While there are different hair textures, the straight hair has been a common scenario in many cases. While some have naturally straight hair, others have chemically straightened hair or through styling tools. Whatever is the case, many often get confused on possible straight hairstyles. Here in this guide, we tell you straight hairstyles for girls which are best fit for several events and occasions. These haircuts for straight hair are among most edgy and sleek looks which give all that modern vibes and fashionable looks. Try these straight haircuts out to see how it goes on you. There are both easy hairstyles for straight hair and also several bold styles.

How to Style Straight hairstyles for Girls and Tips:

Below are the top 9 simple hairstyles for straight hair. These are among the top best haircut for straight hair that a person should try out.

1. The Asian Fringed Look:

This is in the line of the frontal sectioning. These are kept here in an asymmetric horizontal fashion, and these are therefore very casual to the sport, and also these are easy for setting. A spray of water from bottled water can be used for making these types of effects in an easily manageable form. These can be the sport for parties, and these can be a regular low maintenance look as well. This is among the most simple straight Asian hairstyles.

  • Best Season to Try: Try this style out in winters at best.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in the late 20s and 30s are the best fit here.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Wear this style with oval and diamond face shape well.
  • Perfect Occasion and Outfits: Wear this for a nice dress for parties or cocktail events.

2. Shifted Fringed Look:

This straight hairstyle ideas aren’t quite new but are pretty and cute. This style has side bangs attached to it which is making this trendy cute look. This feminine hairstyle is quite easy to do and maintain, as well. All you need is long hair, and stylish bangs to feel this princess looks and feel. Try this out if you want quite edgy and feminine elegant look.

  • Best Season to Try: Any season is outstanding to go here.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style for women in the 20s age group only.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Those with any face type can try this out totally as it fits all.
  • Perfect Occasion and Outfits: Wear cute dresses or long gowns to go for parties and events.

3. The Ramp Girl Look:

This is a ramp style look of a straight hairstyle for girl, which can be done easily with the help of some clips. If the length is long, then the top portion can be shifted backwards and then clipped with some bobby pins to create the effect at the frontal area. These are also good for parties and easy wear for daily college or high schools.

  • Best Season to Try: Try this style best in monsoons time.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this if you are in the 30s and 20s age only.
  • Suitable Face Shape: If you have an oval and diamond face, then this style goes best with you.
  • Suitable Occasion and Outfits: Wear this with fancy outfits for themed parties or fests in colleges.

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4. The Rocker Girl Look:


These straight hairstyles for women are not the usual style which we see. This has quite a shining and polished look. Here is nice polished side pony has done by brushing hair towards side covering one side of the forehead. This is new in trend but looks quite sleek and edgy. If you love to experiment with styles, then there is nothing like this one. These are good with funky outfits as well.

  • Best Season to Try: Summers are good to go in this haircut.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Try this style with any face shape as you wish.
  • Ideal Age Group: If you are in the 30s then this goes perfect with you.
  • PErfect Occasion and Outfits: Women can wear this style with nice long dresses or skirts for dance parties.

5. The Fashion Model Look:

Here are the party straight hairstyles for girls. If you want a high end and fancy elegant look, which is royal and vintage, then there is nothing like it. Try this style for such a polished vibe and modern effect. This looks great further if you are in the fashion industry and events to look apt and beat the crowd with style sense.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women in 30s are the best fit here.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Try this style for diamond and oval face.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style in winters and monsoons at its best.
  • Perfect Occasion and Outfits: Wear this style with fancy dresses or gowns to look great for parties and events.

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6. Shifted Choppy Hairs:

Here are another open straight hairstyles for girls; however, it is one of the low maintenance looks. This style looks quite on the top, and loud is easy to maintain and style it out. All you need is just brushing well and chopping hair in this layer mild cut. Just let the hair be breezy, as shown in the picture, and you will automatically get that trendy look.

