Scarves are necessary all-round the year. They are the accessories that are found in each and every wardrobe, apart from the normal jewelry, watches etc. They were pre-dominantly used only during winters to keep you warm. But times have changed and scarves are seen to be worn in all kinds of weathers as style. There are scarves of different materials for seasons like summer and spring that keep you in style. Nowadays scarves are to be seen as the favorite accessory. Summer scarf designs are generally light-weight.

How to Wear a Summer Scarf:

Wearing summer scarves are very easy. There are different ways to drape the scarves. Comfortable outfits like jeans & T-shirt, Skirt and top can get added glamour with the scarf. You can wear the summer scarf in a very simple way that is, just put it across your shoulders or braid it and wrap it around your neck. You can wear it poncho style or cowboy style depending on the place you want to go and the occasion. Tie the ends of the scarf and wear it infinity style. Wrap it across the bust line and it becomes a remarkable beach-wear.

Best Summer Scarf Designs:

Here are a few incredibly easy ways to wear the summer scarf styles for women and men.

1. Ruffled Up Summer Scarf:

This is the best scarf style in summer which made of soft cotton or linen fabric and is also very light-weight. You can even make them at home as they are very easy. It is a lovely accessory for a summer outing or even a walk down the beach. There are many ways to wear the scarf. Two simple ways are – just wrap it around your neck or take in around your neck with the loose ends in the front and tie a simple loose knot. You don’t need to wear any kind of jewelry around the neck with the ruffled up scarf.

2. Knotted Lace Scarf:

This is a brilliant way to tie the neck scarves for summer. A polka dotted chiffon scarf to wear on your jeans, T-shirt and shrug or even a long skirt with a top. Drape the scarf behind your neck. Taking one loose end wrap it around your wrist. Make a loose knot. The other end should be pulled through the knot – first under and then over. There, your cool summer look is ready.

3. Shoulder Duster Scarf:

This is a wonderful lightweight scarf for summer. Fold the silk scarf into a triangle and take it front from the behind of your neck. Tie a loose knot similar to the tie-knot. You can pair it with skinny pants and a smart top. This one is a lovely style to wear to the movies during summer. It is both comfortable and a perfect everyday look. It also adds elegance to your outfit.

4. Funky Men’s Chequered Scarf:

Men are you ready to add a bit to your hotness quotient. Here is a classy way to use the men’s summer scarf. Just wear a scarf that is in contrast to the outfit that you are wearing. Scarves can help you to add to your style quotient and make you look completely different from others. Just take the scarf in front of the neck and let the loose ends fall back. Then take the left side over your right shoulder to the front and the right side over the left shoulder to the front.

5. The Classic Loop Style:

This is a simple yet classic way to tie light scarves for summer. It is also quick to tie and pretty stylish too. It can be of chiffon or silk material – printed or plain. First fold the scarf into a triangle and place the triangle in front of the neck. Then bring both the ends that are at the back to the front. You can adjust the length by pulling each side.

6. White Lace Ladies Summer Scarves:

A crocheted white summer scarf is a stylish sophisticated wear for parties and even for weddings. It is light weight and easy to manage. You can wear it as a poncho style or even have an summer infinity scarf in white colour. White bolero ladies summer scarves also are pretty trendy to wear on jeans and T-shirt. They also make a pretty gift for women. The graceful scarves for womens summer look elegant from any angle.

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7. Half Bow Scarf:

Looks complicated but isn’t! Wear the scarf around your neck so one end hangs down the front longer than the other. Bring the long end over the short end and pull it through the neck loop from the bottom but not entirely. Pull in a manner that the long end creates a half loop on one side of your neck.

8. Black Skinny Scarf:

The black skinny long summer scarves to sport along with your usual skinny jeans and T-shirt is a trendy way to appear in college. Just wrap the skinny scarf which is sleek and totally effortless to wear. But this look is really eye catching and smart. The scarf can be of silk, chiffon or even crocheted out of a thin black thread or wool. You can have your own style of how to wear this scarf as any style will look out of the world.

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9. Cotton Summer Scarf:

Cotton scarf for summer is the best accessory. These are the lightweight scarves for summer and very easy to manage. They can accompany any outfit be it jeans of skirt. This accessory is very trendy among college going teenagers and even good to cover up the face while riding your bike. Cotton scarves come in multiple colors and prints. Bandanna scarves are the most popular. It is to be worn loosely around the neck and your dress shall make a statement wherever you go.

Summer scarves are nowadays are a key accessory which is affordable to add up to your wardrobe. You have different choices to wear the summer fashion scarves. You can wear them on your usual T-shirt and jeans and give yourself a colorful lady-like look. Every person has a favorite way to tie the scarf, especially during the hot season. They wear the scarves to protect themselves from the scorching heat and save themselves from rising pollution as well. You can simply wrap it around your neck or wear it like a choker. Just add color to your old outfit by draping a colorful scarf.

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