A number plate is similar to the identity of a vehicle and holds a lot of importance. You must be mindful when choosing a Bike number plate design because it reveals your taste and class to everyone and identifies your vehicle. Unfortunately, several design options are available in the market, making the choosing part daunting. We have curated a list of some of the latest and best Bike number plate designs that will give you a glimpse into what you can incorporate into your design. Read on!

Two Wheeler Bike Number Plate Models In India 2024:

Here are our 20 new and fancy bike number plate designs with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Stylish Bike Number Plate Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Royal Enfield bike is considered royalty in the bike world and a symbol of pride. The Royal Enfield brand has gained a cult following because of its unique features and is also the world’s oldest two-wheeler brand. This number plate has a royal touch which works exceptionally well for the Royal Enfield bike. The rear-end number plate is broader and has the shape of a rectangle. At the same time, the front-end number plate is thin and long. In addition, the symbol RE is present on both nameplates.

2. Best Number Plate Design for Bike:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one of the best and most popular 2-wheeler number plate designs. The reflective and sleek plates carry the bike registration number beautifully. Moreover, the bold and black numbers stand against the white background efficiently. Furthermore, the number plate is rust-proof and is highlighted with a black border with colourful stripes all around the plate beautifully. If you look closely, the white background has a honeycomb design engraved, making it all the more special.

3. Latest Bike Number Plate Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This one can be perfect if you want to personalize your number plate. You can choose the font you want to print on the plate per your preference. This number plate has a glossy glass finish and is rust-free, durable, and custom-made for your bike. Additionally, a muscular man is holding a dumbbell which might indicate the owner’s profession. The front and rear-end number plates are different in size.

4. Fancy Bike Number Plate Design:

A standard computerized process will help you get the vehicle registration number of your choice, which is fancy and unique. To obtain a fancy vehicle registration number, you must submit an application form for RRMA. The nameplate has a glossy finish, is rust-proof and is durable, and the motorbike registration number uses a regular font, or you can choose the font of your choice. There is a thick border all around the plate, which makes the nameplate stand out.

5. Gel Bike Number Plate Model:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another motorbike number plate design with a honeycomb pattern, creating a visually appealing end product. In addition, you can get the nameplate customized to fit your vehicle, making it more personal than just a namesake. Except for the designer borders, the entire nameplate is white, highlighting the embossed bike registration number.

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6. Royal Enfield Number Plate Design:

Image Source: motorbikecustoms.com

Many consider Royal Enfield a symbol of pride, and it is a dream for many to buy this bike. It is also the world’s oldest two-wheeler brand, with its unique features gaining a cult following. As the name suggests, this glamorous bike number plate design can be a perfect option for such a fancy bike. The rear-end plate is broader compared to the one on the front end. Adding the wings and the words ROYAL ENFIELD gives your motorcycle a royal touch.

7. Pulsar Bike Number Plate Design:

Image Source: youtube

This is a unique two-wheeler bike number plate design where the vehicle registration number looks elevated, giving it a 3D effect. The number plate is custom-made for every bike, making it unique for each vehicle. In addition, the entire nameplate, including the background and the 2-wheeler registration number, has a glossy finish giving you a visually stunning product.

8. Yamaha Rx 100 Number Plate Design:

This is a Yamaha bike number plate design that looks pretty while being one of many popular options often chosen by many. The look of the nameplate is stylish though it might look straightforward. For example, the rear-end nameplate has the registration number printed in two lines. In contrast, the front-end nameplate has the number printed in a single line. There is also an addition of a small circle at the left corner as per personal preference.

9. Yamaha FZ Number Plate Model:

Image Source: 91wheels.com

This bike number plate design is simple and looks similar to the one previously mentioned. You can also see the words Yamaha written on the front and rear end of the number plates. Though there is a difference between the size of the number plates, the content is similar. There is only a difference in how the bike registration number is presented. The sleek and shiny platinum number plate is rust-free, making it a durable option.

