Svastikasana is probably the most practiced and popular yoga postures ever. This particular yoga pose allows the practitioner to sit at ease but keeping the body erect. It is good for the lower back, the legs as well as the groin. For performing the perfect auspicious yoga posture, one has to keep his/her left feet under the right thigh and bend the right leg and keep the right of foot and force it to fit in the space formed in between the calves and the left thigh.

It will be a bit difficult for the beginners, but this posture will effectively stretch the legs and calves to their maximum extent. According to Sanskrit literature, this yoga posture has been considered as the ideal meditation posture for many ages and is still in vogue. While performing this yoga posture, the chin will rest on the chest and arms will rest on the knees. This will provide you with peace of mind and relax the nervous system as well.

This posture will enhance the flexibility of the hip muscles and strengthen them as well.

How To Do Svastikasana:

  • Performing this posture will not be hard at all if the following steps are followed.
  • First, you will have to sit on the floor or on the yoga mat with your legs extended in front of you. Put you hands on the sides, keep the palms down and keep the fingers pointed forward. For getting the knits out, shake the leg up and down for some time before getting into the savastikasana posture.
  • Secondly, bend the left knee and put pressure on your left foot and keep your heel close to your groin.
  • For the third step, you will have to bend the right knee towards yourself. Now, use your hands to hold your right food (both hands if needed).
  • Now, hold the front of your right ankle. Use the left hand to hold the middle portion of the toe and slide your right foot between the left thigh and calf. Force it until it is visible. Also squeeze the left foot between the right thigh and calf.
  • Now, bring back your hands on your knees, keep the palms down. Relax your mind and breathe properly.
  • Also, stretch the spine upwards but keep the torso rigid. Keep your head straight and firmly gaze at the front. If you perform this asana by sitting in front of a painting or if there is a decent view in front of you, then this whole posture will be more beneficial for you.

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Hand Position:

The hand position is very important in this posture. The Jnana Mudra or the ‘wisdom seal’ is one the numerous hand positions that can be used while performing this posture. For doing the ‘wisdom seal’, bring the end of your index finger to the end of your thumb.

Joining both the fingers like this will form a circle and will help you relax a lot more while performing the Svastikasana. Extend the remaining fingers and keep them in close contact. It has been proved that this ‘wisdom seal’ hand gesture forms a good circuit and conceals the life energy or ‘prana’ in your body.

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The benefits of Svastikasana are unlimited. Still there are some major benefits of this magnificent asana which have been discussed below.

It stretches the spine and legs and brings agility to your body and improves the elasticity in the leg muscles.

The most important and prestigious benefit about this asana is that it is the ideal meditation pose which is practiced by people all over the world. This asana when combined with Pranayam, will cure a number of major diseases on which medicines have no effect till now.

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