In general, sterling silver is an alloy of silver that weighs about 92.5% of the silver. Normally, silver will be very soft and hence it will be alloyed with copper to make it stronger. Sterling silver was originated from Europe and became popular in the recent times. Sterling silver fashion jewelery has become popular in recent times. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets, all kinds of jewelry can be made from sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry Sets:

Several sterling silver jewelry brands have come up today Here is a list of 9 fashionable and stylish sterling silver jewelry

1. Sterling Silver Jewelry Sets:

This filigree jewelry set has an authentic look. The necklace has a locket attached to it which has intricate designing on it. It can hold a photograph inside it. The earrings are moon shaped and enhance the beauty of the ears. The bangle is open at one end, and is light weighted. The entire set has a pretty look and is of one of the best sterling silver jewelry brands.

2. Sterling Silver Wedding Ring:

This pretty wedding ring is made of sterling silver and has a pearl in the middle. It is really pretty and simple, and is ideal for a wedding ring. The silver wire wrapped around the pearl enhances the look of the finger on which it is worn. This ring is unique and can be worn on a daily basis.

3. Sterling Silver Bracelet:

This double infinity bracelet is the best of its kind. The two infinities are attached to a silver chain, and the overlapping of the infinities look really beautiful. Initials of a couple’s names are attached to them. This is a really nice gift for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. One is sure to love it.

4. Sterling Silver Earrings:

These chain earrings have a very trendy look. It is a unique piece and is one the best designer sterling silver jewelry. The geometric shape of the earrings look funky and will go well with western attire. These are statement pieces and are different from the normal dangling earrings.

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5. Silver Charm Anklet:

This sterling silver charm anklet is one of a kind. It has a silver chain with star charms at intervals and looks extremely pretty on the ankle. It will be loved by children and will look good on anyone who wears it. The silver colour makes it versatile, and it can be worn on any kind of clothing.

6. Leaf Toe Ring Sterling Silver:

This pretty toe ring is a unique sterling silver fashion jewelry. It can be worn on a regular basis, since it is comfortable. The leaf gives a smart look to the ring and will look good on anyone who wears it.

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7. Pineapple Studs:

These cute studs will be loved by kids as well as teenagers. They are minimalistic and one of the best sterling silver jewelry brands. It can be worn on a regular basis and it looks really funky. This is a modern design and is becoming very popular.

8. Men’s Sterling Silver Jewelry:

This classy bracelet is made of sterling silver and looks really nice on the hands. Men can wear it on a regular basis too, as it is simple and light. The criss-cross design on the bracelet enhances the beauty of the piece. Men’s sterling silver jewelry is becoming really famous these days.

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9. Womens Sterling Silver Nose Ring:

Nose rings are still in fashion. This simple nose ring can be worn daily and looks really pretty on the nose. It enhances the beauty of the face.


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