The sun and moon tattoo designs have been popular for decades because they represent our duality beautifully. But did you know the Sun and moon have different meanings in different cultures? Yes! Throughout the history of humankind, the Sun and moon have had diverse symbolism and meaning depending on the civilization and cultural interpretations. However, modern times have retained many ancient symbolisms, which have been beautifully represented in this article’s sun and moon tattoo designs.

Therefore without further ado, go through the list of tattoos and choose the one that represents your personality the most. Read on!

25 Popular Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs:

It is time you start going through the list of famous sun and moon tattoo designs if you are looking for meaningful, unique, astonishing patterns. Let us get started.

1. Traditional Sun and Moon Tattoo:

This is a beautiful Sun and moon symbol tattoo whose meaning depends on the wearer’s understanding. The calm and serene expression engraved on the faces of the Sun and moon brings out the positive nature of the wearer. The entire tattoo is in black ink with shades of grey in between. However, if you wish, you can always add colours to the tattoo instead of just black.

2. Simple Sun and Moon Tattoo:

This Sun and moon tattoo designs on the fingers is an excellent option when looking for a simplistic pattern for your body art. The sin and moon symbols on the waves are engraved on the ring fingers of both hands, making the design close to the wearer’s heart. In addition, the waves can symbolize the wearer’s love for water or sports associated with water.

3. Sun, Moon and Stars Tattoo:

This is a cute Sun and moon tattoo with overlapping patterns that look incredibly beautiful. The unique feature of this tattoo is that the Sun has one eye closed with bold eyelashes, and there is an overlapping of the moon with two stars instead of another eye. In addition, the facial features of the Sun and the moon look very serene and calm, exuding the wearer’s mental state.

4. Traditional Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs:

The sun and moon patterns in this tattoo design are intertwined, where the moon is in the Sun’s core. Rather than disunity and conflict, this combination often symbolizes the unity of the opposites. The addition of facial features creates a realistic look to the elements. Though the tattoo looks beautiful in black and grey shades, some people get them done in colours to emphasize the difference. The biceps, forearm, and back of the neck are some of the perfect places to get this tattoo engraved.

5. Unique Sun and Moon Tattoo On The Neck:

This tattoo can be ideal if you want a deeper, more meaningful design than simple Sun and moon designs. The meaning and feeling of the tattoo vary depending on the facial expressions depicted on the tattoo. It ranges from focussed and serious to calm and serene. Similar to most of the sun and moon tattoos, this one also has both celestial objects intertwined with each other. Finally, adding cute little stars at the bottom adds to the beauty of the design gorgeously.

6. Detailed Sun and Moon Tattoo:

This one is perfect if you want a mandala-inspired Sun and moon tattoo. The Sun and the moon have intricate details covering the entire tattoo design, which look gorgeous. Though the tattoo looks elegant in black ink, you can add multiple colours for all the little patterns, giving your tattoo a unique finish. This tattoo seems exceptional when engraved on the back of the neck or anywhere on the arm.

7. Watercolour Sun and Moon Tattoo:

If you aren’t a fan of black ink and want to add colours, this sun and moon tattoo design can be a perfect choice. Here the Sun is engraved with a black outline though the insides are filled with a combination of colours such as yellow and orange with a hint of blue on the borders. So though the tattoo is colourful, bold black lines create a perfect visual.

8. Sun and Moon Sternum Tattoo:

Sternum tattoos are quickly growing in popularity. This Sun and moon tattoo design is perfect for sternum tattoos. In this design, the Sun and moon are perfectly synchronized to form a beautiful circle. In addition, the outside of the ring has patterns which look like sunrays protruding. Finally, the lower part of the design has thin dotted lines which look like jewellery hanging, creating a fine finish. Women usually prefer these types of plans.

9. Tiny Sun and Moon Tattoo:

This small one can be a perfect choice if you are not a fan of intricate and detailed Sun and moon tattoo designs. These types of tattoos include small and straightforward linework designs and can be extremely easy to achieve. Though the tattoo looks beautiful, you can add an extra dimension to the plan using shading and dotting. Also, since the tattoo is small, you can get it engraved anywhere on the body, depending on your preferences.

10. Hand-Holding Sun and Moon Tattoo:

If you want a unique tattoo addition to your body art, this pattern where hands hold the Sun and moon can be a perfect choice. This sun and moon tattoo design is not unique but doesn’t leave out the traditional elements giving out a gorgeous-looking tattoo. The meaning behind these exemplary designs depends on the wearer. Some people believe the hands represent God, where the Sun and moon are his creation giving the tattoo a religious connotation.

11. Realistic Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas:

This is another Sun and moon tattoo design where both celestial beings synchronize with each other. The facial features of the Sun and moon, which include the eyes, nose and mouth, create a realistic look which reflects the feelings of the wearer. The black ink used for the tattoo is unique, but you can use colours if you want the tattoo to have a personalized and customized design.

12. Sun and Moon Tattoo Drawing:

If you are a person who loves getting a tattoo but doesn’t like the extensive or space-occupying ones, then this Sun and moon tattoo can be a perfect choice. Using lines and dots for the Sun and a crescent moon inside creates an ideal combination of light and dark lines. Though expensive moon and Sun tattoos look exceptional, these artistic designs appeal to some people. However, the size of the plan depends on what you want from the tattoo.

