Many people complain of getting up in the morning with a feeling of tiredness. This fatigue continues throughout the day, making them susceptible to lethargy, inactiveness and low productivity. The solution to this problem? Energy-boosting foods! Yes! Nature has plenty of superfoods which can boost your energy levels and get your recharge. Along with offering you strength and stamina, these foods can also shield your body from potential damages. Being natural sources, these foods are suitable for all ages and genders. Let’s explore the top energy-boosting foods list.

Best Energy-Boosting Foods List:

Here we enlisted 20 top energy-boosting foods in India. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Oats:

The goodness and usage of this food cannot be neglected. Oats comes with fibre particles, fulfils the protein requirement of our body, grants our organs with necessary natural elements such as magnesium, iron, etc. People who are concerned about their physique consider oats as an integral part of their protein intake. Apart from providing protein, it lowers cholesterol and for this reason, oats are termed as heart-friendly foods.

2. Maca Powder:

This is a root that is found in Peru. The powder form is most popular among people if you’re looking for an all-season energy booster. Consumption of this powder will definitely enhance your energy levels. Another important function of this food is that it maintains a proper balance among hormones. It also reduces stress levels and increases strength, stamina, etc.

3. Salmon:

Salmon is considered as one of the effective energy-boosting foods. It is loaded with good quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids and improves heart health. Salmon is also a good source of protein. Proper intake of this food will provide the body with proper protein and essential fatty acids. The energy-boosting effect of this food will improve the metabolic functions of the body and maintain a steady flow of oxygen.

4. Avocados:

Avocados can supply the body with good amounts of energy. Along with that, it will provide the body with essential vitamins such as A and E. Folate is a prime content of this food which is also very beneficial for the body. You can take Avocado on your toasts, dips and salads. Avocado or butter fruit juice is also wonderful in giving you instant energy.

5. Turkey:

Protein will provide you with sufficient energy to live the day fully-packed. When it comes to protein, the role of turnkey cannot be denied. This food contains essential amino acids which evaluate the levels of energy and keep the brain chemicals alerted. In short, you will able to do all the functions of better than your usual days, if you eat turkey.

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6. Raw Cacao:

The organically pure form of cacao is very good for boosting energy levels. Raw cacao or simply chocolate is considered an effective superfood and is being consumed by people all over the world, more frequently. Start adding this food to your daily diet to enjoy a life full of energy.

7. Chia Seeds:

These seeds are rich in fibre and are loaded with valuable natural elements such as potassium, calcium and iron. One tbsp or 5grams of chia seeds can boost the energy levels in your body. These seeds also contain Omega-3, essential antioxidants, valuable vitamins such as Vitamin C, etc.

8. Coconut Water:

Coconut water in the morning can ensure a proper and healthy day. Pure coconut water is much better than packed coconut as it is a much better isotonic drink. This natural water has high potassium contents and is beneficial for blood transfusion.

9. Kale:

This food is loaded with Vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, and many other important natural elements. Apart from that, kale is a high source of protein and fibre as well. It is considered as one of the best superfoods on the plant which contains well-rounded nutrition. Add this to your daily diet to feel energetic.

10. Bananas:

Banana is one of the high energy foods. It is loaded with carbohydrates to pump up your glucose levels. Bananas are also rich in potassium, calcium and other vital nutrients. Eating a banana or drinking a banana smoothie can revive your energy in just a few seconds. This is why many sportsmen prefer snacking on a banana to get back their lost energy.

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11. Brown Rice:

Unlike white rice which has a high GI, Brown rice is an energetic food with low GI. While white rice gives you a sudden boost of energy, Brown rice delivers a sustained release of energy which keeps you going for long. This is why Brown rice is diabetic friendly, as it regulates blood glucose levels. It also offers an excellent nutritional value.

12. Sweet Potatoes:

One of the best foods that increase energy levels is Sweet Potatoes. Sweet Potatoes are high in nutrition and can deliver instant energy. They are a great snacking option, which can get you back on your feet quickly. They are rich in complex carbohydrates, sugars, beta carotene, magnesium and iron levels to give you wholesome nutrition. Sweet potatoes also help in keeping you satiated for long.

13. Apples:

Apples can give you instant energy by providing the required calories without adding extra fat to your body. They are laden with carbohydrates, proteins and other important fruit sugars. Unlike caffeine-based drinks which pump up quick energy, but die down soon, apples can keep you going for a long time. These energy-rich foods also offer plenty of health benefits to your body.

14. Dark Chocolate:

If you are a chocolate lover, dark chocolate is the best way to get high! As it contains caffeine, dark chocolate can shoot up your endorphin levels and make you feel rejuvenated. Especially when you are feeling drowsy, lethargic and feeling of doing nothing, pop in a bar of dark chocolate to get your battery up!

15. Goji Berries:

Goji berries are packed with nutrition to give you high energy. Being a complete source of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fibre and key nutrients, Goji berries are healthy energy foods to help you lead an energetic life. Many health-conscious people, nutritionists and fitness freaks add Goji berries in their workout drinks for enhancing their energy levels.

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16. Oranges:

There can be no better way to unwind a hard day than with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Laden with Vitamin C, Orange juice is a high energy booster and works instantly. It is also loaded with antioxidants to reduce the stress on your cells and keep them functioning well. Oranges are also known for their citrus smells which can uplift even the dullest of spirits.

17. Almonds:

Almonds are calorie-dense foods which offer better energy levels. They are loaded with many vital nutrients like Vitamin E, Magnesium and even protein to give you a sustained release of energy. This is why doctors recommended adding a cup of soaked almonds to your snacking option for a natural way to feel energetic throughout the day.

18. Eggs:

Eggs are rich in protein and offer sustained energy levels. This makes eggs perfect for starting a day with. They offer all the essential nutrients, including Vitamin E, folate, B12, thiamine, riboflavin, which are necessary for producing better energy in the body. Eggs are also wonderful for strengthening your body and brain! No wonder why they top the high energy foods list.

19. Quinoa:

Quinoa is a superfood in the grain family. It is packed with protein and fibre, which no other grain can match with. Quinoa is also packed with high amounts of iron and potassium to prevent anaemia. This indirectly leads to better oxygen supply to the body, making you feel revitalized again. Replacing your regular white rice with Quinoa can effectively do the trick for you.

20. Water:

Last, but not least, we have water. Water is inevitable to our health and without water, there is no existence. One of the factors causing loss of energy is dehydration. By drinking plenty of water, you can make your body hydrated and restore normalcy. It is important to keep your cells activated and perform all your functions.

We hope these 20 top energy-boosting foods have inspired to try them in your diet! Every single element mentioned in this article is a great energy booster and can outwit an artificial supplement any single day. Plus, they are quite safe and gentle on your body. Taking instant energy pills or shots may make you high for some time, but can be potentially dangerous in the long run. So, don’t take short cuts. Trust nature!

Let us know if you still have any doubts or concern about the energy-boosting foods. We would love to assist you with the best solutions and answers.


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