The scorching heat of summer is often terrible to bear. Often we as young women who want to flaunt our style and look good are fed up and too tired to even think of getting ready to go out during the hot summer months. One primary concern for this is the blazing heat which may melt our makeup and spoil our looks. The heat can really be bad for the skin and can cause sunburn and tanning too. Hence the summer season requires a new kind of beauty and skin care regime, which is totally different from our everyday makeup. The prior importance is first to wear makeup to protect us from the heat, messing up our makeup. Hence here we are with summer makeup tips to get you sorted on how to style and care for your beauty during the summer season.

We all need new summer makeup ideas at this time to beat the heat with style. The first key is to wear a good moisturizer on washed face and then sunscreen. This is a vital step to protect skin from UV rays. Several makeup products are available in the market that is inbuilt with sun protection, which should only be used during summer. Here are a few easy tips on how to apply makeup during summer.

Skin Care and Makeup Tips During Summer:

Here are a few easy and simple summer makeup tips and skin care ideas to effectively overcome and beat the heat with style.

1. Cleansing in Summer:

The major thing one needs to remember is to cleanse face thoroughly in summer. Do not do it immediately after coming in from the sun. The cleansing routine should be done in the morning or at night as part of a routine skin care regime. Use a good Aloe Vera or moisturizing face wash to cleanse your skin. The cucumber and papaya variants also do well and are available in several brands. First, cleanse your face to remove all dirt and suntan with the help of cleansing milk or rose water.

It will also give freshness to the face. It is also important to use a good scrub every week to remove impurities and dust which pile up on the outer layer of the skin due to external factors like pollution. Apply the scrub in circular motions to the face. You can also prepare your own scrub at home with rice powder and curd in order to exfoliate the dead skin cells.

2. Moisturizing The Skin Well:

Do not neglect to moisturize your skin in summer. And this is major makeup tip for the summer season, as many have a myth not to apply moisturizer in summer. We often believe that it makes our skin oily and hence, we avoid products like moisturizers, but do not neglect this step.

3. Sunscreen Application:

Application of a good sunscreen is vital during the summer months. One cannot stress the importance of sunscreen enough every day, especially during summer. The sun during this season can really do harm to your skin, and the only way to protect is by applying sunscreen diligently. Any summertime makeup must begin with the sunscreen. Apply no less than 50+ SPF on the face and neck every morning. Even if you do not step out of the home, this step is very essential. This should be reapplied every four hours to be effective on the skin for the whole day

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4. Face Makeup:

Now comes the makeup part. Let us begin with fresh summer makeup tips this season. Any makeup during summer has to go through this process.

a. Primer:

One cannot fail to emphasize the importance of a primer for the base of makeup, especially during the summer season. This is required on a day-to-day basis, be it every day or during the summer holidays. The primer will help to set the foundation on the skin without smudging through the whole day

b. Foundation:

Any perfect summer makeup will begin from the foundation after the application of the primer. The foundation should be selected as per the skin tone, as per preference you can go either for mousse kind of consistency or heavy coverage or light coverage. For summer, you can try heavy or light coverage better than mousse consistency. In case you want to go for an everyday makeup look then try light makeup. If you want to attend parties or weddings, then try for a full and heavy coverage foundation. Select foundation closer to your shade, apply on the face with the help of foundation brush or sponge evenly all over face and neck. You can take the best summer makeup foundation which has SPF to use this season!

c. Concealer:

The next in summer makeup tutorial is the concealer application. In case of acne spots or pimples or skin discolouration, you can take help of concealer to make the foundation look even on the face. Take concealer of your shade or a lighter shade. Further, you can use red concealer to hide black spots on face. Apply also on tips of face points like nose, chin and forehead to highlight the features of the face.

d. Compact Powder:

The next step is the usage of compact powder. While some prefer to skip this step, it is recommended that it is used during summer. You can take an SPF inbuilt compact powder for summer. This helps to also provide you with a double layer of protection on the skin during the summer season. Apply evenly with the help of an airbrush.

