Make up is incomplete without lipstick and women cannot imagine their life without one too. With all the colours, glamour and drama they add to the face, these surely are not to be missed when you think about getting dressed. Summer is a perfect time to show off the colours and vibrant make up to get a sexy feel. Here are some super summer colours that will enhance the overall look and add life to your face. These shades are available in various brands and come in a creamy or matte texture as desired that glide over the lips thus moisturising them and stay all day long too.

Beautiful Summer Lipsticks and Shades With Images:

Pepto Pink:

Hot pink is the most happening shade for all make-up. Dark or light shade, hot pink goes well for all occasions and all time of the day. From nails to eyes, this pink has been spreading liveliness on everyone’s faces.

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Coral suits all complexions and is adds life to the face. You can use coral with red undertones or pink undertones to suit the skin type as required. Dark or light complexion, it definitely works for all. Just team it wisely with rest of your make-up to add to the glamour.


This shade of purple stands out for fair complexion and brightens the face. The shade is in, but a tricky choice because it might make one look dark too. Getting the right colour is essential for it to enhance your beauty.


This might look a difficult shade to carry, but oranges go with all outfits and suit all complexions. The shade is bold but can be carried of effortlessly when combined with right make up. It gives a lively vibe and adds a delicate or bold look depending on the outfit and make up.


Peach is the ultimate shade for this summer. It gives laid back and beachy vibe that well suits the vacation mode. Team it with a lot of kohl and mascara for eye make-up and you get the drop dead looks effortlessly.

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Red is suitable for mornings, evening and nights. It is the hottest and all time favourite for any female. Use with a gloss for a day look and a deeper shade for the het hot look for a sizzling date. The best part with red is, you can wear peachy or pink undertones to suit the skin well.


Those fond of peaches but want to be a little more experimental, tangerine is the shade for you this summer. It makes the overall look very vibrant and lively, suits all skin tones and comes with varied undertones for warm skin. You can also try this out with bold and coloured make-up to add to the drama.


Purple is not highly ranked and preferred usually, but will spread a lot of life this summer. Pink, violet and lavender variants can be used to make the shade look different. For those with fair skin, plum tones or a darker shade accentuate the look.

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Nude shades go well with everything. It can give you a dusky and tanned look perfect for summers. It gives a soft look without making the skin look pale and lifeless. The shade is perfect for those who do not like bold colours but would like to add a little plump to the lips.

These lipstick shades are well suited for summers because of the soothing effect they give to both the user and the one who sees. All you need to do is be confident and carry yourself with grace.

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