Jeans have changed from a work wear clothing to an everyday style, the design of the jean has changed dramatically from early 50,s to present trend. A pair of Denim jean is always seen in Mens and Womens clothing list. Have you will ever thought what is the difference between different styles and design of a pair of jean? Which kind of jean pattern either Skinny, Flared, Wide leg designs suits to what kind of body figure? To know about various type and design of straight leg jeans to add to mens and womens wardrobe collection list.

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Formal and Casual Straight Leg Jeans for Men and Women:

Here is the top 9 Straight jean pointed out for a happy shopping!!

1. Women’s Skinny-Straight Leg Jeans:

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Skinny straight jeans are the most sold clothing in a textile showroom. Since it is tight body fitting and tapers at the ankle region which brings out the figure perfectly and this makes the young girls go crazy. Skinny jeans with a formal or a casual top go very well with a skinny belt.

2. Cuffed-Straight Leg Jeans for Women:

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Straight jeans for women are usually long for girls since it is not custom made and it is traditional. To make it more fashionable, cuffing the jean up making a single tall cuff. Cuffing the jean before wearing it on to gives a better look. Cuffed jean goes well with  minimalist boots or a pair of heels.

3. Flared Straight Women Jean:

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This type of jean is also called Bell bottom jean. It flares down the knee and when seen from back or front it forms a bell shaped. The upper leg and thigh region are tight and high flares down. Recent the flares are moderate and they are referred as boot cut jean.

4. Wide Straight Leg Jeans:

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This type of jean has a wide circumference, the entire length of the pant. Extremely wide circumference more than 20 inches becomes like a baggy pant effect. This is worn by girls rather than boys.

5. White Straight Leg Jeans for Girls:

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Denim jeans are usually in blue color, but since late 80s white jean has also become in trend. White jean is most commonly worn by girls and women than men. Mostly during recent years the young girls wear during official party meetings or for causal wear than as a official outfit.

6. Mens Black Straight Leg Jean:

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Black is always a favourite color by both Men and Women, the same theory applies for choosing black straight jeans. Since black goes well with almost all color Shirts, it is picked up immediately for any kind of casual or official outfit. Straight medium rise jean is worn mostly by both the genders.

7. Low Waist-Straight Jeans for Men and Women:

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This type of jeans is popular among both genders since it sits down the waistline, the Curvy figure of women body is brought out beautifully, girls prefer to wear low waist skinny jean and tight fitting at the waistline, but guys prefer to wear loose straight jeans with low waist.

8. Medium Rise Straight Jean:

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This type of jean is worn by men and women most commonly, since it does flash out while bending down. The jean is worn at natural waistline, the regular rise is between 9 to 11 inches from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband.

9. High Rise Straight Jean:

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It is defined as longer than 10 inches rise pant above the waist line. They have recently become very popular among young girls with a short tang top. The legs can be skinny or flared out. The new trend comes out with rivets and button at the higher waist line.

Jeans will always be in fashion due to its comfortability and durability of the thick material. Care and wear is one of the important point to retain the texture. Advice is wash less often. Hot day, dirty job mean sing to Wash your jeans. Cold day, office job? Maybe you can wear them twice or more.

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