Did you know stomach tattoos are not very common? However, although not very common, the trend of getting stomach tattoos is increasing significantly among youngsters, irrespective of gender. But to get a good idea about how a tattoo looks on a large canvas, we have curated a list of some fantastic stomach tattoos. These designs are admirable and awe-inspiring with talent and artistry. So don’t let the temporary pain stop you from trying out a stomach tattoo. Read on to take a look at some of the unique pieces of designs you can look into and choose the one you like the most.

20 Stylish Stomach Tattoo Designs:

We have picked out some of the best stomach tattoo designs that stand out and increase your beauty significantly.

1. Sun Tribal Stomach Tattoos:

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Although the most common symbolism of a sun tattoo is light and rebirth, it has a different meaning in various cultures. The sun is engraved on top of the belly button, indicating the sun is the centre of life’s balance. The beautiful flower sticks on either side of the sun create a multi-layered beauty. Flowers were the direct symbol of god’s contentment in ancient cultures. Though the tattoo is entirely black ink, you can add colours if you wish.

2. Butterfly Tattoo On The Stomach:

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Among all the tattoo designs, butterfly designs are popular among nature lovers, especially girls. The transformation in one’s life, freedom and change are some symbolic features of a butterfly tattoo. Getting a butterfly tattoo engraved on the stomach can represent the spiritedness of the wearer’s soul. The tattoo combines light and dark lines entirely in black ink.

3. Bee And Flowers Stomach Tattoo:

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A bee tattoo stands for loyalty, generally speaking. The loyalty of these tiny insects is towards their queen and beehive members. This stomach tattoo has the bee in the centre, where two flowers start in the centre spreading on either side of the bee. Though the tattoo looks good in black ink, you can add colours to the flowers and use black and yellow for the bee to make the tattoo stand out more. The tattoo can also represent the wearer’s honour and duty for their work or passion.

4. Feminine Stomach Tattoos:

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If you are looking for a way to represent your naughty side in a tattoo, then this cute and sensuous stomach tattoo can work in your favour. The woman in the tattoo depicts the rebellious demon present in all. The wearer is pretty bold to make a permanent tattoo of the same beautifully. The detailing involved in the tattoo makes the design look pretty realistic and stunning.

5. Tummy Tattoo Design As A Constellation:

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Suppose you are looking for a short stomach tattoo with a deeper meaning. In that case, the constellation tattoo can be a perfect option. Getting a constellation inked on your body means that despite the problems you have in your life, you will always find your way back. Although this tattoo can be suitable for both men and women, it is usually preferred by marines who are out on the sea for months.

6. Mermaid Traditional Stomach Tattoo:

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Mermaids are very popular among kids, irrespective of gender. You can always keep the child in you alive by getting the mermaid tattoo engraved on the stomach. It can be a permanent reminder of your childhood. Mermaids represent freedom, independence, magic, sexuality, and their connection to the ocean, among other things. You can add a touch of colour to the tattoo to make it more personal and memorable.

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7. Butterfly And Flowers Tattoo On The Stomach:

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This is a beautiful tattoo that covers the wearer’s entire stomach. The area underneath the belly button has a snake engraved, which symbolizes power, fertility, rebirth and temptation. At the same time, either side of the stomach has large and beautiful butterflies engraved, representing the circle of life. Finally, the flower vines add to the beauty of the design giving it a feminine touch. Young women usually prefer these tattoos.

8. Gangster Stomach Tattoos:

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A skeleton tattoo can be ideal if you want to warn the onlookers to proceed cautiously. But this skeleton tattoo exudes a funny element which creates a surprise element. The skeleton has a cigar in one hand and the other on its hip. The final yet feminine touch to the tattoo is that the skeleton is wearing s cute little tattoo. This tattoo can be an excellent addition to your body art, regardless of gender.

9. Stylish Full Stomach Tattoos:

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Suppose a style is what you are looking for with a look that imitates a set of jewellery similar to a waistband. In that case, this stomach tattoo can work wonders. In addition, you can use this tattoo to cover up any scars on the abdomen and stomach area. The centre of the tattoo is a beautiful flower surrounded by a connecting chain that gives you the feeling of a beautiful piece of jewellery.

