Is squatting safe during pregnancy? Can i do squats during pregnancy? These are some of the most common questions asked by women. This article will, however, provided a wide discussion clearing all the possible doubts base don this topic.

Fist of all, let’s discuss about the exercise a little bit and its positive outcomes. Squats are one of the best exercises for women and one of the most essential ones as well. These are some of the possible benefits f squatting.

Different Squatting During Pregnancy:

1. It Increases The Pelvic Muscle Strength:

Squats have been proven to really beneficial for the pelvic muscles. It increases the strength of those muscles and makes them strong from the core. These muscles are required to make your lower pelvis erect and stiff and prevent it from injuries as well. A woman needs to strengthen the pelvic muscles so that it can assist her during child birth. When the pelvic floor is strengthened a lot of issues regarding the lower pelvis can be avoided and this is one of the main reasons why women do squats in the first place. It is a lot better than a keel exercise.

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2. Good For The Labor:

Women who are going through pregnancy are sometime recommended to perform squats as it will assist with labor. So now you have it. Women do perform squats during pregnancy and this is one of the reasons why they do it in the first place.

It has been proven that performing squats properly and frequently will assist women with labor. Squats are one of those exercises which specifically targets some group of muscles so that the woman can have an easy labor without experiencing sever pain and aches. The exercise can make some muscles strong that will help with certain positions during child birth. Squats will also assist the woman with contractions and will also assist with early as well as late labor. This squats can said actually said to be one of the best exercises for woman going through pregnancy. It will will the baby to descend deeper into the pelvis. So if you’re a pregnant woman, then start rocking some squats on the floor slowly.

3. Help With Child Birth:

What is the min goal here. Child birth. Child birth is the main goal here. The woman going through pregnancy has to adopt some of the hardest (sometimes some of the most disturbing) measure to assist her with pregnancy and finally come in handy during child birth. She will do almost anything to go through the pain of child birth. Squats are here to help her as well. Squats will help the woman the woman in easily getting into strong child birth positions.

They make the leg muscles and the assisting muscles (for childbirth) strong and in turn helps in child birth. A woman can perform a number of squats (different types of squats) to strengthen her leg muscles from all angles. This is one of the prime reasons why women perform squats. It will also provide you with the endurance factor which is required during child birth. Clearly, this is one of the best exercises for woman who are pregnant. Endurance in the birth positions is really needed during child birth.

Squats have one more benefit regarding child birth positions. Squats will allow the woman to take the help of gravity to make her pelvic opening wider which will allow the baby to be pushed through. This will provide the baby with a lot of room to be contracted through.

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4. Good Looking Butt!

Who doesn’t want that? Almost every woman does. This is one of the those fine exercises that will assist you in shaping your butt the way you want. Woman are always insecure if one of their body portions are not proportionate with the rest of the body. So if you’re a skinny woman, then squats are a must for you. Squats will keep the back in shape and also make it look pretty good and in turn give you mental satisfaction regarding your beauty.

A proper rear is good for pregnancy and child birth, believe it or not. It has one more benefit as well. After pregnancy, your body will surely tend to go out of shape. But you can control it. That is by pre-shaping your butt, you can just simply show off your back after pregnancy. Your butt will still be in shape if you have done squats regularly before pregnancy (till a certain limit).

When to Not Perform Squats:

There are however times when a woman is recommended not to perform squats.

When the baby is an optimal position – Women are recommended not to endure any kind of physical stress when their baby is an optimal position, more precisely 30 weeks out. This is the time when they should be taking complete rest and no, no squats for now.

Pain in the rear- Some women have to go through a lot of pain before pregnancy and this is one of the reasons why they are going to be experiencing that pain a lot if they do squats. So, no squats for them as well. Before pregnancy you don’t want to keep your body in shape so that it does not go out of hands post-pregnancy. But nothing can be done about it since you will be facing some serious back issues if you still perform squats with back problems.

Technique for Performing Squats During Pregnancy:

Here it is. Squatting during pregnancy and normal squatting doesn’t have any major differentials but still there are somethings which are different from the standard technique and the pregnant woman will have to keep them in mind. Stretch out your legs a little bit more than you do normally. There is no specific hand position. You can have your hands at your shoulder height or keep them swinging on your side. Women have a tendency to rock out a lot of squats. Well, that won’t be suitable in your condition.

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In the above paragraphs , you are provided with some of the best benefits, precautions, etc for squats regarding pregnant women. Squats are good for you, but when you’re pregnant there are some serious restrictions as well.


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