Swathi Nakshatra is the fifteenth star in the total 27 nakshatras in astrology. If your baby is born while the moon is in this star, then this list of Swati nakshatra baby names can be auspicious for the little one. The names particularly begin with the designated starting syllable for the nakshatra. Be you want a meaningful and modern one, a short and cute name, or even a traditional name, we have compiled a special list of Swathi nakshatra baby names just for you.

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Let’s explore more about the Swathi nakshatra characteristics and lovely Swati nakshatra names for newborns today.

Swathi Nakshatra and Characteristics:

The Swathi nakshatra comes 15th of the total 27 nakshatras in Hindu astrology. It ranges from degrees 6.40 to 20 in the Libra zodiac sign. Those born under the Swathi nakshatra are said to be artistic and very creative. The term swathi means the first drop of the rain, and those born in this star are said to be having similar characteristics as its meaning. They are full of thoughts, expressions, knowledge and confidence. These persons are compassionate and soft-spoken beings, happy and cheerful. They are also very independent and spontaneous, and love being unique, and trying new things.

Now, let’s see the most lovely and meaningful Swati natchathiram names ahead.

Swati Nakshatra Name Starting Letter/Syllable:

If your little one is born in the Swathi nakshatra, it is considered auspicious if their name begins with the following syllables:

Ru, Roo, Re, Ro, Ta, Taa

If you are checking the name syllables as per the padas:

  • Swati nakshatra 1st pada names begin with Ru.
  • Swati nakshatra 2 pada names with Re.
  • The Swati nakshatra 3rd pada names start with Ro.
  • Swati nakshatra 4 pada names with Ta.

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Baby Names for Swati Nakshatra 2023:

Here is the list of the most lovely and meaningful Swathi star baby names for little newborns.

Swathi Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Reeyansh:

Reeyansh is a lovely and modern baby boy name with such cute pronunciation. The name Reeyansh means the first ray of sunlight. It originated from the Hindi language.

2. Renesh:

Renesh means lord of love. This one is among the lovely names with Swati Nakshatra and is a new and modern name yet with a lovely and elegant meaning. What do you think of these swathi natchathiram boy names?

3. Rohtash:

Rohtash means a star. The name is a short and lovely rare baby boy name with a bright and dazzling meaning. Isn’t it cool?

4. Romesh:

Romesh is none other than Lord Vishnu. It also means God of Lord Rama. This is a new name and yet has a traditional, beautiful meaning for baby boys in the Swati nakshatra.

5. Romit:

Romit is a rare name. It means enjoying or chilling. This a very casual and stylish name to try out for modern young parents.

6. Ronit:

Ronit or Ronith is a popular yet charming and classic name choice for many North Indian states. Ronith means embellishment. The name also denotes charming, song, and radiance.

7. Roopesh:

Roopesh is the name derived from the Hindi and Sanskrit word roop, which means beauty or structure. It means the Lord of beauty. This is classic among Swati nakshatra male names.

8. Rohtak:

Rohtak means the sun. This is a new and upcoming trendy name emerging these days for baby boys to try out.

9. Rohan:

Rohan is quite a common name choice for baby boys in India, yet it is a classic one to date. It means blossoming and rising or ascending. The name also is another name for Lord Vishnu.

10. Roshan:

Roshan in Indian languages means light or the thing which produces light. It is again charming yet very commonly found a cute name in India.

11. Ruaan:

Ruaan means soft. The origins of the name aren’t very well established as yet, but it is a lovely short and cute baby boy name for Swati nakshatra. What do you think?

12. Rubin:

Rubin in Indian languages means bright. It also symbolizes light, glow and vibrance. This is a very rare and mesmerizing Swati nakshatra Tula Rashi baby boy name.

13. Ruchir:

Ruchir is a very rare and refreshing unique baby boy name. It means beautiful, pleasant, brilliant, and also a very smart being.

14. Rudra:

Rudra is a very traditional and yet very bold baby boy’s name. The name Rudra means fearsome and the one who doesn’t fear. It also is another name for Lord Shiva.

15. Ruhan:

Ruhan is a lovely five letter baby boy name in the modern name list. It means a kind, hearted soul. The name also alternatively symbolizes a compassionate and warm being.

16. Rupan:

Rupan means a beautiful person. The name originated from the Hindi language and yet is a lovely and uncommon rare baby boy name to choose for Swati nakshatra borns.

17. Rushanth:

Rushanth is a lovely and beautiful baby boy name. It means the moon. The name alternatively also symbolizes charm, beauty, and radiance. This is a cute baby boy names Swati nakshatra.

18. Ruteesh:

Ruteesh is not much commonly found name in India. ruteesh means the king of all seasons. What do you think of this swathi star boy names?

19. Ruthvik:

Ruthvik is a lovely and commonly found Telugu Swati nakshatra names. However, it is a classic and evergreen choice which can never be boring. Ruthvik means a saint. It also is another name for Lord Siva. Other variations of the name include Ruthwik and Rutvik.

20. Ruzal:

Ruzal means delicate and soft. The name originated from the Urdu, and Persian languages; however, is a rare and beautifully sounding name for baby boys in Swati nakshatra.

21. Rutuveg:

In case you want a completely new and very bold name, Rutuveg can be a good modern and contemporary choice. Rutuveg means intent.

22. Rudramurthy:

Rudramurthy is none other than Lord Siva. If you want a very traditional name, this can be a good choice for Swati nakshatra born babies.

23. Rounak:

Ronak or Rounak means to glow and light. It also symbolizes happiness. This Tula Rashi Swati nakshatra name originated from the Hindi word Rounak.

24. Rudraksh:

Rudraksh is another lovely traditional baby boy name, yet with such bold meaning. Rudkrash is Lord Siva’s eyes, which means bold and fierce-eyed person. This is a common Swati nakshatra names in Tamil.