10. Mandala Belly Tattoo Designs:

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Mandala art has been quickly gaining popularity worldwide among adults and young adults. It is not only popular on paper, but many tattoo artists are implementing Mandala art designs in the form of tattoos. The speciality of this tattoo is that the wearer has gotten it engraved around the belly button. As a result, the tattoo fits gorgeously on the stomach area, where each layer has a different pattern making the tattoo all the more special.

11. Cupid Side Stomach Tattoos:

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Cupid is known to have the ability to spark passion and love among humans. This is why cupid is considered a god of lovers by everyone. The wings on this character make the tattoo look similar to an angel. But this tattoo combines the beauty of the cupid tattoo and connects with the wearer’s love for guns, creating a masterpiece. If you don’t want to show off your affinity for firearms, this stomach tattoo helps you cover up when necessary.

12. Extensive Plus-Size Stomach Tattoo:

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This is a bold stomach tattoo which uses designs that represent the masculine traits of the wearer. For example, the lower side of the belly button has a horse tattoo engraved, beautifully symbolizing strength, determination and stubbornness. The opposite side has two goats with their horns touching one another, representing strength, determination and stubbornness. This type of tattoo is an ideal choice for men.

13. Cute Stomach Tattoos:

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If you are a fan of small yet powerful tattoos, this one can do a lot of beauty to your body art. The wearer has gotten multiple flowers all over the stomach in different colours. A flower represents the love between two people irrespective of their size and colour. Usually, these types of tattoos are preferred by women, but men have no restrictions.

14. Stomach Tattoo Designs:

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Though simple, phrases often carry more profound meaning than an entire intricate tattoo. This stomach tattoo has the word “treat people with kindness.” The term means what you give is what you get, whether it is kindness or anything else. The letters are engraved in blue ink, but you can always choose the font of your choice and get it done in the colour of your choice. This tattoo can work well for people of all genders.

15. Buddha Belly Tattoo:

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You can beautifully represent your love and devotion to the Buddhist practice by engraving a Buddha tattoo on your body. Buddha’s face has intricate details that give the tattoo a realistic feel. Every tiny piece is carved by putting in love and emotion. Although men usually prefer these types of tattoos, some women are going on the experimentation route.

16. Simple Lower Belly Tattoo:

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This one can be an ideal choice if you want a tattoo covering your entire lower belly. From one angle, this tattoo looks like a belt tied across the stomach. But from another side, you can see two sharp knives coming towards a central coin. All the tattoo designs have intricate patterns that beautify the design exceptionally. This tattoo is preferred by young people irrespective of gender.

17. Abdomen Tattoo For Males:

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Knowing the link between REDRUM tattoos is essential before getting one engraved on your body permanently. In addition, a REDRUM tattoo is often associated with prison life making it offensive to the onlooker. Finally, many people might find tattoo offensive, which might create a problem if you are looking for employment or an apartment for rent.

18. Floral Abdomen Tattoo:

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The floral tattoo can be an excellent option if you want a small tattoo with a deeper meaning. Flower tattoos have always been a part of the body art culture, small or extensive ones with intricate patterns. This cute little flower tattoo is right between the belly button and the central part of the wearer’s chest. In addition, you can opt for colours if you are bored with black ink.

19. Cupid Side Belly Tattoo Design:

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This cute little angel tattoo represents the link between heaven and earth while not leaving out the innocence in the face and eyes. The angle resting its head on its hand and tiny wings on the side symbolize god’s protection and love. So many people, irrespective of gender, choose this tattoo for either birth of a child or the untimely death of a family member.

20. Snake Stomach Tattoo Design:

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Suppose you are looking for a symbol of rebirth, temptation, power, fertility and more in the form of a tattoo. In that case, the snake can be a timeless choice. A snake tattoo can wrap around the wearer’s desired object. The res and black snake’s tails start from the wearer’s belly button while intertwining with each other. A black snake represents wisdom, whereas a red snake represents strength and protection.


If you are a fan of unique designs for your body art, then Stomach tattoos are a perfect choice. The benefit of these tattoos is that you can either cover them up or show them off as your choice. We hope the stomach tattoos mentioned in this article will help you visualize how the design looks on your body. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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