Sterling silver is on the brightest of all the precious metals. Many people wear sterling silver jewels because of its shiny and the bright lustrous looks. As the sterling silver is lesser in price than any other metals like gold, platinum, thus its affordable to everyone and its rings and jewels is gaining popularity and demand. The designers have incorporated many new inventions and designs on this metal and gave new look to it. On sterling silver rings beautiful artistry and different types of stone is crafted thus giving a new perception and appearance to these rings.

Different Ring Designs in Sterling Silver:

Let’s have a look at top 9 sterling silver rings designs for men and women.

1. Lucky Elephant Sterling Silver Ring for Teens:

The symbol of elephant is very popular worldwide. As it signify wisdom, strength, luck  and power .This type of incarnation on the  sterling silver rings are very much in demand and can be worn by both young boys and girls giving an extra edge to their style and persona.

2. Joint Heart Sterling Silver Ring for Girls:

People who are in love or planning to enter in a relationship this type of joint hear sterling rings are perfect. As their hearts have mingles the rings also resembles the same and entrusting them to nurture their relationship.

3. Snake and Skull Embossed Sterling Silver Rings for Men:

As snake and skull both are the most powerful symbols and resembles strength, power, immortality and fearlessness resembling the personality of men. The ring is crafted in oxidized form and small black diamonds are studded  giving  an very powerful and smart look when worn  by men’s or young boys on their long fingers.

4. Sterling Silver Band Ring for Women:

Unique and amazing looking is the ideal words for this sterling silver bands ring. It has a very appealing and fashionable look and the artistic work on it enhances the beauty of it by many folds.

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5. Extra Thin Sterling Silver Ring in Crown Shape:

The highlight of this sterling silver ring is the crown and the thin base of it making it appear spectacular. The rings looks very awesome when worn to any walks of life and can be teamed with western as well with traditional outfit also.

6. Sterling Silver Criss – Cross Rings for Girls:

Some girls appreciate to wear something unique and different from others so that they can create their own style statement and appear fashionable. This type of sterling silver rings crafted in criss-cross makes them appear extraordinary and lends a gorgeous look when worn to collages or to nay parties.

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7. Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring with Diamonds:

Men’s prefer to wear rings which adds hotter look to them and makes them stands out in the crowd. This type of sterling silver rings with sizzling blue topaz studded in the middle and small uncut diamonds on the edges adds more dashing and classy look to the ring as well to wearer fingers.

8. Adjustable Feather Sterling Silver Ring:

Lovely and pretty looking feather sterling rings for girls . The ring has a dull polish thus making it appear fabulous when worn as the polish gives an new look and finish to it. The ring is open from side so that it can be adjusted on any finger you want and the feather gives an remarkable look to it.

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9. Stylish Sterling Silver Ring for Men:

Men and style goes hand in hand and even they want themselves to be updated in fashion. So this kind of stylish sterling silver rings could be the perfect choice for them. The ring has a smooth appearance and the stone studded in the centre makes it stands out.

The sterling silver rings are hard in nature and can withstand any type of repair and polishing which occurs due to normal wear. The sterling silver rings are marked with 925, thus you can get assured that the jewel is made of this metal. Some young girls and boys are fashion conscious and like to wear which are very trendy, so the sterling silver rings stands perfect for them as its suits to their pocket and they can get abundance of design also.


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