According to Hindu mythology, it is considered auspicious if you name the little one based on his or her zodiac sign and star. The baby’s nakshatra depends on the lunar constellations during the birth, and if your baby is born in the Sravana star, this Sravana nakshatra baby names guide can be helpful.

Let us explore all about the Sravana nakshatra features, auspicious starting of the name syllables, and more. Your search for a one-stop guide ends here.

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What are Sravana Nakshatra and Its Characteristics?

The Sravana Nakshatra comes in the 22nd order out of 27 total nakshatra signs. This star spans around the Capricorn zodiac sign. It ranges from around 10.00 to 23.20 degrees in Makara Rashi. The nakshatra’s symbol is three footprints, which are associated with the ruling deity, Lord Vishnu. The ruling planet of this star is Moon.

The babies born under the Sravana nakshatra or star sign exhibit characteristics of being wealthy, right in art and creativity, and have immense knowledge in their fields. They are hard-working, endowed with sincerity in their profession and expertise. They are also intelligent and devoted to achieving the higher goals they aspire in life. The Sravana nakshatra borns are too well-known to be amicable, warm with others, and are perfectionists. These star kids are also attractive and are healthy.

Now let us get in and explore more about Sravana Nakshatra names for newborns.

Sravana Nakshatra Names Starting Letters:

If your little one is born under the Sravana nakshatra or star, it is auspicious and profitable if their baby names beginning with the following syllables:

Khi, Khu, Khe, Kho, Ju, Je, Jo, So.

If you prefer to name the newborn according to the particular padas, here are Makar Rashi shravana nakshatra names beginning letters:

  • Shravana nakshatra 1st pada names begin with Khi.
  • Shravana nakshatra 2nd pada names begin with Khu.
  • Sravana nakshatra 3rd pada names begin with Khe.
  • Shravana nakshatra 4th pada names begin with Kho.

Unique and Meaningful Baby Names for Sravana Nakshatra:

Let us see all about the lovely and mesmerizing cute baby names for Sravana Nakshatra babies in this generation. Here we go!

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Sravana Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Jebin:

Jebin is a commonly found baby boy name in the Southern states of India. It is originated from the local south Indian languages, and it means prayer boy. The name also implies one who is faithful in worship. It is a unique baby boy name.

2. Jeet:

Jeet is a common, popular, yet lovely short baby boy name. The name Jeet is mostly found and spotted in the Northern part of India. The name Jeet in Hindi literally translates to Victory, success, and win.

3. Jeev:

Jeev, again in the Hindi language, translates literally to alive, existence and soul. The name is a unique and not commonly found choice in the Indian kid baby names list. We love this name; it is both short and adorable in pronunciation too.

4. Jeevansh:

The name Jeevansh comes from the two words, Jeev and ansh. It means part of the living being. The name also translates and implies part of someone’s life or the role of one’s heart. It is pretty intense in the meaning too.

5. Jogesh:

In case you prefer a traditional and conventional baby boy name, yet without commonly being spotted, Jogesh can be a good deal. Jogesh means Lord Siva or epithet of Lord Shiva. This is famous Sravana Nakshatra male names.

6. Joyel:

We love the name Joyel. Joyel means Lord of God. The name is unique and not commonly found, and it has traditional and significant symbolism. It is ideal for modern parents who want an intense and graceful name with uniqueness.

7. Juhit:

Juhit means brightness. The name also symbolizes jasmine color. The other spelling of the word is Juhith. It is a rare baby boy name choice, and we love this Sravana Nakshatra names for a boy.

8. Khilesh:

Khilesh literally translates to blooming. The name is originated from the Hindi and Sanskrit language and is a rare new baby boy name choice for new millennial baby boys.

9. Khushwanth:

Khushwanth is a common and ancient choice baby boy name from decades together. It means a person who is full of happiness. It is commonly found in the north Indian parts and is a meaningful and mesmerizing name.

10. Khusmit:

The name Khusmit or Khusmith means the happy friend. It is derived from India’s Hindi language and is a lovely and rare baby boy name choice. We entirely are in love with this Shravana nakshatra baby boy name choice.

11. Khiansh:

Khiansh literally translates to Lord Vishnu’s eyes. It also signifies or implies expressive eyes or creative, intense eyes. It is new and rare boy names for Sravana Nakshatra.

12. Khemchand:

For parents who love artistic and charming ancient baby names, Khemchand has it all. Khemchand means welfare. While it is not commonly spotted or found, the name has all traditional, meaningful, and unique symbolism.

