Do you want to lose weight but struggling with a time crunch? If you are a person who doesn’t want to through rigorous training, Surya Namaskar for weight loss is part of the ancient yoga practise that gives you effective results and makes your body flexible in the process.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations is part of the ancient yogic practise that combines simple techniques resulting in a robust, fit, and flexible body. According to experts practising these stretches help build lean muscles and boost metabolism. This process allows you to lose weight in a short period.

Start your weight loss journey effortlessly by delving into the Surya Namaskar practice.

How Does Surya Namaskar Help in Weight Loss?:

Many people want to lose weight but cannot handle the pressure of going to gyms. Surya Namaskar for weight loss can be an ideal workout regime for anyone, and all you need is a yoga mat. Make sure to detoxify your body by adding a few minutes of meditation before and after Surya Namaskar.

Sun salutations or Surya Namaskar act as a complete workout for your body, impacting your throat, heart, chest, intestine, legs, and stomach. Breathing in and out rhythmically, stretching, and flexing your muscles is an integral part of performing Surya Namaskar poses.

Surya Namaskar is considered the base of Power yoga; according to many experts, it helps you achieve your weight loss goal in less time and has many other health benefits. Surya Namaskar is meant for you if you are busy and want to lose weight in less time.

Surya Namaskar Steps To Lose Weight For Beginners:

We present you with the process to perform poses of Surya Namaskar for weight loss at the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Pranamasana (Prayer Pose):

How to Perform:

  • Stand straight on the mat with hands on either side and shoulders broadened.
  • Slowly lift your hands upwards while inhaling.
  • Bring both your palms together, forming a namaskar mudra while exhaling.
  • Make sure you keep your back straight throughout the pose. This Surya Namaskar pose helps with weight loss.

Step 2: Hasta Uttanasana (Raised Arm Pose):

How to Perform:

  • The next step is to bend your hands backwards slowly, forming an arch while keeping your palms together.
  • Inhale while you are elongating your body backwards.
  • While you reach your hands towards the ceiling, push your heels down n the floor to feel a good stretch.

Step 3: Padahastasana (Hand to Feet Pose):

How to Do Hand to Feet Pose:

  • Next, bend down from your waist while exhaling and straighten your back.
  • You can bend your knees and place your palms on the floor for support if you are a beginner.
  • No matter how much you bend, this posture’s goal is to keep your back straight and not touch the floor with your palms.

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Step 4: Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian Pose):

How to do:

  • Next, push your left leg back as far as possible and keep your right leg between your palms while inhaling.
  • Let your left knee touch the ground.
  • Focus on pushing your pelvis towards the floor while your back looks upwards and straight.
  • Try to focus on breathing while performing this Surya Namaskar pose for weight loss.

Step 5: Adho Mukha Shvanasana (Downward-facing Dog):

How to Do Downward-facing Dog:

  • Keep your palms and feet on the ground, keeping them flat.
  • Slowly lift your body, forming a 90-degree angle.
  • While performing this pose, keep your face down.
  • Take a minute to hold yourself in this position.
  • Don’t forget to focus on your breathing.

Step 6: Ashtanga Namaskar (Eight-limbed Pose):

How to Do:

  • Now, push your hips upwards while gently bringing your knees, forehead, and chest o the floor.
  • Take deep breaths and tuck your toes while you remain in this posture.
  • This Surya Namaskar pose strengthens your back muscles and helps relieve stress and weight loss.

Step 7: Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

How to Do Cobra Pose:

  • Next, slide forward and raise your chest while inhaling.
  • Keep your elbows close to your ribs and hands firmly on the floor.
  • Make sure to push your chest outwards, pelvis towards the floor, and look upwards to avoid hurting your lower back.
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax your body if you feel uncomfortable.

Step 8: Adho Mukha Shvanasana (Downward-facing Dog Pose):

How to Do:

  • Keep your hands and legs firmly on the floor, and lift your hips and waist while you exhale.
  • A triangle form should form with your body.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • If you feel pain in your hamstrings, you can slightly bend your knees.

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Step 9: Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian Pose):

How to Do:

  • Next, keep your right knee on the floor and bring your left leg in between your palms.
  • Maintain your left leg perpendicular to the floor and tuck in your toes.
  • Draw your navel in and clench your buttocks to activate your core and get better results.