10. Duke 200 Number Plate Design:

Image Source: youtube.com

Many people wish to add elements about their bike or personal life into their bike nameplates which can be pretty special. The bike registration numbers printed on the front and rear ends of the number plates have a 3D effect with a red colour tint in the background of the number. The registration number stands out beautifully against the white background. The words duke are written on the rear end in bold white.

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11. Apache 160 Number Plate Style:

Image Source: youtube.com

This is another popular number plate style for bikes that is not only straightforward but also has a classy finish. The rough and tough material of the number plate makes it durable and a rust-free product. The product is thin, see-through and has a white background, making the bike registration number stand out. Adding the logo of TVS with a red horse on top gives you an idea as to the brand of the bike.

12. Government-Approved Number Plate Design:

Image Source: tradeindia.com

This simple bike number plate design has an embossed bike registration number that stands beautifully against the white background. The number plate also has a broad blue strip with the words IND written in white and a circle of stars on top. The blue and white colours complement each other and look the same in the front and rear ends.

13. Shine Bike Number Plate Design:

Image Source: camera.edu.vn

If you want something unusual for your number plate, then using radium can be an exceptional choice. Radium brightens your number plate, especially during nights when the sight of your number plate is essential. On this number plate, all the numbers have white radium attached around them. At the same time, the bike model’s name is done in red, complementing them beautifully. In addition, the plate is made of high-quality plastic and, therefore, durable and rust-proof.

14. R15 Bike Number Plate Design:

Image Source: youtube.com

The number plate of the R15 bike is defined by the prominent words R15 at the bottom. The bike registration number is engraved in thinking font against a white backdrop, making it look sleek and stylish. The product’s left side has a broad blue stripe with the words IND imprinted and an added dotted pattern. The front-end and rear-end number plates look almost similar.

15. KTM RC 390 Number Plate Design:

This is one of the latest bike number plate designs that use bright additions at the top and bottom. The entire number plate is white with a bold black registration number. However, some highlights, such as the bike’s brand name, are written in yellow at the bottom of both number plates. In the same way, the left side of both the number plates has the words IND imprinted against the yellow stripe.

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16. New Style Number Plate Bike:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another perfect example of a bike number plate design popular in 2024. Unlike the previous number plates, this one comes in a unique shape, making them stand out. It is a perfect fit for an Audi, and you can get it custom-made as per your vehicle, making it more personal. The rear-ended number plate has a wavy shape on the left side with a honeycomb pattern.

17. Honda Activa Number Plate Design:

This is one of Honda Activa’s most famous number plate designs that can be incorporated or customized per your vehicle. The name plates of the front and rear ends of the bike have similar embossed numbers against the white background. Furthermore, the product also contains slanting lines, making the number plate look like zebra stripes. HONDA ACTIVA is also beautifully written on top of the number plates.

18. Honda Unicorn Number Plate Design:

Image Source: tradeindia.com

This is a unicorn bike number plate design with a silvery shiny finish that is fashionable and classy. It can be an easy fix for all two-wheelers and has anti-rust properties. This vehicle number stands out even from far away since the black text is embossed against the white background. The product’s beauty is further increased by adding the Honda wings in the left corner.

19. 3D Bike Number Plate Design:

This unique bike number plate design is pretty and unlike any other products mentioned in the list. The number plate on the rear end has the bike registration number printed on two lines, where zero has a cut which looks similar to a man with hair and a beard. The entire nameplate has an element of masculinity, making it stand out wherever you go. The outer lines of the nameplate have bold and black borders, coinciding with the black numbers beautifully.

20. Sticker Bike Number Plate Model:

Image Source: desertcart.in

This plastic, rust-free, durable nameplate option for your bike looks beautiful on the bike and lasts longer. The front and back-end nameplates look almost similar but have a traditional finish rather than glossier. The material used in the production is high-grade plastic which can be a perfect option for any bike since you can customize them per your need.

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Whether a bike or a car, number plate designs are essential in representing the vehicle. But regarding a bike number plate design, we have presented you with a unique number of options to help you choose one. The bike number plate design you choose will reveal your taste and class while keeping the vehicle’s identity on display. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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