25. Rujul:

Rujul means honesty and truth. It is a new and rare baby boy name choice. This is a new and upcoming trendy Swati nakshatra Malayalam names.

Swati Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Reema:

Reema is a lovely baby girl name, which is pretty and beautiful in sounding. The name Reema means Goddess Durga. It also means fortune.

27. Reena:

Reena means a gem like a person. It also means joyous, cute and bright. This is a rare and yet lovely short Swathi Nakshatra baby girl names.

28. Reesha:

Reesha means a feather. This is a very new and contemporary choice for baby girl names, originating from the Hindi language.

29. Reetika:

Reetika or Reethika means joy. The name also symbolizes flow, stream, and truthfulness. Isn’t it beautiful with the meaning?

30. Rekha:

Rekha is an evergreen and classic Indian household name. However, the name is always youthful. Rekha means a line in several Indian languages, including Sanskrit and Telugu.

31. Revanti:

Revanthi or Revanti means a beautiful person. The name is very lovely and beautiful in pronunciation itself. It is among the most common Swati nakshatra female names.

32. Revathi:

Revathi is again a common baby girl’s name. The name Revathi means wealth. It is also a star and constellation name. Other spelling variations to the name includes Rewathi and Revati.

33. Rohitha:

Rohitha or Rohita means the daughter of Lord Brahma. It also means shining and glowing. This is an evergreen choice in the list of baby girl names for Swati nakshatra.

34. Ronita:

Ronita or Ronitha means a brilliant person. The name is a female variant of to name Ronit we have seen earlier and also means joy, song, and embellishment.

35. Rooma:

In case you want a modern name but a very traditional meaning, Rooma can be ideal. Rooma means Goddess Lakshmi.

36. Roopali:

Roopali is a present trendy and famous name. It means pretty and beautiful. This is a lovely and pretty swathi natchathiram baby girl names.

37. Roshna:

Roshna is a very lovely north Indian baby girl name derived from the Hindi word Roshan. It means light and glows.

38. Ruby:

Ruby is the name of a Gem and stone. It also symbolizes a gem-like person, precious and is a short and cute, pretty baby girl name for Swati nakshatra.

39. Ruchira:

Ruchira, in Indian languages, means beautiful. It also means a pleasant, happy state of mind and a brilliant being. The other variation to the name is Rucira.

40. Rudrani:

Rudrani is another name for Goddess Parvathi, the wife of Rudra, that is, Siva. The name is a very fierce and bold meaning.

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41. Ruha:

Ruha is a very short and cute four letter baby girl name. The name Ruha means cute and pretty.

42. Ruhi:

If you want another cute and lovely pretty baby girl name, Ruhi, it is. We quite love how this word and name sound. Ruhi means soul, flower, and the one who touches the heart. Isn’t it beautiful?

43. Rujutha:

Rujuta or Rujutha means honesty and truthfulness. The name is a rare yet very meaningful and pretty name for baby girls in Swati nakshatra.

44. Rukmini:

Rukmini is none other than the Goddess Lakshmi. This is a very common and often found name in India.

45. Ruparna:

Ruparna again means beautiful. This is not a very common name, yet with such a pretty meaning.

46. Rushika:

If you prefer a traditional name yet without a traditional sound, then Rushika can be a good choice. Ruskhika means a soul which has the blessings of Lord Siva.

47. Ruthika:

Ruthika or Ruthikha means Goddess Parvathi. It also means a compassionate and warm being.

48. Ruvya:

We quite love the name Ruvya. Ruvya means a season and weather. It is a very lovely and modern uncommon name.

49. Ruthvika:

Ruthvika is again a traditional name yet not very commonly found. The name Ruthvika means speech.

50. Rushali:

Rushali means a person who is bright and sharp. The name also alternatively denotes a knowledgeable and wise person.

Unisex Baby Names for Swati Nakshatra Borns:

51. Rusham:

Rusham is a rare unisex baby name for those in Swati nakshatra. This can be named for boys and girls. Rusham means a calm and peaceful person.

52. Rutu:

Rutu, in several Indian languages, literally translates to season. The name can be ideal for both boys and girls in Swati nakshatra.

53. Ruzal:

Ruzal means a delicate person. It also symbolizes a gentle being. This is quite a modern-day variant name which is not commonly found.

54. Rukmi:

Rukmi is a very traditional baby name for both boys and girls. It means Lord Krishna. It is another name for Rukhmini.

55. Roshan:

Many have heard Roshan as a baby boy’s name, but this is a good name for girls. Roshan means light and illumination.

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Twin Names for Babies in Swati Nakshatra:

56. Rebha – Rechal:

Rebha and Rechal are both twin baby girl name choices. The name Rebha means a person who sings. It also means Lord Siva devotees. Rechal means an innocent person.

57. Reet – Reeta:

Reet and Reeta are rhyming and twin baby boy and girl name choices. The name Reet means jasmine. It also means prosperous and soothing. Reeta means pearl. It also means precious.

58. Rena – Renaud:

Rena is a baby girl name, which means cute and a gem. It also symbolizes a joyous person. Renaud means wise and powerful, which is a lovely baby boy name. These are both twin baby girl and boy name choices.

59. Rev – Rethesh:

Rev means moving and also is another name for the Narmada river. Rethesh is Lord of the seasons. These are the ideal twin baby boy name choices.

60. Rutesh – Rutajit:

Rutesh means king of seasons. Rutajit means the conqueror of the truth. Both are modern and unique baby boy twin name ideas.

These Swati nakshatra names are a perfect blend of lovely and most contemporary name choices. We hope you have found a good fit for your little one here. Let us know which name you liked the most; we love to hear from you.


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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