13. Juvas:

Juvas is a short and cute baby boy, a modern name choice. It means quickness or someone who is always swift. The name also symbolizes a quick-thinking person or someone who is still on the go. What do you think about it?

14. Jothiraj:

For parents who prefer the very traditional choice of baby name, Jothiraj is it all. Jothiraj is derived from the Sanskrit language, and it means king of the light or fires God. The name is familiar and traditional, yet very intense in meaning and symbolism.

15. Joshi:

Joshi is a typical baby boy name, which is also modern and meaningful. The name Joshi means Lord Vishnu or someone who brings light. It is a very intense and lovely charming baby boy name choice to date. This is a common yet meaningful and adorableSravana Nakshatra male baby names.

16. Jogindra:

Jogindra is another common and traditional baby boy name choice. It means Lord Indra. The name also implies Lord Siva and is a very classic choice of a baby name in the Shravana star sign.

17. Jivandeep:

Jivandeep’s name is originated from two Hindi words, namely Jivan and Deep. Jivan means life, and Deep means light or lamp. It is a lovely and meaningful yet modern choice of name.

18. Jeyaram:

We all have already come across this famous name, Jeyaram. The name means Victory of Lord Ram.

19. Jeshwith:

Jeshwith or Jeshwit means flaming. The name originated from the Hindi language and is a modern-day choice found mostly in the North and South India. The term also symbolizes fire, someone who has flame in them.

20. Jenil:

We love the name Jenil. It is a short and cute baby boy’s name. The name implies Victory of the blue. It is a modern-day and contemporary, meaningful baby boy name choice for Sravana Nakshatra.

21. Jegan:

Jegan means someone who is healthy or has strength. The name comes with an ancient and meaningful implication, yet with modern-day pronunciation and sounding. We love this baby boy’s name.

22. Jeshan:

Jeshan means someone who is always clear. The name also implies a plain, simple, and straightforward person. It is a new day, and rarely found a baby name choice for boys.

23. Khian:

Khian is a lovely and again contemporary choice that is short and also meaningful. It means the king of terror or ruler. The name also implies an emperor. Don’t you love this cute and expressive name?

24. Khashan:

Khashan name isn’t originated in India, though the origins are not fully known. The name means popular cities or a famous city. The name is very rare and not commonly found, making it ideal for modern parents who love unique, mesmerizing, and cute names.

25. Khushal:

Khushal or Khusal means someone who is always cheerful or merry. The name also implies a happy or delightful person, as always. Khusal is derived from the local Hindi language.

Sravana Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Jeena:

Jeena is a lovely and modern-day yet meaningful intense baby girl name choice. It means someone who lives or exists. The name also, on the other hand, implies Lord Vishnu. We love this modern yet traditional meaningful name.

27. Jeenal:

Jeenal is a commonly found baby girl name in Northern India sides. It means intelligent or Lord Vishnu. The name also implies a loving being or loving soul.

28. Jeevana:

The name jeevana in several of the Indian languages implies someone who is full of life. It is a lovely and yet charming baby girl name choice for Sravana nakshatra female names.

29. Jeevitha:

Jeevita or Jeevitha is a widespread and famous name already in India. It means life or existence in several Indian languages such as Hindi and Sanskrit. Jeevitha is yet a classic and timeless name choice. It is also famous Sravana Nakshatra names in Telugu.

30. Jeiya:

Jeiya is a short and cute baby girl name which means sweetheart or to live. It is our favorite contemporary baby girl name idea. We love this unique Sravana Nakshatra names for a girl.

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31. Jenisha:

Jenisha is a modern name choice for babies. However, it is already famous by now. Jenisha means someone who believes in God or praises God. The name also means a superior or high-end person and soul.

32. Jenya:

Jenya is again a lovely short baby girl name. While the origins of the name aren’t well known yet, Jenya means truth or a noble person. This is a modern Sravana Nakshatra Indian girl name idea.

33. Jenika:

Jenika means the gift of God. The name is a lovely choice and is ideal for parents who want an intense, meaningful, and traditional-sounding name.

34. Jeshna:

Jeshna means Victory. The name also implies someone who always wins or is victorious. What do you think of this lovely Indian baby girl name choice for Sravana Nakshatra baby girls?

35. Jesmitha:

Jesmitha or Jesmita means someone who always smiles or has a happy face. The name Jesmitha is a unique and yet adorable and cute name choice; we immensely love it.

36. Jodha:

Jodha means princess. The name is a traditional and very ancient baby girl name choice, ideal for parents looking for royal and elite name sounding.