Step 10: Padahastasana (Hand to Feet Pose):

How to Do:

  • This step is similar to step 3.
  • Slowly bring your right leg to the front while your back is bent.
  • Make sure your legs are straight throughout the process.
  • Keep your body relaxed to ensure adequate blood flow.

Step 11: Hasta Uttanasana (Raised Arm Pose):

How to Do:

  • Return to pose two while you inhale.
  • Try to stretch your entire body while you practice this pose.
  • Keep your shoulders rounded and biceps close to your ears while stretching.

Step 12: Pranamasana (Prayer Pose):

How to Do:

  • Slowly bring your hands together, forming a namaskar mudra while exhaling.
  • Although there are several variations of Surya Namaskar, you can choose the one as per your choice and maintain consistency for effective weight loss results.

How Many Calories Do You Burn in Surya Namaskar?:

You can burn up to 13.90 calories with a single round of Surya Namaskaras for a person with an average weight. With practice, you will be able to do 108, but you can decide the number depending upon your flexibility and convenience. Depending upon the body weight and other attributes, the results of Surya Namaskar vary from person to person.

  • You can burn 250 calories with 18 minutes of Surya Namaskar.
  • And, You can burn 350 calories with 25 minutes of Surya Namaskar.
  • You can burn 500 calories with 40 minutes of Surya Namaskar.

If you are a beginner in yoga, you can initially burn nearly 55 calories with four rounds of Surya Namaskar. Depending upon your capacity, you can gradually increase the count.

How Many Rounds of Surya Namaskar Should be Done Daily to Lose Weight?

Practising at least 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar every day is ideal. This means six sets on the left leg and six on the right leg, which is advantageous in weight loss when you perform it consistently.

You can start with four sets on each leg and gradually increase the number of sets if you are a beginner.

Sun is the energy source; usually, people begin Surya Namaskaras with a prayer of reverence to the Sun. You can lose up to 416 calories when you do 12 sets of Surya Namaskar.

Surya Namaskar Benefits for Weight Loss:

For you to get all the benefits associated with Surya Namaskar, you need to be consistent. Practising Surya Namaskar regularly balances our body’s three elements: Kapha, Vata, and Pitta. Some of the benefits are:

  • Surya Namaskar helps flush out toxins from your body by helping your lungs go through constant ventilation with the help of continuous inhalation and exhalation process.
  • It becomes a cardio routine when you perform these asanas at a faster pace. This process helps you lose weight and tones your muscles, giving you long-term results.
  • It strengthens your skeletal system making you extremely flexible.
  • Regular practice of Surya Namaskar will help regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • It helps enhance blood circulation in your body, which helps deal with skin issues like wrinkles and early ageing signs. It helps impart a natural glow to your face.
  • Surya namaskar promotes calmness and reduces stress and anxiety by stabilizing the activity of the endocrine and thyroid glands.
  • It improves mental health significantly.

Surya Namaskar for weight loss is a viable option for anyone who wants to quickly and healthily shed unwanted calories. It also offers many other physical and mental health benefits that keep your body healthy and peaceful. Although Surya Namaskar can help you lose weight quickly, you can get maximum benefits when performing these asanas under expert supervision, especially if you are a beginner. Don’t forget to let us know if Surya Namaskar helped you lose weight.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is not a replacement for professional advice and informational purposes only. It is better to get a professional opinion before you try anything new. The website is not responsible for the effects it may have on your body.


1. Who Should Avoid Practicing Surya Namaskar?

Ans: Although Surya Namaskar is beneficial, some people must abstain from practising this practice.

  • Pregnant women once crossed the third month of their pregnancy.
  • People with high blood pressure or hernia.
  • Proper guidance is necessary to perform this sequence for those who suffer from back problems.
  • Women should avoid performing Surya Namaskaras during menstruation.

2. When is the Right Time to Practice Surya Namaskar?

Ans: When the sun rises, early morning is the right time to practice Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar, and the bowels need to be empty. This routine can be performed during sunrise and sunset, but the presence of the Sun is necessary, as the name suggests. Although you can perform these asanas anywhere, choosing a fully ventilated room or outdoors is best.

3. Is Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar Enough to Lose Weight?

Ans: Performing Surya Namaskaras regularly will help you lose weight efficiently. But if you want the best weight loss results, combine these asanas with a healthy diet and other yoga postures.


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