Men are into projecting themselves in a bold way with a fashionable tint adding to their personality. One such way of showcasing themselves is with a pair of eyewear which is been worn in for any outdoor occasion for a bright sunny day. This carved piece of eyewear has been tailored with innovative fashion design which is introduced to this urban fashion world. Though the designs of the frame and lens have been changed every year due to drastic technological developments, still the technology behind the sunglasses for men is pretty much the same.

To protect against the damaging UV rays it is worth buying a quality men’s sunglasses. Before owning one it is better to know about the types and designs available at the market. Grabbing knowledge about the latest and top 30 stylish sunglasses for men which is best suited for men is worth the time, which will help out bringing a blend of sophisticated and aesthetic touch to their daily life.

30 Best Sunglasses for Men in Trend:

Here is a list of 30 latest sunglasses for men in trend. Choose your best one and pick it.

1. Wayfarer Men’s Sunglass:

The thick plastic frame which is shaped into a square shape or a cat-eye frame which is been first brought out by the Ray-Ban sunglasses for men. The frame is solid but yet not heavy makes it more comfortable to the wear-The lens is light black in color. The color of the frame is usually black, recent years color combined frame with black or brown glasses is now in the store.

2. Aviator Men’s Sunglass:

Aviator sunglasses were designed for Pilot initially to prevent eye damage, later due to the design and style of the aviator frame it became popular among men crowd. Aviators go well for oval face men than long due to its size and shape which will fit well with an oval face. The other types of aviators which are available in the market like western aviators also has the same teardrop lens shape.

3. Retro Keyhole Aviator Men’s Sunglass:

In keyhole design, the frame is designed without any bud holder at the bridge region instead the shape of the frame is designed which provides a snug fit at the bridge region. This type of aviator glasses is usually made from thick molded plastic. This way of keyhole support helps in preventing mark formation at the corners of the nose. One of the main disadvantage of other glasses is the nose bud support which impinges on the nose bridge and causes pain.

4. Round Frame Men’s Sunglass:

Round frame sunglasses one of the most sold frames now in the market due to its sophisticated outlook. Round frame is usually available in plastic and metal frame with different types of lens which are generally black in color. Round frame sunglasses goes well for the Square face which soothes the facial features.

5. Wood Frame Men’s Sunglass:

Most commonly worn among youngsters as a party wear and also as semi-casual wear. The wood frame can be polished or rough finished. The shape of the frame is usually in Square or rectangle, which is matched with a bright colored or a subtle colored lens.

6. Tortoise Shell Frame Men’s Sunglass:

Tortoise shell frame came into the market in 1900 and since then the trend of wearing become as a style statement. The frame replicates the feature of tortoise shell which gives a subtle yet a striking outlook. The lens can be tinted with any color or as a clear lens.

7. Buffalo Horn Frame Men’s Sunglass:

Horns from water buffalo from Asian countries where used to make cutlery items with that knowledge designer who wanted to create a unique pattern of frame used the horn of the animal create rich and poised looking frame for best sunglasses. Though it is pricey it is worth owning a rigid material.

8. Persol 649 Men’s Sunglass:

Person is one of the famous brands like Oakley, RayBan when it comes to branded Sunglasses. In this type of Sunglasses for men which is made from a ridge composite material and lens are also wide enough for about 54mm. The frame color is usually black and brown with the gray or black lens.

9. Legend Lens Men’s Sunglass:

This type of sunglass is sold has a limited edition glass. The lens undergoes a vintage fashioned process with high-end crystal structures which protect against UV-Ray. This pattern is classified as vintage but still not an old fashioned accessory. This lens can be fitted to any type of frame.

10. Square Lens Men’s Aviator:

Aviators are known for their teardrop shaped lens which suits well for square-shaped face, to make it available for short faces the square lens sunglasses are used. A metal frame with the square-cut lens which can be hued with colors like Light purple, blue or even brown.

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11. Transparent Frame Men’s Sunglass:

The transparent frame is simple yet brings out its versatility. He is been distinguished in a crowd due to the uniqueness.The lens can be of any color which is an individual preference. The lens can be mirror coated or non -mirror coated. The color of the lens is suggested to be bright which will compliment the transparent frame.

12. Geometric Men’s Sunglass:

Geometrically designed frame have become in recent years due to public demand. Young boys and men wear it for a party or a casual meet up along with a pair of jean and shirt. The shapes of the frame are like octagonal, Hexagonal or a random lined framed made from metal or wire. The circular wire frame are one of the most common design when it comes to geometric frames.

13. All-in-one Men’s Sunglass:

The all in on best mens glasses are made from a single piece of plastic material. The frame and the lens are combined as one with the length of the temple are short. To maintain this one-piece sunglass is a challenge. It is very fragile and chances of breakage are more

14. Foldable Men’s Sunglass:

The main advantage of this type of sunglass is its fold ability. The frame can be folded and carried along where easily. The chance of losing the glasses is considerably less. The frame is made from acetate lens and it is also tinted with brown or black color with a keyhole pattern at the center of the frame. Persol 714 Sunglass is a famous brand type for foldable sunglass.