37. Jothi:

Jothi means lamp or fire. The name is a typical and traditional name idea. This is a very popular and famous Hindu baby girl names for Sravana Nakshatra.

38. Joshvi:

We love the name Joshvi. Also pronounced and spelt as Joshwi, the name means sensitive or sensitive or thoughtful towards others. We love the intense and meaningful symbolism of the name.

39. Khusbu:

Khusbu or Khusboo is a prevalent north Indian baby name originated from the Hindi language. It means fragrance or smell. The name also means perfume.

40. Khushi:

Khushi means happiness. The name is originated from the literal Hindi word, which means happiness. It is a commonly found north Indian baby name, lovely and adorable in both pronunciation and meaning.

41. Khatira:

If you love poetic name meaning, which is rare and not well known at all, Khatira has it all. It means precious memory or someone who is wishful. The name also means desire.

42. Juhi:

The name Juhi is again a popular choice, but it is a four-letter short and sweet baby name. Juhi means flower or jasmine. The name also means bloom.

43. Kayla:

The name Kayla is originated from the Arabic language but is well known and getting famous right now for its gorgeous meaning. Kayla means a wise child.

44. Joufi:

The name Joufi is an Indian origin baby name but is rarely found. Joufi means joyful, or someone who is filled with joy and happiness.

45. Josthna:

Joshtna is again a well-known and popular name already. Joshtna means light of the Moon. It is a lovely and sweet, adorable baby girl name choice. It is a popular Sravana star baby girl names in tamil.

46. Khairah:

Khairah name is originated from the Arabic side again but is an attractive and contemporary poetic baby girl name choice. The name means excellent or virtuous person. We love the pronunciation, meaning, and above all, the uniqueness associated with it. What do you think?

47. Joshini:

Joshini means a wealthy person. The name is originated from the Local Hindi language in India and is a unique name choice.

48. Jetashri:

If you are a sucker for art and music, you would like this name. Jetashri is the name of the Raga. It is a unique choice indeed for modern baby girl borns.

49. Jegatha:

Jegatha means emperor of the world or truth of the world as a whole. Again, the name originated from the Sanskrit language and is a traditional meaningful choice for baby girls in this star.

50. Khusali:

Khushali or Khusali means someone who spreads joy and happiness. It is originated and derived from the Hindi word Khushi which means joy. It is a charming and lovely baby girl name.

Unisex Names for Sravana Birth Star:

51. Jeena:

Jeena means Lord Vishnu. The name also means to live or life. The name is a unisex name, ideal for both baby girls and boys.

52. Jenil:

The name Jenil may sound all modern, but it means God Swaminarayan. The name is a lovely current version of the traditional name, ideal for both boys’ and girls babies.

53. Khusil:

Khusil means a happy person. The name is originated from the Hindi language and is a suitable choice for Sravana Nakshatra baby names for boys and girls.

54. Khairat:

Khairat name is originated from the Hindi and Arabic language, which means blessings or a right word. The name is poetic and has intense meaning and pronunciation, ideal for both boys and girls both.

55. Kabhira:

Kabhira or kabirah is again an artistic name choice not originated from India. It means elderly. The name is a unique and mesmerizing choice, with lovely meaning for both girls and boys. What do you think of it?

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Twin Baby Names for Sravana Nakshatra Borns:

56. Jeethika – Jeeteshi:

This is a lovely baby twin girl name choice. Jeethika means Jewess or someone who is full of life. Jeeteshi again means Goddess of Victory. This is a meaningful and unique twin baby girl name choices for Sravana Nakshatra borns.

57. Jeinan – Jegatha:

Jeinan means victorious or someone who always wins. Jegatha means the truth of the entire world. These are lovely and twinning baby boy and girl name choices.

58. Jeval – Jevesh:

Jevesh means courageous. Jeval means are full of life or life-giving. The name is proper twin baby boy names born in Shravana Nakshatra or star sign.

59. Khushika – Khushil:

Khushika and Khushil are lovely twin baby girl and boy name choices. The name Khushika means happiness or someone who is always cheerful and joyous. Khushil means happy or pleasant person. Both are originated from the Hindi language.

60. Khevna – Khia:

Khevna and Khia are twins, modern and unique baby girl name ideas. The name Khevna means to wish, and Khia means a boat.

If your baby is born in this star, we hope this list and guide on Sravana Nakshatra baby names helped you out. Let us know which name you choose or like and why; we love to hear from you.


All the names and meanings mentioned above are contextual and may alter as per different languages, regions, and countries. We advise conducting in-depth research for understanding several meanings and symbolism attached to the same name.


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