5. Eye Makeup:

Next comes the eye makeup as part of these simple summer makeup tips. Here is how to go about it!

a. Eye Shadow:

The first step to go for is eye shadow. In summer, we all want to keep our makeup light and bright. Hence go for either nude colours or bright colours as per skin tone and occasion. Makeup tips for oily skin in summer are to apply eye shadow only on eye primer. There are eye primers available in the market to ensure that eye makeup lasts for a longer time. Apply first a light shadow on the crease and then lightly spread over with a brush. Next, take similar tone colours of the shadow and extend the application from inside of the eye to the outer area.

b. Eye Liner:

It is essential to use waterproof eyeliner during the summer. Do not use normal eyeliners, as this may be get smudged due to sweat and heat. Apply evenly on the upper lid of the eye.

c. Kajal:

Go for Kajal in the next step. Apply evenly on the lower lid of the eye to add boldness and beauty to the eyes. Summer makeup for dark skin also can follow this step and do not need to skip it. This is uniform for all skin tones.

d. Mascara:

Mascara makes another important component. This will help enhance the eyelashes. For summer, you can use waterproof mascara. This helps mascara and eyelashes to look fuller and stay for a longer time.

e. Eyebrows Makeup:

While many underestimate the importance of eyebrows, we cannot fail to emphasize, given the altogether new look it can provide. The eyebrow and lashes can be applied evenly to make them look fuller and make eyes look brighter!

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6. Lip Makeup:

Here is another important step, which cannot be skipped. For summer months you can go in for earth tones or nude tones as you wish. Many women prefer to go for simple and earthy tones in summer as this will elevate the look altogether. Even for summer, makeup for dark skin can work on this look for a brighter look. Apply evenly nice lipstick to look gorgeous in spite of the heat.

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7. Touch Ups:

Now once all this is done here are a few touches to add the extra glow. Add on a peachy tone or brown tone blush in summer. This will add to the look and make your cheeks appear fuller and brighter. Further highlighter is going to be a best friend to make your face glow even more in this heat. Apply on the tip of the nose, on the chin and on cheekbones to look beautiful and glamorous. This is an important part, especially during summer wedding makeup tips.

Further, apply face setting spray to keep the makeup in place and to stay longer.

8. Hair Makeup

Now, this is yet another important part that cannot be ignored. You can work on a hairstyle as you wish before or after makeup. It is best advised however to sort your hairstyle out before beginning the makeup itself. Go for some nice braided bun or pony or leave over with side clips to look gorgeous. In case of summer beach makeup, do not forget to add on hair spray too in the end in order to make sure your hair does not get frizzy.

Additional Tips:

Hope you liked these steps on how to go about summer makeup. Here are a few other tips

  1. There is nothing more important than the application of a good sunscreen during summer. Hence never skip this step of your makeup routine.
  2. You can also buy sunscreen spray to spray on your face once in four hours. After spraying, you can touch it with an SPF built compact powder.
  3. Makeups tips for dry skin in summer include consumption of adequate water and keep yourself hydrated. You can also further have a moisturizing spray in hand when you step out. Spray your face with it to keep you feeling fresh.
  4. Do not forget to remove makeup once done. Never sleep with makeup on. Hence use good makeup remover or a cleansing lotion.
  5. Cleanse face well before you go to bed. This step is a must whenever you apply makeup during all months.
  6. Apply some nice night summer serum on the skin to help the skin to rejuvenate and brighten and repair itself.

Hope this guide on summer makeup tips was helpful for you. Given the scorching sun and heat all over, these summer makeup ideas are required to brighten your day and not allow the summer heat to bog you down. Follow these steps to beat the sun and heat in style. Let us know what you think about these tips and tricks of the skin care regime during summer.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Can darker skin tone women use moisturizing lotion in summer?

Ans: Yes, of course! All skin tones can go ahead and apply moisturizing lotion in summer. Be it darker or lighter, and one should use a good moisturizing lotion. It is a myth that darker skin tone women may become darker or appear dark during summer if such lotions are applied. It is a basic skin care regime which should be followed!

2. Is oily skin recommended to use moisturizing lotion in summer?

Ans: It is often a myth that oily skin does not require moisturizing lotion. Be it any skin type and skin tone, and it needs nourishment and moisture to absorb and hydrate. In today’s market, there are several lotions which are non-greasy and prevent the skin from becoming oily. Hence choose and apply one of them for your skin.

3. For how long can I put on and be with makeup during summer season?

Ans: It is up to you and your requirement on applying makeup during summer. Be it the whole day or for a few hours, make sure to remove makeup at the end of the day. Do not prolong makeup application if not in use or requirement according to the event on hand.

4. Which products are helpful to remove sunburn and suntan in summer?

Ans: Summers are known to cause sunburn and suntan to several people. Hence it is essential to care for skin during summer more than any other season. Apply natural products like Aloe Vera, honey, potato and tomato on face and neck during summer months. Further, apply skin rejuvenating serums at night before you sleep. You can also apply a good face pack every week with papaya and cucumber to repair and rejuvenate the skin.


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