Top 9 Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Summer is a very hot and humid season where not many can wear their hair down without having to worry about sweat and stickiness. The summer season normally calls for more tied up hairstyles that do not need a lot of work to complete.

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These hairstyles may include buns, braids and so on. There are though a few long hairstyles that help you to beat the heat of summer and at the same time look your best. These hairstyles are easily customised and can be done directly from your home and are flexible enough to be worn to big events as well. Though there are a large number of long hairstyles for summer there are a few that stand out from the rest, these outstanding hairstyles are given in detail below-

Different Types of Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Soft waves:

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If you have naturally wavy hair then this is a great hairstyle which will not only help you to beat the heat but will also make you look absolutely gorgeous. Allow the well groomed waves to softly fall around your ears and face making you look absolutely stunning.

2. Extreme Volume:

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For that hot evening out with friends this is the perfect hairstyle to go with. The intense amount of volume that your hair will carry will be a head turner for everybody present at the event you wish to attend. Though the volume of your hair will be incredible the slightly soft curls complement the volume nicely. A good amount of hairspray is required to keep the style in place.

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3. Complete Curls:

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Curls are very popular during summer because it is not only light but looks absolutely great even when you are planning an evening out. The hair style is very simple yet stylishly elegant filled with an intense amount of density and volume.

4. Bangs:

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Long bangs are again very popular during summer because the hairstyle is very light, easy to carry off and takes very little time to style owing to the fact that it has been cut and styled as per your needs. A small amount of product will help keep the style in place if you are planning to adorn it for any event.

5. Fish Tail Hairstyle:

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This hairstyle is perfect for younger girls because it has a very childish feel to it though the hairstyle can be worn by older women as well. Accessories look great with the fish tail hairstyle. It is quite unique as no other summer hairstyle is as complicated yet as free as this one.

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6. Long wave’s Hairstyle:

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The long waves are in great demand during summer but require a longer set of hair than normal. Try growing your hair throughout the year to achieve this look during summer. It is light yet full of volume and looks great both formally and informally.

7. Side Bun Hairstyle:

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The elegant side bun is also a very popular long hairstyle for summer and can only be carried out if you have moderately long hair. The side bun can be worn elegantly for any event and compliments any dress.

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8. Side Braid:

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The side braid is also a very playful hairstyle which helps to compliment the hot weather of summer completely. It is easy to make and requires just a second pair of experienced hands to help you to achieve this great hairstyle.

9. The Great Mane Hairstyle:

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The great mane is a very sophisticated hairstyle but it  is meant exclusively for the summer weather. Unleash the beast inside you by adorning this hairstyle for any corporate or social event where you will definitely be the centre of attention.