There are millions of people who suffer from hair loss due to many reasons. The most common problems that is responsible for this is that a person may not have hygienic conditions or that person may not be following a good life routine or a good diet.

Sudden Hair Loss Problems:

10 Sudden Hair Loss Factors can be explained as shown below.

1. Unhygienic Conditions:

This is probably a frequently known factor which can cause sudden thinning. If a person lets the sebum and sweat get deposited, this leads to accumulation of dirt and grime and this can lead to pollution deposition and infections or closed surface pores which can be the factor behind the problem.

2. Alopecia:

This can be often an internal problem. However this should be treated with proper medications and then the hair loss can be controlled. Surgical remedies can be tried if the doctors suggests.

3. Crash Dieting:

People often go on crash dieting. The body cannot handle sudden loss of nutrients if a person does not properly eat. This therefore leads to sudden falling off of the strands. It is advisable that a person should lose weight with regular exercise and not crash diet.

4. Dandruff:

Fungal infection can be the result for which a person can have itch and boils on the scalp. This can lead to severe problems. This can be treated with ketoconazole bars and other topical antifungal creams.

5. Hormonal Imbalances:

These usually affect teenagers and women who go under various types of medications. Even menopause can be reason for imbalances. Doctor’s advice is recommended for proper medicines and proper treatment.

6. Poor Eating Habits:

We all know that poor eating and diet habits are a very common reason these days which is why the body does not get the nutrients that it requires. This can therefore lead to malnutrition which can lead to various skin problems. This can also be due to excessive eating of oily and junk foods because then the glads can secrete more sebum which can lead to poor hygienic conditions.

7. Method of Styling Damages:

This should therefore be kept in check. Many styling products often contain hydrogen peroxide which is very harmful.

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8. Thyroid Abnormality:

When a person has hyper or hypothyroidism there is often inadequate or improper secretion of the hormones in the body. This is often an internal cause for thinning. Proper medication should be taken after thorough examinations and other examinations have been conducted.

9. Stress:

It is often seen that people who stay stressed out they are usually prone to abnormal gland secretions, more sweats and also other imbalances which can affect a person from inside. This should therefore also be treated from inside with proper medicines and also counselling can be helpful. Often yoga and meditation can treat this if these are properly followed.

10. Anemia:

Often people who have Anemia can be affected by poor hair growth. To treat this, a person should have a proper diet and also suggested medicines which a doctor advice.

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Recommended Tips for Sudden Hair Loss:

  • A clean head with a good cleanser every day is quite useful for people suffering from this type of problems.
  • It is also suggested that proper topical medications like a minoxidil or the like can be used for these.
  • Proper diet and also a proper exercise routine is always helpful to treat deficiencies from the inside.
  • Person should stay properly hydrated to control hormonal sebum production.
  • Proper examinations should be conducted to see the internal reasons and then recommended medicines should be taken.


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