Wrong are the notions that say acne is simply a passing phase. Wrong are the people who blame acne on age, the early years of teenage hood precisely. As much as a teen suffers with rashes and acne, there is a term called adult acne for the youths, basically conforming to the age of 21- 28 at the most. Acne is a skin reaction resulting mainly from the accumulation of pollution over the open sweat gland pores in your face.

The excess production of sebum resulting in oily skin simply acts like a magnet to all these dirt and pollution particles. Then there are the heat rashes, the harsh sun boiling down on your skin making normal sunscreen lotions a moot point, making you sweat away all the protective layers. The reason for acne may be many, but here is a simple solution to protecting yourself from the sun without having your skin react to the lotions with red blotchy boils all over your face.

Sunscreens For Acne Prone Skin:

Here are the 8 best sunscreens for acne prone skin as follows.

1. Organic Harvest Sunscreen For Acne Prone Skin:


The SPF for this sun cream is rated at 30 which is bitter enough to fight off the harsh sun rays protecting your fragile dermal layers from over exposure and tanning. The olive oil present in it saves your skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays but don’t let the natural oils fool you since this cream absorbs extra oil and locks the sebum secretion pores to give you a fresh matte look.

2. Kaya Skin Clinic Sensitive Skin Sunscreen:

This clinically tested skin care routine is specially formulated for the sensitive skin that would soak up the excess oil and its lightweight formula would maintain the sebum production of your skin. The antimicrobial properties present in it helps reduce the swelling and redness of significant acne traces on your face as well. It is the best sunscreen for acne prone skin

3. Lakme 9-to-5 Mattifying Sunscreen For Acne Prone Skin:


With an SPF meter as high as 50, the super mattifying sunscreen is a long lasting hydration sun protection cream that would moisturize your face and keep it soft and supple without letting extra grease infiltrate your acne prone zones. The non greasy formula gel well with the skin leaving you feeling light and bright. It is one of the best sunscreens for acne prone skin in india.

4. Proactiv Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen For Acne Prone Skin:

Packaged in a professional white tube, the Proactiv daily protection is a brilliant sunscreen with SPF 30 that protects your skin from the burning sun rays and the harmful UV rays as well. its anti fungal and antimicrobial properties works on existing acne and prevents further acne production by locking in the open pores.

5. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen:

The highlight of this product is the infusion of antioxidants which is truly a blessing for the acne prone skin where antioxidants flush out the germ clogging pores ensuring a free fresh face while the SPF 50 takes care of the broad spectrum sun protection. This is the best sunscreen for acne prone skin in india.

6. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Uv Gel Sunscreen:

The reason why we heart this particular product so much is because of its gel formula which works better than a cream in hydrating yet keeping the skin soaked and oil free. With SPF 50 as its weapon, the gel will work on the tough acne tops breaking them down while the UV ray protector will keep your skin from tanning. It is a good sunscreen for acne prone skin in india.

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7. Peter Thomas Roth Sunscreen Stick:


A super easy applicator stick is not the only highlight of this product as it comes packed with anti-ageing formula that takes the fine lines right out of the window. With a bitter SPF of 50 you can easily ward away the harsh sunlight and UV ray particles while caring for your existing acne. Being lightweight, it does not allow product buildup on skin. It is one of the best sunscreens for acne prone skin.

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8. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Sunblock:


Sweating is the hard part about keeping the sunscreen on you and this is why Neutrogena sunblock comes with an oil free waterproof guarantee with the words, no breakout etched on the package detail that would let you enjoy the benefits of a sun cream without having to worry about acne proliferation. It is the perfect sunscreen for acne prone skin in India.

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