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Are you in search of sexy tattoos that you wish to hide easily? Then it is time you try to get a sternum tattoo design engraved. Yes! Irrespective of gender, a Sternum tattoo is a great way to stand out from a crowd while showing off your style. A sternum is the place in the middle of the two breasts and is a popular location to get a tattoo done, which you can either show off or hide as per your prerogative.

Therefore, go through the compilation of some of the unique Sternum tattoo designs you can look at before choosing the right one for yourself. Read on!

16 Popular Sternum Tattoo Designs:

Here, we have curated a list of some of the unique and popular sternum tattoo designs that make an excellent addition to your body art treasure.

1. Snake Sternum Tattoo:

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A snake’s long, thin shape is one of the natural and best sternum tattoos that blends beautifully in the area. In addition, snakes symbolize a new cycle with their shedding skin and can be unique, attractive tattoo options for the wearer. There are several meanings associated with snakes in many cultures. For example, a snake symbolizes eternal life, renewal and transformation, whereas it is represented as temptations per the Bible. You can change how the snake looks, making the tattoo more personalized.

2. Unalome Sternum Tattoo:

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Did you know sternum tattoo designs don’t have to be too big? Yes, the perfect example of the same is a sternum Unalome tattoo. These tattoos are tiny, and delicate and don’t take up too much space. You can place the tattoo at the bottom under the breast with the size of your palm. Though this tattoo looks exceptional, you can increase its size by adding to the initial pattern.

3. Lotus Sternum Tattoo:

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The perfect symbolism of enlightenment is considered to be lotus flowers. Whether it is Hinduism, Buddhism or even Christianity, many religions and cultures have prominence in them. The open bud of the lotus symbolizes awareness and openness. You can either get the tattoo done only in black ink or add a pink shade to make the tattoo look realistic. This sternum tattoo design fits in the area gorgeously best suited for women.

4. Rose Sternum Tattoo:

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Regarding tattooing, Roses are considered the most iconic flowers chosen by men and women of all ages. The rose’s petaled bloom is compared to the heart’s emotional opening making the tattoo more personal. This sternum between breast tattoos includes a realistic representation of a rose in black ink. However, you can choose a natural colour for the rose to make it more authentic and close to life. The diamond shape around the rose tattoo gives it a look of a geometric pattern.

5. Female Sternum Tattoo:

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Fine-line tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo trends; this sternum tattoo is a perfect example. The use of fine lines and soft shading is used mainly in black and grey, giving an ideal traditional sternum tattoo. In addition, the details incorporated in this sternum tattoo bring the natural lotus to life. The details included in this tattoo are very classy and intricate. The placement is done so that you can either show off or hide it as per your preference.

6. Sun And Moon Sternum Tattoo:

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The sun and moon are considered symbols of creativity, dreams and rebirth in many cultures and religions. Therefore, sun and moon tattoos are highly valued as spiritual symbols and mysticism. The shape and size of the tattoo fit right into the space between the two breasts. This pretty sternum tattoo is suitable for men and women of all ages. The detailing involved in this tattoo is intricate, and you can add elements or colours to the design, making it look traditional.

7. Dragonfly Sternum Tattoo:

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Earth lovers and environmentalists prefer tattoos depicting the nature of bees and dragonflies, making them an inspiration for many body art patterns. A dragonfly sternum tattoo signifies spiritual growth, purity, determination, power, bravery and many more in several cultures and countries. Though the dragonfly tattoo looks exceptional anywhere, the sternum is the perfect place since you can either show off or cover it as per your need.

8. Dainty Sternum Tattoo:

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Suppose you are looking for a versatile tattoo design that fits and gets adapted into multiple small shapes. In that case, the sternum tattoo with small geometric patterns can be a perfect choice. These tattoos cover most of the space between the breasts in unique and cute ways. Though women prefer these types of tattoo designs, there is no restriction for men.

9. Simple Rose Sternum Tattoo:

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Sometimes simple things are more than enough to convey tremendous messages, especially regarding tattoo designs. Irrespective of gender and age, this single-stem rose in the sternum area looks exceptional and elegant. Though the tattoo looks good in black ink, you can make the tattoo more personal and refined by using colours to fill or shade the rose. Finally, decide the size of the tattoo as per your preference.

10. Moon Sternum Tattoo Design:

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Suppose you are looking for a sternum tattoo in the upper area. In that case, this diamond sternum tattoo can be an elegant choice. The upper side of the tattoo has a crescent moon with lines representing moonlight. The lower part of the pattern has an object that looks like a diamond which looks well-connected to the upper part forming a beautiful whole.

11. Flower Sternum Tattoo:

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The moon represents female power, growth and creativity, which is why it is one of the women’s most commonly found tattoos. Adding a lotus flower on top of the moon creates a traditional sense for the wearer. However, the tattoo’s meaning changes significantly with the onlooker’s interpretation because each person’s thought process is different. Though women prefer this tattoo, many men are also getting it done.

12. Floral Sternum Tattoo Designs:

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The meaning behind floral tattoos is variable and multi-layered since their purpose is different in different cultures. This beautiful floral sternum tattoo design contains flowers covering some underboob areas, making the place look gorgeous. All the patterns are engraved in bold black outlines with shades of grey in the central location. You can either get it done in black ink or use multiple colours to make the tattoo design more unique and personal.

13. Scorpion Sternum Tattoo Ideas:

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Suppose you want to represent intimidation and fear as an expression of great strength. In that case, the scorpion sternum tattoo design can be a perfect choice. A scorpion can strike fear into those who get close with one wave of its poisonous tail. Therefore by getting a scorpion sternum tattoo, the wearer is giving a message to keep their distance. This tattoo suits men and women of all ages in colours or black ink.

14. Butterfly Sternum Tattoo:

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Butterflies make for ideal sternum tattoos because they have a shape similar to the rib cage. The attractive butterfly can be an excellent option if you want versatility in your sternum tattoo. By choosing a butterfly, the wearer conveys that they believe everything is temporary in life and it is never late to evolve or change. This tattoo is suitable for men and women, irrespective of age. In addition, the use of different shades of black brings out the tattoo’s uniqueness.

15. Colourful Sternum Tattoo Designs:

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If you are fed up with black ink for your body art, using multiple colours to bring your otherwise simple tattoo to life can be an ideal solution. The use of several colours gives the tattoo a vivid and bright finish. In addition, this style creates a beautiful and bold design since it mimics classic watercolour painting techniques. Finally, adding an om symbol gives the tattoo a spiritual finish. This sternum tattoo design extends from the upper to the down part of the breast area.

16. Small Sternum Tattoo:

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Geometric tattoo patterns can adapt to fit into a wide range of shapes, making them a versatile option for a tattoo. For example, this geometric sternum tattoo has small shapes and a highlight because of the beautiful flow. Furthermore, you can make the tattoo into something more abstract by using recognizable elements engraved in black ink.


The sternum runs between the breasts and is a popular place to engrave a tattoo, especially among women. A woman usually gets a sternum tattoo on her cleavage, while the same is done on the man’s breastbone. Depending on the wearer’s preference, a sternum tattoo ranges from small to extensive. Go through the list of sternum tattoo designs and choose the one you love the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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