  • Best Season to Try: Try this style in winters only.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, oval and round face are good to go here.
  • Ideal Age Group: If you are in the mid-20s, then this is the perfect fit for you.
  • Perfect Occasion and Outfits: Wear this for college fests and events with dresses or skirts.

7. Centralized Chopped Look:

Here are other straight hairstyles for girls ideas. This is chopped look as shown in the image above. Here this gives summer vibes and length can be easily altered as per your wish. All you need is good maintenance to give this fine hair and shining effect. Try this out if you want on the spot ready and easy to style look for daily use.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Any face shape can wear this look quickly.
  • Ideal Age Group: Early 20s young woman can sport this style well.
  • Best Season to Try: Winters and summers are good time and season to sport it out.
  • Suitable Occasion and Outfits: Wear this with casual western wear for college times and outings with friends.

8. The Forehead Coverage Look:

Now comes the short straight hairstyles for girls. This style we see is with bangs which are cute and feminine. This is the style nowadays and taking down with this trend and vibes. Such a bold and loud look isn’t it?! Try this out if you are experimental in your looks, love to style up boldly and in a stylish manner. Nothing like this if you are a fashion addict!

  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style in summers to look good.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in the late 20s are good suited to this style.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Those with square and oval face are the best fit here.
  • Perfect Occasion and Outfits: Women should wear this with totally stylish western wear to look great for parties or cocktail events and high-end occasions.

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9. The Straight Fringed Look:

Now comes another short straight hairstyles for girls. This style is effortless to wear and gives that vintage elegant and smart look. Women who love to look stylish and smart, wanting to give that great first impression can try this style out. Wear this if you are in corporate as it suits you the best.

  • Best Season to Try: Wear this best in any season as it is quite versatile.
  • Ideal Age Group: Try this style for women in the late 20s to 40s, anyone.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Those with round, oval and diamond face are best suited here.
  • Suitable Occasion and Outfits: Try this style with formals like blazers and skirts to go to office meetings and events.

Additional Tips:

  • Now let us tell you some best suggestions and tricks for best looking straight hair.
  • If you have naturally straight hair, then you are good to go for these looks. But if you are doing it artificially, make sure to protect your hair well with heat protectants, argon oil and good hair nourishment.
  • Further, all these straight hairstyles look stylish and shining with fine hair. The secret behind is having good moisture to hair and having fine hair.
  • Hence haircare routine should be followed at any cost without a miss and fail.
  • Hair spa once a month is a good idea to make sure hair is protected from all types of pollutants and dullness.
  • Use volume boosts shampoos if you have thin hair. Use moisture-based shampoos if you have dry hair.

Hope you enjoyed reading this guide on straight hairstyles. Given list are among top trending styles which are well known in the fashion world. You can easily try them out as per your preferences. Be it edgy styles or simple looks, and it depends on you for how to style. You can choose to go over bold or have mild looks. Tell us further suggestions and comments once you try them out, we love to hear from you and have feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Will bangs suit for thin straight hair?

Ans: Bangs can make the look if you have thin and straight hair. These are the new style to cover up thinning of hair. Further, try with short bangs style to look great for you.

Q2. How often does straight hair require trimming?

Ans: Straight hair may require more trimming than normal hair as per your nature of hair. On average, one may require hair trimming once in 4 months for straight hair.

Q3. How to make straight hair look fluffy and thick?

Ans: We all dream for thick and fluffy hair. The dense hair is totally another style, and it looks such vibrant and edgy. Now getting thick hair depends on several lifestyle factors and also the care we maintain on hair. Having a good diet, regular trimming, good shampoo, not much usage of chemicals on hair, good hair oil massage regularly, and so on are major factors for fluffy and thick hair.

Q4. How long does artificial straightening of hair last and when to redo it?

Ans: This case depends on the nature of your hair. If you naturally have very curly hair, then it may go off quite soon. However, it may last up to quite a few months, depending on your hair care regime. But make sure you have good hair checkup and know your hair’s health before you regularly go for these procedures.


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