Did you know, along with being an IT hub, Bangalore is the city best known for its nightlife and microbreweries? But it also gives you the best street food scenes in the country. The garden city is full of colors and emits cultural heritage of their own. Though people here are busy as a bee, they are kind and friendly people. The city has a plethora of choices of street foods; you cannot stop yourself from trying! Scroll down and explore the famous list of street foods in Bangalore that arouse your taste buds and where to find them.

List of Best Street Foods In Bangalore:

Add these street foods to your must-eat list when you travel to Bangalore. Scroll down to check out the menu.


South India has a special love for dosa, Bangalore being an integral part of it many of the people down south love the dish. It is served in all the stalls on the street and restaurants too. There are a variety of options available in dosa, such as plain dosa, Karam dosa, neer dosa, masala dosa, etc. Masala dosa has mashed potato curry stuffed in between the dosa, and Ghee dosa is another specialty that is served in the form of a cone with loads of ghee. Hot and crispy dosas are served with coconut chutney and sambar.

Mangalore Buns:

Mangalore bun is a famous delicacy that is available in the form of fluffy puri that is stuffed with bananas. It is a sweet dish that is best cherished with sambar and coconut chutney. This dish has its origins from the region of Udipi, Karnataka, and it is readily available on all the street carts and restaurants all over Bangalore. This is one of the best snacks to eat for breakfast or tea-time you must try when you visit the garden city.


Uthappam is another Bangalorean favorite street food that is a softer and thicker version of dosa. The basic uthappam is prepared using rice flour, tomatoes, and onions. The street vendors provide various versions by adding cheese, paneer, etc. But if you are looking for an authentic uthappam then, try the one without any extra add ons. It revives your sleeping taste buds and is served with fresh coconut chutney.

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Medu Wada:

Medu Wada is a popular south Indian snack that looks similar to a doughnut but savory in taste. This deep-fried snack is prepared from urad dal soaked and ground with chili, coriander, and some vendors add onions too. The paste is then deep-fried in oil, ordering a Medu Wada can never be a wrong decision, as it not only soothes your taste but your soul too. It is served with a variety of chutneys and sambar. Some stalls even serve wadas soaked in a lot of sambar.

Kebab and Rolls:


Kebabs and rolls are famous among all the street food stalls all over the country. But to have this non-vegetarian special with a Bangalorean touch, you have to try these at Bangalore. Chicken and mutton are the main cuts of meat used to prepare kebabs, served fresh from the grill served with mint chutney and onions. There are rolls served in the form of thin crispy paranthas with vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffings. This is the best-prepared street food available for you to munch on!


Idli is also known as the signature dish of Bangalore that is readily available and affordable breakfast on the streets of Bangalore city. It is one of the healthy snacks available all over south India as it is steamed and not fried. You can get yourself piping hot idlis served with fresh chutney and sambar on a bright morning. Many locals have them on the way to the office as a simple breakfast item.

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Obbattu or locally, also known as Bele Holige, Bobbatlu, or Puran Poli, is a sweet dish prepared at home during festivals like Sankranthi, Diwali, and Ugadi. Made with flour, cardamom powder, jaggery, and Rava. This delicious dish is sold fresh and hot on the stalls of the streets with lots of ghee on top.


Tandoori is another non-vegetarian special available on the streets of Bangalore for all meat lovers. Chicken prepared in tandoori style is available on every kebab stall or any Mughlai restaurants. These stalls serve moist and supple chicken that is marinated with spicy red masala and grill them on the serve. These pieces of chicken are cooked to perfection and will satisfy every meat lover’s hunger for meat.

Bajji with Filter Coffee:

If you are out to have a hot cup of tea or a filter coffee, then bhajji is a perfect snack to pair it up. To enjoy the chilled weather of Bangalore then, bajji with spicy chutney is the perfect tea-time snack. The street stalls serve a variety of bajjis made with several vegetables that are winning the hearts and tastebuds of many tourists and locals.

Pani Puri and Chaat:

Chaat and Pani puri is a favorite of people of all ages all over India, and Bangalore has thoroughly adopted the chaat-culture. There are stalls on every corner of every road serving you varieties of pani puri and chaat. Aloo chaat, Papdi chaat, Dahi puri are served with additional toppings of bhujia, curd, black salt add to the taste of the chaat. Pani puri is served with a filling of cooked and mashed chickpeas, onions, and the specially prepared pani puri water.

Best Food Streets Names in Bangalore:

  • Every city has a street that serves every type of street food, Bangalore is no exception. Thindi beedi is that place located in one of the oldest areas of Bangalore, V V Puram. Filled with carts, stalls and food shops that are spread over 300 feet serving hot and a variety of south Indian, Chinese, North Indian delicacies. The shutters of these stalls start opening from the evenings and keep serving into the late night.
  • Mosque road in the Fraser town of Bangalore is the perfect place to indulge in all the meat dishes. It is specially lit up in the holy month of Ramzan invites the meat lovers, both locals, and tourists, similar to its mouthwatering recipes and aromatic smells. You can get Mutton keema, Haleem, Seek kebabs, and some vegetarian versions too.
  • Chaai point is a place serving all kinds of beverages for domestic and international fliers. Street foods by Punjab grill, Goli vada pav, Adyar Ananda Bhavan are some other places at and around the Kempegowda international airport that serve affordable and delicious food.
  • Every railway station has a serving of stalls and food courts for all the passengers. There are a lot of stalls and restaurants that serve fresh, hot, and yummy food that is affordable. Shri Sagar ctr, New Krishna Bhavan are some places for you to buy something for yourself before you board the train.
  • Located right opposite the Malleshwaram railway station is the Sri Raghavendra stores that serve you piping hot idli, dosa, Wada, shavige bath with freshly prepared chutneys and sambar. The Idli-Wada combo is pretty famous at this place and is a must-try.
  • Srinathji in Marathahalli, Spicy corner in Jeevanbheema Nagar, and Murli in Bellandur are some of the best places in Bangalore that serve the Indo-Chinese food. You can have food that is pocket friendly, and the crispy, spicy and tangy cauliflower Manchurian is the star dish of this place that is served with a variety of sauces.
  • Golmaal paratha in Jayanagar, Paratha plaza in Koramangala, Hari super sandwich zone in Jayanagar, and Tiwari’s ghee paratha & chai in Banashankari are some of the places that serve you a variety of parathas you can choose from with butter on top. You can have a quick bite that is filling yet doesn’t put a hole through your pocket, then They are served hot all night, satisfying your hunger pangs all through the night.

So folks! With the list of top street foods, you can try, don’t delay in planning a trip to the garden city. We have provided you with the best street foods in Bangalore and all the places you can find them so that you can and must try. The beauty of the town of Bangalore is that any time of the day, you will be able to find food on the streets ready to eat, the only thing you have to forego is comfortable seating.


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