String curtains are just amazing to buy. It gives some kind of happy feel while seeing it. String curtains have thin and thick strings in a variety of designs. The string curtains are awe-inspiring and will inspire even your guests too to have such string curtains. Some strings are so nicely designed and possess magnificent prints on them.

Latest and Best String Curtains With Pictures:

These string curtains look Attractive in your living room, and attract the attention of everyone.

1. Crystal String Curtains with Beads:

It is extremely beautiful string curtains with beads. This curtain has crystal beads of small and big size. It looks crystal clear and transparent. Crystal beads are highly delicate and they will sound when touched.

2. Heart Line String Curtain:

This string door curtain is quite romantic. The pink colour string contains a pink little heart line on it. This is a lucid curtain which is very soft. This curtain looks so interesting and loving. This kind of string curtain will be the first choice of a newly wedded couple. This one will be a good choice on the first night for couples, this type of curtain is mostly you will find in hotels or villas too.

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3. Wooden String Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

It is wooden string curtains for doorways containing beads of triangle and circular shape. The string is ornamented with three pairs of round shapes and then comes two triangle beads. It does carry weight and your rod needs to be strong enough. This is useful in bungalow decoration too.

4. Fairy String Curtain:

Image Source: instagram

This is so a stunning string window curtain that looks like a fairy tale. The white transparent curtain is decorated with strings having bulbs, stars and flowers. These stars and flowers are also made up of small bulbs which are lighted up.

5. Rose Flower String Curtain:

This white string curtain spreads fragrance with its small flowers affixed to the curtain. Each string has flowers attached to it in a line. The flower petals are also of the same white colour and a few strings are tied up with one big artificial rose clip.

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6. Cascade String Curtain:

It is a black string curtain having strings cascading. The strings are the same as those used in making Christmas trees. The strings are having some portion cut off that are striking and it will stay steady as it is.

7. Twinkling String Curtain:

This is a string net curtain which has yellow bulbs affixed to it. The lines of bulbs are arranged in a check style. This curtain gives a bewildering effect and the curtain is covering the dining table. You can even use such a curtain for your special date.

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8. White Ball String Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

This white beaded string curtain is astounding and pure. Small white balls are placed on these white strings which are just breath-taking. It highlights the freshness and clarity of the curtain design. This curtain is just extraordinary.

9. Vertical String Curtain:

Image Source:

This is a string blinds curtain in orange colour. The curtain has vertical strings of plastic material. It is hung with a hook on the plastic rod. The colour of the curtain is captivating and it looks simply incredible.

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The beautiful string curtain delivers marvellous features of first-rate quality and standard. People will pleased to see this string curtain. It will neither get old nor bore. String curtains are evergreen and will get instantly liked by all. Because of its winning capacity, it will leave you spellbound. It will make you hear a lot of compliments.


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