Pregnancy means nausea and vomiting. But have you experienced a burning sensation in your stomach during these times? If yes is the answer to your question then you might want to visit your physician as you might be suffering from Peptic ulcer disease which is common during pregnancy. A stomach ulcer may be scientifically defined as when the mucus lining of your stomach wall erodes. This erosion affects the acids of the stomach and damages the stomach walls. Stomach ulcers during pregnancy are very common.

Causes for Stomach Ulcers During Pregnancy:

The actual cause of stomach ulcers is yet not known to scientists. An ulcer, however, occurs due to an imbalance of certain digestive juices in the stomach and duodenum. Also, ulcers can occur as a result of certain bacterial infections.

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Among the various recognizable symptoms of stomach ulcer some of them may be:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Bleeding
  • Bloating
  • Dark or black coloured stool with odour
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Drastic weight loss

However, the question still remains of how to diagnose stomach ulcers while pregnant. It can be done by Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. This term is used for the diagnosis of stomach ulcers. But the cons of this method involve that the detection of the ulcer by this method can be done only when the symptoms stated above are severe.

Treating Stomach Ulcers During Pregnancy:

The most suggested method of treating stomach ulcers is by antacids. Antacids have been proven medically effective in treating ulcers and they are easily available at pharmaceuticals. However these antacid contains bicarbonate. which is usually not preferable to be consumed during pregnancy. As they are harmful to both mother and foetus and hence these bicarbonates are not usually suggested by doctors. Hence doctors on a global scale prescribe Antacids containing Magnesium, aluminium or calcium in rather smaller quantities for extra precaution so that the foetus’s health is not interfered with. There is more than one way to avoid Stomach Ulcers during Pregnancy. Some of the most important ones are.

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1. Avoid Harmful Foods:

Having a secure and healthy diet is very important especially since you are now feeding two. If you have an Ulcer while pregnant you should avoid food that aggravates. The disorder here is some of the food that you should avoid if you are a victim of a stomach ulcer. Try to avoid it.

  • Chocolates
  • Fatty foods
  • Citrus juice
  • And any foodstuff related to Caffeine.

2. Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol can really harm your foetus and hence it is harmful to your growing baby. And especially alcohol is to be avoided when you are suffering from Ulcer Diseases as it will further deteriorate your digestive system.

3. Taking Medicines:

Certain medicines have a reverse effect on pregnant women and rather harm them than help them. If you have Peptic Ulcer Disease then you should avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS as they have known side effects on pregnant women.

4. Say No To Smoking:

Smoking is harmful to the lungs and not to mention your growing foetus. And now that you are confirmed that you are suffering from Peptic Ulcer Disease you should quit smoking as it might lead to some unwanted complications and also might harm your baby.

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Hope this article cleared all your doubts about Stomach ulcers during pregnancy. Now that you know that you are suffering from Ulcer you should consult your nearest physician immediately for clearing any further doubts that you may have.


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