Top 9 Summer Wedding Hairstyles

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There is nothing better than summer weddings. Warm climate, close friends, classy champagne, etc. Among all this, the one thing who should forget about is your hair. It is one of most important part of the whole wedding scenario. People will be looking up to your beauty and you need to be in your best shape from head to toe. Besides choosing the right one, you need to carry it throughout the evening. Thus, we have presented some of the best and comfortable summer wedding hairstyles in your favor.

1. Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle:

summer wedding hairstyles

This well-textured hairstyle comes with cute colors at the bottom. Manu stylists consider it as the best wedding hairstyle. It has magnificent beach waves which make this hairstyle even more beautiful. For attaining this look, you have to get access to a roller and pull up the warm hair for establishing those heavenly waves.

2. High Bun Summer Wedding Hairstyle:

Summer Wedding Hairstyles2

This is a vintage hairstyle which looks great with long hair. Here the hair is assembled together to form a huge bun which remains elevated. It provides the bride with a classy and festive look. If you have a long face, you better get ready to turn heads by wearing this hairstyle.

3. Front Braided Wedding Hairstyle:

Summer Wedding Hairstyles3

In this look, you will get sophisticated waves right over the forehead. In this summer, the fashion of braided hair has increased a lot. Hence, stylists have come up with this style for the women with oval and long faces. This versatile hairstyle with its gorgeous braids is intended to capture attention.

4. Chic Summer Wedding Hairstyle:

Summer Wedding Hairstyles4

Among the many summer wedding hairstyles, the Boho is preferred by bridesmaids. Thus for the bride it has to be a little sophisticated than the others. This chic wedding hairstyle for the bride is the easiest one. It can be styled easily and stylists say that it is suitable for all face and hair types. Whether you have long hair or short hair, you can rock this haircut.

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5. Shaggy Updo Summer Wedding Hairstyle:

Summer Wedding Hairstyles5

This carefree hairstyle is one of the trendiest wedding looks this summer. Women with all faces are wearing this look. It looks messy and carefree and is maintained with a number of pins.

6. Braided Summer Wedding Hairstyle (Loose):

Summer Wedding Hairstyles6

This loose braided hairstyle is a stunner. Here the tied up hair is well established and set loose. The hair can further be dressed up with floral attachments which will light up the whole wedding theme.

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7. Wavy Summer Wedding Hairstyle:

Summer Wedding Hairstyles7

This sun-kissed hairstyle will remind you of the beaches. The hair looks like as if ocean breeze has passed through it and made it fluffy. The hair is a bit wavy at the end. Women with long faces can try this hairstyle.

8. Butterfly Summer Hairstyle:

Summer Wedding Hairstyles8

This unique hairstyle is intended to make the groom happy, as well as the guests. The hair has floral and artificial butterfly attachments which makes it look sassy.

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9. Perfectly Braided Summer Wedding Hairstyle:

Summer Wedding Hairstyles9

In this hairstyle, the hair is heavily braided which makes it look like a plait. It will look good on all kinds of faces and can be maintained easily. Stylists also consider as one of the most adorable wedding haircuts.