?

  • Design: Gold Long Sleeve Square Neck Blouse
  • Fabric: Jacquard
  • Occasion To Wear: Festive
  • Body Shape Preferred: Apple, Hourglass
  • Suitable Outfit: Red/Green/Off-White Sarees

14. Deep Square Neck Blouse:


Do you love minimalist designs? Nothing is as charming and beautiful as the simple yet glitzy glam blouses. The maroon sleeveless deep square neck blouse is among the best-selling in the season. The raw silk blouse looks exquisite and will stand out in the limelight. It is the perfect choice to wear across designer sarees and simple handloom sarees.

  • Design: Maroon Deep Women’s Square Neck Blouse
  • Fabric: Raw Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Parties
  • Body Shape Preferred: Pear
  • Suitable Outfit: Silk Or Georgette Sarees

15. Patch Work Square Neck Blouse:


Handloom sarees and fabrics always are timeless in the fashion world. They are charming and immensely beautiful. We have the black square neckline patchwork blouse in this segment. The sleeveless blouse is a perfect pick to fit your handloom saree requirements. It adds to the beauty, accentuates the fashionista vibe, and adds a new contemporary style. So, try this blouse with a square neckline to compliment your beauty!

  • Design: Black Patchwork Square Neck Blouse without Sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion To Wear: Festive, Family Gatherings
  • Body Shape Preferred: Anyone
  • Suitable Outfit: Handloom Sarees

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16. Red Square Neck Blouse Design:

If you are looking for a square neck blouse that will be stylish and appealing simultaneously, this will be the best one. It sports the traditional Indian design touch along with some modern designs. The back lace design makes this blouse appealing, and one can sport this without hesitation. If you are looking for the best companion for your red saree, ask your blouse-maker to make an identical one, as you will look divine when you combine this beautiful blouse with the perfect saree.

17. Velvet Square Neck Blouse Front and Back Design:

This is another one of those awesome-looking blouse designs that come in red. The shade of red is a little dark, and the material is different. Women probably won’t have enough words to appreciate how this blouse looks. If you want a good-looking square blouse, go for this red one. With all the beautiful decorations and delicate design towards the edges of the blouse and sleeves, it can also be suitable for almost all events.

18. Designer Square Neck Blouse Design From Back:

If you are looking for designer items, this will be one of your best blouses. The blouse looks equally beautiful in this back view and from the back. The square neck makes it quite comfortable to wear, and for all its brilliant features, this traditional Indian clothing item can be said to be one of the best neck blouse designs that all women can sport. The blouse is quite comfortable, and people will love the design. It is probably one of the best-looking square-neck blouses for sarees that you will ever come through.

19. Orange And Golden Double Color Square Neck Blouse:

This particular square-neck blouse is one of the best-looking blouses. It sports a cool pattern at the back, and the lace-like attachment design makes it unique. You don’t get to see blouses like this every day. So grab it when you get a chance. With this blouse, any saree will look beautiful, of course, when the colour matches it. The golden appeal of the blouse is also quite beautiful as well.

20. Purple Square Neck Blouse Design:

This colourful box square-neck blouse is the perfect choice for a religious occasion, giving a modern twist to the traditional Indian look and setting you apart from those wearing sarees. With unique and intricate designs on the sleeves, this well-decorated blouse will not just make you look pretty but beautiful. In short, it’s a great saree blouse design option to consider.

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These blouses come with different decorative attachments and sport beautiful colours suitable for almost all occasions. This article is the best if you are looking for some designer and the latest design square gala blouses.

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