13. Sun and Moon Minimalist Tattoo:

Getting a finger tattoo can be a perfect choice if you are a fan of minimalist designs which don’t occupy too much space but look beautiful. The wearer has gotten a beautiful sun and a lovely crescent moon in addition to stars on the middle finger. The tattoo design covers the entire finger creating a perfect mask for the finger. The use of linework and dotting techniques depict harmony between the elements.

14. Colourful Sun and Moon Tattoo for Guys:

This is a moon inside sun tattoo unique because, unlike the others, this tattoo is entirely in colour. These types of colourful tattoo designs are usually personalized and customized on the wearer’s request, keeping in mind their requirements. Complimenting colours, including blue, orange and purple, create a visual treat gorgeously. Furthermore, you can make the tattoo more personal by using the colours you like the most.

15. Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo:

This is another Sun and moon tattoo design that looks like a piece of jewellery and is usually preferred by women. The Sun has a feminine look and energy complimented by the crescent moon engraved right beside the Sun. Using dotted lines in the lower part of the pattern creates a perfect tattoo that you can impress on the neck, thigh, forearm or back. You can get the tattoo in black or use multiple colours per your preference.

16. Gothic Sun and Moon Tattoo:

This is a Sun and moon tattoo for men because of the bold lines and gothic finish. The meaning of the Sun and moon varies depending on the mood and feelings of the wearer. In this tattoo, the facial expression of the Sun is pretty sombre and reflects the spirit of the wearer beautifully. The perfect places to get this tattoo are the arm, bicep, or even the neck.

17. Sun and Moon Back Tattoo:

If you are looking for a dot and line pattern representing the Sun and moon tattoo, this one can be an ideal choice. Adding tiny particles on the side of the moon means the bright stars in the sky. At the same time, the other side has the Sun with rays protruding towards the outside. A single circle has the Sun and moon, creating a perfect synchronization. The back is ideal for getting this tattoo engraved, depending on the size.

18. Sun and Moon Hand Tattoo:

This is a Sun and moon yin yang tattoo which beautifully represents the good and evil in humans. This tattoo is entirely done in bold black lines with shades of grey, which create a perfect complimenting finish. It has dual qualities, including the Sun’s brightness and the moon’s coolness. This tattoo looks best in black and grey instead of using any colours.

19. Sun Moon Rising Tattoo:

This is another sun and moon tattoo with two palms holding the Sun and moon beautifully. However, the only difference from the previous one is that the moon and Sun in this tattoo reside on the palm of the hands and are engraved on the forearm. These types of tattoos are preferred by men, though there is no restriction for women. Again, you can use colours to create an impact, even if the tattoo looks beautiful in black ink.

20. Sun and Moon Wrist Tattoo:

This sun and moon wrist tattoo design is a perfect option for women who are looking for extensive patterns with intricate patterns. Unlike the previous tattoos, this one has the Sun and the moon designs a bit away from each other rather than very close by. Additionally, the entire tattoo has leaf patterns in addition to dots with a line across the design, creating visual beauty.

21. Small Sun and Moon Tattoo With Waves:

This is a perfect Sun and moon couple tattoo where one person can get a sun tattoo. In contrast, the other has a moon design, depending on their nature. A couple can also get the sun and moon tattoos engraved individually, whichever suits their personality. The common feature between the tattoos is the presence of the waves representing the wearer’s love for adventure in the sea.

22. Sun and Moon Shoulder Tattoo:

Shoulder tattoos have become a common sight, especially for people who want to try something new yet unique. The beautiful spikes and patterns are made in black lines with plain central areas—the perfect place to get this tattoo engraved in the back or on the arm. Though the tattoo looks exceptional in black ink, you can also use colours to make the tattoo stand out gorgeously.

23. Sun and Moon Arm Tattoo:

This perfect Sun and moon tattoo design is ideal for couples or best friends. Unlike the previous tattoos, this design has a rising sun on the one hand and a crescent moon on the other. The use of grey shades across the Sun and moon characters make them look authentic. Adding curvy waves below the Sun and moon tattoo represents the wearer’s love for the water.

24. Sun and Moon Chest Tattoo:

Floral patterns are common in most body art, whether for males or females, though women usually prefer these patterns. All the eyes on the Sun and moon’s faces look very regal and have curvy noses and lips. Furthermore, a vine with flowers and leaves around the moon creates an authentic and perfect tattoo design. This tattoo looks ideal on the leg, forearm or back.

25. Funny Half-Moon and Sun Tattoo On The Shoulder:

We don’t always like profound and authentic tattoos. But if you are looking for a funny-looking sun and moon tattoo, this one can be a perfect choice. Here the Sun, as well as the moon, his eyes, mouth and a design near their heads making them look like cartoon characters. This design is also a perfect option when your kids want a temporary tattoo. The shoulder, arm or wrist can be the ideal places to get this tattoo.


We hope that you will get inspiration for your new tattoo from the list of Sun and moon tattoos we have provided in this article. We have kept in mind the current trend in addition to an aesthetic look that makes the tattoo designs an exceptional choice for anyone. Go through the list of all the Sun and moon tattoo designs and choose the one that suits you the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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