Summer eye makeup is something that you do not want to be very bold or full of dark colours. You want something soft to make you look fresh.

1) Neutral Eyes:

1. You can sport very simple eye makeup looks for summer like the one above. You can even ditch eyeliner almost completely and can still look good without it. Let us see how you can create this neutral fresh look.

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2. Start off on a cleansed face by applying some moisturizer or for a day time makeup directly apply some sunscreen. This will protect your skin and at the same time keep it moisturised. Follow this up with some face primer and also eye lid primer.
Next apply some concealer and foundation.

3. Moving on to the main ingredient of the eye makeup is the right color of eye shadow. If you want a soft look then try n shades like extreme light pink which has a slight shimmer or sparkle to it. You can try skin tone shades as well as extreme light orange shades. All these colors will work well with this type of eye makeup. If you don’t have such a shimmery effect on your eye shadows, you can use loose eye shadow shimmer in silver.

4. Brush this color all over the eye lid and below the lower water line.
For the crease use a light matte or shimmer grey shade. Don’t use this too much. Use this from the central portion of the crease and blend this with the exterior portion of the eye lid.

5. For the brow bone use a normal whitish or silvery shade.

6. We will not use any eye liner or the top lid. If you do want some lining and feel makeup is very incomplete without it, then use pencil liner to make a very near to the lash lining and do not make any wings.

7. For the lower lid, use a pencil liner only of good quality which doesn’t smudge. Use this just below the water line. Do not use at the waterline.

8. Finish off with heavy coat of mascara for both the lashes. You could use some curling as well.

For more dramatic effect yet a very simple look, try false eye lashes for the upper lid.

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2) Colorful Eyes:

Sometimes you may want a colourful makeup to signify the spring summer time. For those times, an eye makeup like the one above can be just what you would like to sport.

1. You will need to have a pastel eye shadow colors palette for this. You can try this look with 3 to 4 colors like orange, pink, light blue and pastel white.

2. Brush up any of the colors on the upper eye lid. Extend at the crease. You can use a light brown at the crease for more definition or you may not use it. Here the brushed up color is orange.

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3. For the lower lashes create a two toned hue. Use any of the other two colros for this. Here the colors used in half and half are light blue and pink.

4. Use kohl for lining just below the lower waterline. Use the white eye pencil or white eye shadow for the waterline of lower lashes.

5. For the upper lid, use a thin lining with gel or water eye liner. Make a slight wing at the exterior.

Finish the look with lots of mascara for both the lashes. You could use some lash curling as well.

You can also use a fake lash for the upper lashes.


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