Hazel eyes have a combination of different colors in them like blue, green orange/golden and also light brown.  Let us see how you can create a sultry smokey eye effect for your hazel eyes.

Warm Shades For Hazel Eyes:

Opt for warm colors for the lid which accentuates the blue and green colors of the hazel eyes. You can try golden shades or earthy shades like light brown or shimmer brown. For the crease you can try even darker versions of the same colors.

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Go Green:

The green flecks of the hazel eyes can be enhanced or brought to the forefront by wearing a shadow in green. Various shades of green can be used. You can use warm green shades for the upper lid. For a smokey effect you can use a darker green shade on the crease like forest green or even brown can enhance the green flecks in a hazel eye.

Play With Golden Shades:

Different variants of golden shades can also enhance the orange/gold flecks in a hazel eye. You can try shimmery golden shades and also lighter golden shades which will enhance the hazel eyes. It will also make the eyes pop out. The browns will also be enhanced.

Brush up The Purple:

The green flecks in a hazel eye can also be played up by using some lighter shades of purple. You can try lavender or lilac shades.

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How to Easily Get a Sultry Look:

Some easy steps can help you easily get a sultry look for the hazel eyes.

Step 1: Start off on the entire lid with a neutral shade. Extend up to the brow bones and on to the entire lid.

Step 2: Now apply a medium dark color for the lid. Remember this will be the first shade of dark color if you have chosen 3 colors for creating the smokey effect.

Step 3: Now proceed to apply the next shade of dark smokey color to the crease. Also add this color to the exterior of the upper eye lid. Apply the same color all along the lower lash line of the bottom lid. Do not overdo the lower lash line. If you want a different look then you can use a kohl pencil on to just beneath the lower lash line. Next you can smudge the line a bit with a Q-tip brush.

Step 4: Now take the darkest of the 3 colors that you have chosen for the smokey eye effect. Use this color in a little extended form at the outer edge of the upper lid.

Step 5: Now take a highlighter. This can be your shimmer silver or a pale white color. Use in very little and blend very well on to the entire brow bone.

Step 6: Now you can move to the liner. You can choose a specific color of eye liner. Dark green can be good for coloured eyeliner. You can also use a normal black coloured eye liner. For a smokey effect you can use pencil liners which tend to smudge. We do require a smudgy effect for a smokey eye look. So this can be good too. However you can use normal liquid or gel liners as well. Apply a nice line starting from the inner edge of the eye and moving outwards.

Step 7: Line the lower lash line. Take a Q-tip and smudge this line a bit. This step is not required if you have already used kohl on to the lower lash line.

Step 8: Now finally apply a little bit more of the shade that you have used on to the lid over the liner. This will soften the liner appearance and make it look sultrier.

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Voila! Your sultry smokey eye look is complete.


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