15. Sports Men’s Sunglass:

Sports guys are really in need for a good and quality sunglasses to prevent from reflection, sun rays, and glare. In order to bring all these features into one specially designed sunglasses are available which gives a comfort fit and the risk of dropping the sunglass is reduced due to its flexibility and the design.

16. Rimless Men’s Sunglass:

Rimless mens sunglasses are light in weight and also has the advantage of its portability.The lens can be designed into any form and the edges of the lens are polished and many time it is been coated with a golden or silver lining. Rimless frames are bets suited for small face men.

17. Semi-Rim Men’s Sunglass:

Semi lens class can be either made upper part of the lens rim free or the lower part of the lens free of the frame. Either way, make sit look fashionable and appealing to boys when it comes to attraction and fashion.THE lens color can be blue or multi-color. The rimless frame goes well with all types of face.

18. Green Lens Men’s Sunglass:

Most commonly lens color by liked men’s sunglasses. Green colored can be bright to dull which is blended with a metal frame or a rigid plastic frame. The shape of lens most commonly used is tear drop shape which is the typical shape for aviators.

19. White Frame Men’s Sunglass:

White is considered as a neutral color which has the ability to stand out with other colors. The White frame can be combined with a colorful lens which will definitely be a vibrant combination. White frame glasses color well for any kind of skin color.

20. Clip-on Round Frame Men’s Sunglass:

The fashion of clip on sunglass with normal glass was an old fashion which is back with a bang in the market. This design helps us to see the daylight and the advantage of clipping on the sunglasses for men when it is a sunny day. Round frame is suggested for short and square-faced person.

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21. Clip on-Square Frame Men’s Sunglass:

This Charleston rim is considered as the best clip-on sunglass. Which is worth the money spending and posting pictures on Instagram. An easy method of removing and fixing the pair of lens is an amazing art which every man should experience it by owning one.

22. Polarized Men’s Sunglass:

Polarized men’s sunglass also called as driving glasses. Which helps in reducing the glare by absorbing the horizontal light rays reflected back from the surface by which glaring is prevented. The lens color is black or brown.

23. Cycling Men’s Sunglass:

These are snug fitting sunglasses for men. which act like goggles. This type of sunglasses is rimless with a body-hugging fit. The length of the extension is medium with a plastic rivet. Cycling sunglasses helps to prevent dust particles from entering into the eyes and also acts a protective barrier during an accident or fall.

24. Semi-Translucent Rim Men’s Sunglass:

After transparent and white-framed sunglasses.The most commonly brought sunglass by men is the semi-translucent frame.The color of the frame e makes it look dull which is the striking feature behind it. This frame can be paired with a green lens or any colored lens. It will go well with a party wear outfit.

25. Oversized Men’s Sunglass:

This is the era where one can see men wearing sunglasses above the eyebrow line. The frame of these glasses is usually made from acetate or plastic molded material. For the small face, oversized glasses looks very big and appeals as it covers the whole face. For the long facial profile, oversized frame looks fantastic as it enhances the bride forehead and long jawbones.

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26. Shutter Men’s Sunglass:

Plastic frame with the plastic lens has been a trend in recent year, these colorful frames and lens which look like shutter shield. Most commonly worn by youngsters during parties. The shutter lens is also initialized with LED lights. This lighted sunglasses are used for dance shows or birthday parties.

27. Dual Material Men’s Sunglass:

The combination of plastic rims with metal bar can bring out the best quality of the two material and style sunglasses. The rims usually have a square or round shape with a metal extension on both sides called the temple.

28. Blue-Orange Frame Men’s Sunglass:

Vibrant colors Orange and dark blue can be the best duo color as a sunglass. This kind of sunglass is used around the summer season as a beachwear. Plastic rivets which can be either orange or dark blue color. This lightweight sunglass is easy and comfortable when worn. The color combination can be off also orange-colored outside the frame and blue color on the inner surface of the frame which subtle in appearance.

29. Matte Finish Men’s Sunglass:

Matte finish sunglasses for men is user-friendly since they do not cause any kind of skin rashes when worn for a long time. Matte finish frame comes in various colors. One of the most famous and preferred colors is black among men. The size and shape are individual choices. For a long face, a rectangular frame matte-finished sunglasses is highly recommended. For a short face, a square frame will complement the facial features.

30. Flag Printed Men’s Sunglass:

Young boys and men like to share their country name among the crowd through many ways on such interesting method can be wearing the country own flag as a symbolized sunglass. This type of sunglass can be pointed during any kind of sport to showcase their country to whom they support.

Men need a piece of good knowledge about a good pair of sunglasses which suits their facial dimension. The type and shape of the sunglass will bring out the personality of men. Having a sunglass which does not serve the purpose of guarding and preventing external factors has to considered as never owning one. The type of lens selection is also an important factor. Instead of not just thinking darker lens helping to prevent UV ray which actually is not true. The coating and the material of the lens are the key in the right type of glass used. Polarized and anti-glare lens are the best-suited lens for kind of occasion. Spending a good amount for an efficient pair of sunglasses for men is worth the deal!!

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