Are you tired of hair loss? Now that’s no reason to worry! Here’s a smart solution to it! we offers you a unique way to prevent hair loss in such a way which uses stem cell therapy for hair loss.

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What Are The Reasons For Hair Loss:

Before going in deeper to know about the cure and home remedies for hair loss, it is important to know the basic reasons for hair loss. Hair loss can be caused due to deficiency of required proteins and minerals, dandruff, improper oiling, etc. Also, improper diet, stress and a fast-paced lifestyle are what result in hair loss and weak hair. This can be taken care of if one takes note of what he/she eats and how important it is to take care of your hair.

Apart from these there can other reasons too. Even environmental reasons like dust can encourage hair fall problems. Yet, there are quite a few medical cures (surgical and non-surgical) with which one can fight hair fall problems.

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Treatments For Hair Loss:

There are two methods to cure your hair fall problem. Those are hair transplantation and stem cell therapy.

1. Hair Transplantation For Hair Fall:

Medicine can only lower the rate of hair loss, and does not fully reverse it. Surgical methods move the hair from one place to another. But to ensure the success of such hair transplant surgeries there must be healthy follicle growth from the donor hair. Insufficiency of donor hair often leads to failures of such highly expensive methods.

2. Stem Cell Therapy (Treatment) For Hair Loss:

One extremely viable and rapidly popular alternative is Stem Cell therapy treatment for Hair loss. Though usually associated with complex biological problems this is a universally applicable treatment and can also prevent baldness. Even hair specialists recommend stem cell therapy for hair regrowth treatment. Doctors say that stem cell therapy is better than hair transplant methods. It is cost-effective and also the most preferred way by professionals.

What Are Stem Cells:

Stem cells are essentially tiny progenitor cells. These cells divide and morph into various cell types, hence they are medically termed Mesenchymal stem cells. They act as a repair system that replenishes cells after they have completed their life cycle. This process is called stem cell transdifferentiation or plasticity. These stem cells are broadly of two types:

Embryonic stem cells.
Non-embryonic or Adult stem cells: that covers

  1. Bone marrow: extracted by drilling into the bone.
  2. Blood: extracted through pheresis process.
  3. Adipose tissue: extracted by liposuction.

The cells obtained from own body involves the least risks. Adipose tissue or fat cells are the richest sources of Mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs.

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Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Baldness:

Hair is also made up of stem cells which require stimuli to grow hair. But once these cells get old, or are damaged, they are incapable of re generating hair.

Hair follicle papilla is made up of connective tissue and a capillary loop. Also hair follicle develops mainly from the dermis i.e., they are mesodermal. MSCs are, not only mesodermal in origin but also play a role in the repair and regeneration of the follicle papilla.

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The process for baldness involves, harvesting stem cells from a person’s scalp in the areas of baldness. Then the dermal sheath cup cells are isolated from the follicle base. Over time they are replicated and then injected into the bald patches. Thus the hormone affected bald patches are revived with healthy hair over time.

For hair loss the fat cells are taken from the waist and they are treated to activate the stem cells. Then these are injected in a similar manner. Once the regeneration starts the cells are washed of any solutions for the treatment that leads to hair growth within weeks. Injected stem cells start re-sending molecular signals to the follicles and thus begin the growth of new hairs.

Apart from own body cells there have been some findings that prove that plant stem cells can also help achieve similar results.

How Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss Works On Scalp:

The Stem cell therapy to encourage hair growth and prevent loss of hair follows a certain procedure:

  • Firstly doctors take a sample of your blood.
  • Then platelet rich plasma is separated from it and taken out.
  • It is then mixed with a wound healing powder which is known as ‘a-cell’.
  • After it gets completely mixed with the platelet it is injected back into the scalp.
  • Then the patient is given a good head massage which acts as a kick-start mechanism for the injected thing to work out.
  • This procedure needs specialist doctors and cannot be done without them.

Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss Results:

The results of this procedure may vary from person to person. For some, it may show quick results and for some it may take time to show effects. But this is seen as a cost-effective and the simplest way to prevent hair loss and push hair growth.

How To Know About Stem Cell Therapy:

If you are worried about how to go in for a stem cell therapy, you can search for a Trichologist in your area. He will help you get started with an appointment and the procedure for this therapy. This hair regeneration treatment can be done in one sitting and costs thousands of rupees in India.

Although there are a few sections of people who actually go in for this kind of treatment, yet there are a major section of people who prefer to use home remedies for hair growth. Home remedies are effective for hair growth, but surgical treatments are time saving and a one-time effort. Hence, this is seen as a cost-effective method of preventing hair loss.

No Side Effects:

This stem cell treatment method uses safe and natural things as it uses stem cells from the patient’s body itself. Hence this has no side effects on the patient. This process is also looked upon as a permanent solution to hair loss problems. Two to six sittings are needed depending upon the severity and extent of hair loss.

Stem Cell Therapy Benefits:

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This stem cell therapy for hair loss treatment has several benefits which include the following:-

  • Safe and cost-effective method.
  • Permanent hair growth promise.
  • Uses patient’s own stem cells, so there are less or no chances of any diseases or illness while injecting the cells.
  • It is the most preferred option compared to other surgical and non-surgical methods.
  • Takes less time to perform this treatment.
  • Fights hair loss and pattern baldness for a lifetime.
  • Improves the quality and texture of our hair.
  • 100% safe with zero side effects.

Best Stem Cell Therapy Providers In India:

A highly sophisticated procedure needs extra care. For the best treatment refer to the very best. Here are the top three clinics servicing their clients with optimum satisfaction.

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  • Dr. Nigam’s Clinic, Mumbai
  • Chaitanya Stem Cell Center, Pune
  • StemRX Bioscience Solutions, Navi Mumbai

Baldness and hair fall problem robs a person of their confidence and often changes the best extroverts into introverted loners. Hair is a part of our overall personality and the very basic feature of our body. Earlier there was no best way to reverse this. Today, with the advancement of scientific research, stem cell therapy is giving millions of people a golden ray of hope. I hope this article helps you in choosing the right way to prevent hair loss and push hair gain. Do leave us a comment too!


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