Fitness comes in different sizes and techniques, different parts and parcels and even in different packages if you enroll yourself into a classified gym. But who cares better about your body than Yoga. While gym and free hand exercises will always get you so far, with yoga now you can take that extra step into tranquility.

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Yoga is basically a torn branch of meditation, slow paced with soft body movements that are compiled with controlled natural breathing and the best part about yoga is not only the fitness in terms of fat shedding, but also about health care and peace of mind. In today’s article we shall talk about one such yoga stance, called the Supta Padangustasana.

How To Do It?

Before we speak about the benefits that can be reaped from this yoga, let’s learn a little about the steps that we might need to take to complete the posture of the yoga. The English name for it is Reclining Hand-to-Big toe pose. As the name suggests, the yoga’s final stance is an exact creation of the name, the name derived from the stance itself. Once again, like most yoga, this is a stretch exercise, an easy one at that.

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Spread your yoga mat and let’s begin the journey.Lie down on the mat with your face facing the ceiling, your lower limbs stretched underneath as your arm rests on the sides. Prior to the beginning, you might take assistance from a separate pair of hands. The other requirements for this stance would be a yoga strap, which is nothing but a thick flexible rubber band and a back support cushion. For the pro yoga practitioners, the cushion and the band can be eliminated.

Now slowly lift your right leg and draw your knees closer to your chest so that you can now hug your thigh with your arms. Place the band on your foot and pull it towards your chest as you straighten your knees slowly. While doing so, start stretching your leg in a perpendicular direction which will be vertical to your body now. All throughout inhale and draw your elbows more into your body to create tension in the band.

Once the leg is straight and perpendicular to your body start tilting it towards your head, your arms rising above your torso as you do so. The goal is to keep your arms as high as possible. Now that you are in the position, you can either lock the position and exhale or tilt the leg outwards now as a continuation of the stance. For the pro people, you can use your fingers to clasp the heel of your feet as you go about the workout. Repeat the same wit the other leg as well.

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How Does It Help Us?

1. This yoga posture will help you tone your lower body muscles. As you lift your leg above your head, your muscles are going out of the way stretching themselves. This causes the muscles to tighten and become firm so that you can sport a toned lower body.

2. This is also a good way to thin down your thighs.

3. Muscle flexibility is yet another benefit to this yoga stance. As you stretch and breathe, the tension knot in the muscles open up.

4. The bending also creates a crunched up pressure situation in your abdomen. Now the abdomen houses the intestines and the ovary. With the pressure situation forcibly created, this yoga takes care of intestinal issues mainly indigestion. The same goes for menstrual problems which is also a part of your abdomen. In a nutshell, this yoga keeps your abdomen strong and healthy.

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